Chainsaw Safety Tips

Chainsaw Safety Tips

The modern chainsaw makes clearing land, chopping up trees, and clearing away brush and safety hazards a lot easier – but these are very powerful pieces of equipment and can be incredibly dangerous when they aren’t used appropriately.

If you haven’t ever used a chainsaw in the past, you’re going to want to pay close attention to all of the information we outline for you below. Though they are relatively simple and straightforward to operate and maintain, the second that you underestimate the power and danger of these pieces of equipment is the moment that you put yourself – or someone else – at serious risk of injury.

Here are important chainsaw safety tips you really need to remember.

Read the ENTIRE manual before firing up your chainsaw for the first time

There isn’t anything more dangerous than a first time power tool user diving head first into a new piece of equipment like a chainsaw without first really grounding themselves in the basics of smart operation.

All chainsaws are going to come with a detailed owner’s manual for a reason, and you’re going to want to read that owner’s manual from front to back to get a better understanding of the piece of equipment you’re going to be using.

Do not skip this step.

Always wear protective clothing and safety glasses

Look, it isn’t always “fun” to have to strap on protective clothing and safety glasses every time you fire up the chainsaw, but there’s nothing fun or cool about losing a finger or ripping into a body part because you didn’t wear protective clothing or losing vision in your eyes because of kickback from debris during chainsaw operation.

There’s a reason why safety equipment and safety glasses are worn by professionals that operate chainsaws on a daily basis, and it isn’t just because they use their chainsaws “on the job. Protect yourself and you limit risk and potential injury considerably.

Check your chainsaw from top to bottom every time you fire it up

Chainsaws are going to need refueling, oiling, and readjustment of the chain and bar from time to time for safe and effective operation.

You are going to want to spend time going over your chainsaw every single time you take it out to be used, really going over the piece of equipment from top to bottom before you fire it up for the first time.

Check to make sure that you have plenty of fuel, verify that the chain and bar are tightened appropriately and have been well lubricated, and verify that everything is sharp and ready to rock and roll.

You’ll definitely be glad you go through this “preflight checklist” before using your chainsaw every single time the very first time that you discover an issue that would have led to serious injury if you had skipped it over.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, a chainsaw is a powerful tool that makes life a lot easier – but it has to be respected or you are going to have a real nightmare device on your hands. Always assume that the chainsaw has a mind of its own and is intentionally looking to injure you and you will be able to avoid major pitfalls and injury just by staying vigilant.

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