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BU-KO 6200 62cc Petrol Chainsaw Review

Not all chainsaws on the market are battery-powered or corded. There are a few that run on fuel and one of them is the BU-KO 6200 62cc.  It is ideal for a variety of heavy-duty jobs and perfect for people who live on a ranch or farm. If you are one who cuts down trees on a regular basis, this is a wonderful tool to add to your shopping list when looking for chainsaws.

What’s the price?

The 62cc Key Features

  • Chain brake – For the safety of the users, this tool has an amazing chain brake which tops the tool dead in its track if need be to avoid serious injuries.
  • A powerful tool to use – The BU-KO 6200 is compatible with 16 inches and 20-inch chainsaw bars. These two provide you with enough power to cut down trees and shred through trunks for firewood.
  • Absolutely safe – Many people are very wary when it comes to fuel-powered tools because they see them as hazardous. As long as you’re careful you should be ok and to ensure you’re safe, this 62cc chainsaw has quick stopping control and an assisted starting system.
  • Operational – The design of this chainsawis well balanced and immaculate. It has a low kickback chain and anti-vibration handles for comfort.
  • E-Torq engine – The engine that is fitted on this 62cc chainsaw reduces fuel consumption and allows you to work longer on your projects. This is fantastic news because fuel prices are high and you don’t want to break the bank on fuel every time you want to use this chainsaw.


  • Easy to clean – The majority of power tools need to be cleaned after you’ve finished doing your projects and this one is no different. While some tools are not the easiest to clean, you’ll find that you can rinse any debris off this one effortlessly.
  • Good weight – Using a heavy tool on a hot summer day for example can drain your energy quickly. The lightweight design of the 6200 means you use less energy when performing your tasks which is a welcome relief for those professionals who work on multiple outdoor projects during the summer months.
  • The best option for those with a limited budget – There will be certain power tools on the market you know will be perfect for the tasks you have at home or home but you just don’t have the money to afford them. This is where you need to find the best alternatives that are sold at a very affordable price. This wonderful 62cc tool is excellent for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on big branded power tools.
  • Portable – Since it weighs 5.4kgs, it is a very easy tool to travel with. If you are working remotely, you can put it in your truck or car and be on your way.
  • Easy storage – When you’re done using it, it won’t take up plenty of space because it is a well made compact tool. You don’t need to have a big garage or stock room because you won’t stress too much about space.


  • Smoke and smell – The good thing about corded and cordless tools is there is no smell or smoke associated with them when used. Since this tool runs on fuel, it has to burn the fuel which can produce a smell and smoke. Being exposed to smoke and the smell of fuel can be a health hazard for some people. If you are considering buying this tool, this is a drawback worth considering.
  • Costly – When using a cordless tool, you simply charge the battery and when you’re using corded tools, you need to plug them into a power source. These two types of tools are cost-effective, however, fuel-powered tools are costly because when fuel runs out, you need to go to the fuel station and buy more. The price of fuel is always going up every year and using fuel-powered tools can be a financial burden.

Final Thoughts

Overall the BU-KO 6200 has the ability to turn the logs and trees you have in your yard into firewood because of the incredible bar length it has. Just like a battery-powered chainsaw, you are not restricted to just one place when you use a fuel-powered one. You have the freedom to walk around and can work as long as you have fuel in the tank.

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