Bosch AKE 35 S

Bosch AKE 35 S Electric Chainsaw Review

Many users agree that for the price you pay, the Bosch AKE 35 S is worth every single penny and very easy to set up. Even if you have never put together a power tool in your life, as long as you follow the instructions provided, you should have no issues. It is filled with some of the best features you can find on any chainsaw today to ensure that you have a smooth experience. You don’t have to worry about laboring through your tasks because this chainsaw cuts brilliantly however it doesn’t have one major issue with the chain jumping off that you need to be aware of before purchase.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • High level of safety – The chain on this Bosch tool is very easy to adjust and fix when needed but the best part about it is it stops instantly when you release this switch. This makes it one of the safest saws on the market because your chances of suffering injuries at the hands of this tool are minimized because of this safety feature.
  • Lightweight – You will realize that AKE 35 S is very easy to travel with and use because it only weighs 4kgs. Using a chainsaw that’s heavy can massively slow you down and delay your project completion time. Having something super light to use adds comfort too because you won’t feel tired quickly.
  • Anti-vibration feature – Expanding more on safety, this chainsaw has a two-handed grip and a wrap-around handle which massively reduces vibration to ensure you’re in full control of the tool at all times. If you lose control of a tool, you can suffer an injury or produce poor quality results. It is good to see that Bosch added this feature to their power tool for extra safety.
  • Raw power – Its ability to cut through wood effortlessly is down to the 1800 W engine. This makes your cut more precise and crisp especially if you’re dealing with wood that’s very thick. You will be amazed at the speed you’ll be able to power through wood chunks with this tool in your hands.
  • SDS system in place – There is no need for you to have a variety of tools or other accessories to be able to change the chains or adjust the tension. Everything can be done easily without you investing in things like spinners or screwdrivers.


  • Automatic lubrication – This feature seems to be very common in plenty of saws these days because it helps the chains last longer as they are the ones put under the most strain when the tool is used.
  • Great quality – This AKE 35 S chainsaw has a very robust design which enables it to withstand harsh conditions. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is and what material you throw at it, you’ll get fantastic results.
  • Impressive cutting performance – With a speed of 9m/sec, you get a cutting performance that many tools on the market can’t match.
  • Low noise – Chainsaws make a lot of noise when you fire them for use and it is good to see that Bosch made sure their tool operates as quietly as possible.


  • Restricted movement – While battery-powered tools give you the freedom to move around and work almost anywhere, corded tools don’t offer the same perks. If you are in an area where there’s no power socket, the tool won’t work and cords have limited which can restrict your mobility at times. There’s also the possibility of suffering injuries if one isn’t careful from trips and falls.
  • Chain jumps off – This is a problem you need to be very careful of as many people have reported that this seems to happen a lot. If you don’t set this chainsaw properly, the chain will keep jumping off which can be frustrating.

Final thoughts

Overall the Bosch AKE 35 S is extremely powerful and easy to use. While you might have a few issues with the chain if you don’t set it up properly, you get a chainsaw which is quiet, vibrates less, and gives you top quality cuts if assembled properly. Its build quality is one of the best in the industry and its auto lubrication feature ensures the chain performances at its maximum by keeping it sharp for a very long time without getting damaged.

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  • 1800 watt
  • SDS system
  • Easy chain tensioning
  • 35cm cutter bar
  • Electric

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