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Greenworks G24CS25 Battery Chainsaw Review

When you’re deciding on which power tool to buy, it is important to not rush your decision. You need to hit the internet or speak to family, friends, and colleagues who have experience with power tools to help. When it comes to chainsaw, you will go a long way to find one better than the Greenworks G24CS25.

What’s the price?

The G24CS25 Key Features

  • Easy to use saw – You don’t have to do anything complicated to start this tool. Just insert the 24V battery and you can begin working on tree trunks and branches.
  • Powerful saw – Greenworks is known to make products that have impressive speeds and this one has a speed of 4 m/s. This is strong enough to tear through tree trunks, branches, and wood.
  • Auto chain oiling – Many chainsaws these days have this feature where there is an oil tank on the side that auto oils the chain to ensure it performs effectively and reduces rust. This allows you to work on your construction jobs or gardening even longer.
  • Safe tool – No one wants to work with a tool that is known to cause injuries. When a company has a tool that injuries people, word gets out and customers will stop buying their tool which affects their profits. It is super important especially with harsh safety laws all over the world for organizations to make tools that meet safety standards across the world. The  Greenworks G24CS25 has an amazing kickback feature as well as a 2 button safety switch. This will ensure the tool doesn’t start accidentally when you put it to risk because this is one of many ways people suffer injuries at the hands of saws. 
  • Tool-less adjustments – If you want to adjust the tension on this chain, you can do this without any tools. This makes this tool very economical and less costly because you don’t have to spend money on anything to maintain the chains.


  • Freedom to move – When working with a battery-powered tool, you are free to move around as much as you like without having to worry about tripping on any wires. While you do sacrifice an unlimited supply of power when using tools that need batteries, you worry less about injuries.
  • Comfortable tool – At just 2.4kgs, the Greenworks G24CS25 chainsaw is very to use no matter your experience level. You can work on your projects at home or construction sites for hours without feeling tired or suffering any strain.
  • Uses Greenworks 24 V batteries – If you own other Greenworks tools at home or work and have the 24 V batteries, they will work on the tool without having to purchase new ones because they are compatible with this chainsaw. 
  • Safe chain speed – Injuries can be suffered if you use power tools that have high speeds without much experience. This tool can run at slower speeds which makes it easy for beginners to use it too.
  • Affordable saw – Cheap doesn’t mean a product is bad and despite its low price, this is a top-quality tool. It is great for beginners, offers a high level of comfort, impressive speed, and more. This chainsawis worth every single penny you pay because you get so many features that help you chop up wood and timber with ease. 


  • Charger and batteries are not included – For such an amazing tool, it would have been great if it came with the batteries and chargers. Unfortunately for users, they need to buy these separately either in their local store or the internet.
  • No unlimited energy supply – Corded tools are the only ones that give unlimited energy when they are plugged into a power socket. Battery-powered tools have a run time and when the battery is low or empty, you need to place them charge before you can use them again. 

Final Thoughts

The  Greenworks G24CS25 is durable and versatile enough to handle a variety of materials professionals and DIYers might be working with. It uses 24 V batteries which are known for their impressive run time and power. You will be able to work for a long period without getting tired because the tool is lightweight and easy to move. Storage is also not a problem because it won’t take up plenty of space in your workshop or garage. Lastly, the auto chain oil feature is very important because it ensures the tool remains lubricated which prolongs its lifespan.

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