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Blaupunkt CS4000 Electric Chainsaw Review

As part of the CS range of tools,  the Blaupunkt CS4000 is an elite chainsaw that gives user’s the ability to cut trees with ease. What makes this possible is the 2400 W motor it has and a blazing speed of 13m/ sec. Its power is not the be-all and end-all with this chainsaw. Blaupunkt packed this tool with a large variety of features to satisfy any users as will be pointed out below.

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The CS4000 Key Features

  • High torque 2400W electric motor – The power of Blaupunkt CS4000 chainsaw comes from this motor which allows you to cut wood that is up to 40cm in diameter easily.
  • Lighting fast speed – What sets the chainsaw sold the market apart is their speed. This chainsaw has a lightning-fast speed of 13m/ sec.
  • Tool-free SDS system – This feature allows users to replace the chain on the saw quickly without the need for any tools. You don’t have to spend money on tools or accessories like screwdrivers and spanners.
  • Windowview – This is where you will see how much oil you have left before you need to fill it up again. Oil is very important because it soaked the chain making it last long and free of problems like rust.
  • Wrap around handle – You can have a solid grip on this tool while working which means you’re less likely to lose control. Plenty of people get injured when they lose control of a power tool but Blaupunkt made sure that their saw doesn’t hurt people when they’re using it. 
  • Lightweight design – Weighing just 6kgs, you can work for long hours with this chainsaw without feeling tired or suffering from sprains.
  • Overload protection – When you’re hard at work, sometimes you can damage your saw without even knowing. This feature protects your saw from any accidental damage.
  • 5-meter power cord – You will get an unlimited power supply without worrying about charging when you plug the cable into a socket. This allows you to finish your projects without constantly checking how much run time you have left which is common when using battery-powered tools.


  • Cheaper option – This is a great tool to buy for people who are looking for something affordable, and don’t want to spend money on brands like Makita. While it doesn’t have the price of a high-end model, it has more key features than most high-end models on the market. If you perform a lot of heavy-duty jobs, you will find this to be a worthy investment.
  • A safe tool to use – Blaupunkt CS4000 has a low kickback design as well as an automatic chain brake. This stops the tool instantly preventing users from suffering serious injuries.
  • Convenient – Since it is electric powered, you just have to plug it into a power socket and begin performing your tasks. It is a great substitute for petrol-powered tools which tend to be noisy, smelly and vibrate a lot.
  • Amazing build – Its durability comes from the metal it is made out of. This makes it comfortably handle both soft and hardwood without showing any signs of wear.
  • Portable – You can travel with this tool to work and back home with ease because it is very light and can fit in your car or truck. There are no issues with storage either because you won’t have to make plenty of space in your garage to fit it in.


  • Corded – If you’re working in a place where there is no power outlet, you won’t be able to use this tool. While the 5-meter cord is very long, it can be a trip hazard especially if you’ve connected it to extensions. There will be wires everywhere and one has to be careful to avoid injuries.

Final Thoughts

The Blaupunkt CS4000 is a chainsaw that many people who have woodcutting jobs in their gardens look to. If you have any heavy jobs that smaller models can’t handle, investing in this saw is highly recommended. Wood that is 40cm in diameter stands no chance with this chainsaw and to keep you safe, there’s an automatic chain brake, and kickback is reduced thanks to the shape of the chain bar. There is no denying that this is one of the best chainsaws you can add to your collection of tools.

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