BLUE RIDGE BR8350 18V Cordless Chainsaw Review

The Blue Ridge BR8350 performs at its best when you insert a 4.0 Ah Li-ion battery in it and use it for DIY jobs. It is a great chainsaw for beginners who like it because it is one of the easiest tools to assemble and plenty of trees and thick branches can be cut with a single charge. While the tool has some great features, you have to take your safety seriously before you use it. Purchase some ear protectors, chainsaw trousers, knee pads, and protective shoes.

What’s the price?

The BR8350 Key Features

  • Automatic oiler – When you constantly use your chainsaw for a variety of projects, the bar and chain might show signs of damage or rust. There is a translucent oil tank on the side which automatically dispenses oil onto the bar and chain so that they last longer and prevent damage or rust.
  • Translucent oil tank – It can be hard to know how much oil your power tool has if you can’t see the level. To solve this problem, Blue Ridge equipped its tool with a translucent oil tank. With it, you’re able to see the oil level while you work.
  • Wrap around handle – This handle is incredible because you’re able to make cuts at multiple different angles and effortlessly.
  • Mechanical chain brake – Sometimes you can lose control of a saw and injure yourself. To prevent serious injuries, Blue Ridge BR8350 has a chain brake which adds an extra layer of safety.
  • Easy tool change – Tools are not needed if you want to change the chain. Everything about this saw is tool-less including making adjustments.
  • Durable – This tool is made from high-quality rubber and steel. These two materials make it very strong and robust to be able to handle different jobs without any signs of damage.


  • Powerful chainsaw – The high level of performance you get from this tool is thanks to the 4.0 Ah Li-ion battery. With a chain speed of 4.5 m/ sec and a 25cm long sword, you’ll be able to cut through wood with ease.
  • Compatible battery – If you have any tools that belong to the Blue Ridge 18V system family, you can use the 4.0 Ah Li-ion battery on them too without having to buy a new one. This is wonderful because it saves you money and makes this tool very economical for so many people with less money.
  • User-friendly chainsaw – The design of the BR8350 is top-notch because it has an ergonomic design making it very comfortable and easy to handle. Tiredness will be the least of your problems when using this saw to complete your projects.
  • Window gauge – This enables you to see how much oil to have left in the tank. While the oil doesn’t power the tool, it lubricates the saw chains to prevent them from long and extend their usability.
  • Freedom – With the interference of wires, you can work with a bit more freedom since the tool is battery powered. This will minimize the risk of suffering any potential injuries. 
  • Affordable – As pointed out before, this tool is great for beginners and the price reflects that too. If you don’t have a huge budget but are looking for a good quality saw, you can’t go wrong with this one.


  • Needs a battery to work – Power comes from a battery and you have to make sure that it is fully charged before you use it. If the battery is not charged, the saw can’t be used You also have to deal with knowing the run time of the tool which means
  • Not ideal for sawing mineral materials – The only time you’ll see the best results when you use this chainsaw is if you saw planks, tree trunks, trees, and wooden beams.

Final Thoughts

Even though it doesn’t perform well when sawing mineral materials, there’s no doubt that Blue Ridge BR8350 is a fantastic chain saw. It will cut through the wooden beams, tree, planks, and more thanks to the 25cm length Bar and a cutting speed of 4.53 m/s. The oil tank which lubricates the chain provides longevity and protects it from things like rust which can affect performance. There is a brake system that keeps you safe while using this tool because many people suffer serious injuries when they fail to bring a power tool to a halt via features like this one.

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