Einhell GE-LC 18/25

Einhell GE-LC 18/25 Li-Solo Cordless Chainsaw Review

If you opt to buy a battery-powered chainsaw like the Einhell GE-LC 18/25, the major thing you have to deal with is the batteries and chargers. This makes your workstation cleaner and tidier compared to corded tools where there will be wires everywhere. Whether it is at home or job sites, this is a top-quality saw that has features to make your life easy. Below is a look at each feature it has in detail.

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Key Features

  • Great for beginners – If you don’t know how to work with power tools, it is always nice to have a tool that points you in the right direction. The user-friendly features, cutting edge performance and OREGON guide bar on this chainsaw make it the ideal start-up tool for beginners. It will help you produce results that will look like they were professionally done.
  • Perform hard tasks with ease – Some jobs can be very complicated to do with a hand tool, however, a chainsaw like this one can make them easier. With this Einhell chainsaw you can perform felling and pruning trees effortlessly.
  • Comfortable grip – While some tools are strictly designed for commercial or DIY use, many people feel like they’ve fit the jackpot when they stumble across a tool that can be used by everyone. The features on this Einhell chainsaw like the ergonomic design and comfortable grip enable it to be used by both professional and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Tool-less chain change – There is no need for you to buy any tools if you want to change the chains on the saw.
  • Oil filler – The GE-LC 18/25 has an oil tank that lubricates the chain to ensure it remains in tip-top condition.


  • Highly durable – Materials that power tools are made from can make the biggest difference in terms of how it holds up when put to work. When manufacturers use fragile materials, their tools break easily. This manufacturer is known to use strong materials for their tools hence why it is very durable and can be used for long hours of the day for weeks and months without showing any dents.
  • Part of the Power X Change family – This saw is part of the Power X Change family meaning that if you have a battery that belongs to any of the X change devices, you can use it on this tool. You don’t have to stress about buying another battery on the market.
  • Kickback protection – With so much speed and power in your hand, one can suffer serious injuries if they’re not careful. For your safety, this tool has kickback protection when it rears up unexpectedly.
  • Excellent battery management system – Thanks to an impressive active battery management system, you get the most out of your Lithium-ion batteries because they will last longer.
  • No tips and falls – When you’re working with the GE-LC 18/25, the one thing you’ll notice is it’s a cordless chainsaw. You don’t have to deal with cables and wires around your workstation which can cause falls and trips. You are safe from this when you opt to buy this tool over others on the market.


  • Recharging – Tools that need recharging can either cost you time or money. If you have been hired by a client to do a job and you have to tell them to wait for the tool to recharge before you continue can be costly and cause delays.
  • No charger – The second drawback of this chainsaw is it doesn’t come with a battery. You need to buy the 18V Power X Change battery separately. With so many chargers sold on the market, you have to make sure you buy the one mentioned above because it is compatible with the tool. Any other battery might cause it to malfunction and do more bad than good to your tool.

Final Thoughts

Overall working with the Einhell GE-LC 18/25 saves you energy and time since this chainsaw is battery powered. You won’t be putting much effort into getting your tasks done. This is so much better than using hand tools which can drain your energy plus it is very durable. While hand tools can break when you use them on large trees or branches, this chainsaw can withstand a high level of punishment.

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  • Easy to handle
  • Rugged metal stop claw
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Kickback protection

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