Greenworks Tools GD40CS18

Greenworks GD40CS18 Battery Chainsaw Review

If you are looking for a high-performing chainsaw for light-scale, DIY gardening, and forestry work and only willing to spend a fair price for it, you should consider the Greenworks GD40CS18 Chainsaw.

The brand isn’t so popular, but that isn’t much of a problem if it gets the job done efficiently like famous, high-end brands. So, our review of this product will hinge on its overall cutting performance, build quality, available features and functions, ease of use, safety options, and limitations.

In the end, you will have a well-rounded piece of information about the tool and a definite purchase decision.

The GD40CS18 Overview

Greenworks GD40CS18 is an affordable cordless 40-cm bar chainsaw suitable for cutting small trees or pruning branches. The tool comes with a compact, lightweight design, instant start switch, exceptional handling, along with low noise level that makes it perfect for DIY or home use. This design, along with its advanced brushless drive system, ensures powerful yet easy and convenient cutting operation with extreme user convenience and safety.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Drive System: Greenworks GD40CS18 utilizes the advanced brushless motor technology for its drive system. Brushless motors are the hallmark of motor-driven power tools. They afford 30 per cent more power, better energy efficiency; thus, longer run time, zero maintenance, and less weight. This advanced drive option eliminates the use of carbon brushes and the friction produced when they move. Therefore, the tool remains relatively cool throughout its operation and will last longer.

Overall, this drive system delivers chain speeds of 20m/s and a 3/8-inch pitch suitable for light to medium-scale cutting of branches and trunks.

  • Automatic Chain Oiling: All chainsaws require oiling when working. Yet, the lubrication technique differs from brands and products. This tool comes with a see-through calibrated oil tank that allows users to monitor the oil level while the machine is in use. Frequent refilling of the tank is required, but the lubrication process is automatic. Thus, improving its ease of use.
  • Electronic Chain brake: Chain brakes, as the name implies, provide clamping force to halt the chain, and they secure the chain in two conditions. First, when changing position, moving between cuts, or starting a cold saw, all require the tool’s throttle to be partly open.  The second condition is to act as an anti-kickback function to prevent the user from being struck by a running chain.

This chainsaw comes with an advanced and effective braking system- the electronic chain brake that guarantees effective and quick braking action when triggered.

  • Two-Button Safety Control: Chainsaws poses great risks of accidents and severe injuries if not handled carefully. As such, there have been advancements in its design to improve its safety. One such innovation is the two-button safety control. This option lets the device only come on when both buttons are triggered. Hence, reducing the risk of accidental starting of the tool.
  • Ergonomic Grip Handles: The operator’s overall cutting success and safety when using a chainsaw significantly depends on its handling. In this wise, the tool features the ergonomic rubberized soft handle for comfortable but firm grip and to minimize the shock and vibration from the device from being transferred to the operator.
  • Design: This tool comes with a compact, lightweight design, only weighing about 3.8kg but perfectly balanced for easy and convenient use.

Product Specification

Dimension44 x 24 x 22.5 (L x W x H) cm
Chain Speed12 m/s
Blade Length (Guide Bar Length)40 cm
Oil Tank Volume200 ml
Machine’s Weight3.8 kg
Chain BrakeElectric
Chain Pitch3/8 inch
Oiling SystemAutomatic


This tool comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guaranty.


  • Easy to start
  • Two-button control for safety
  • Very low vibration level
  • Sturdy construction
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Affordable


  • Bare tool
  • No tool-less chain tension

Recommendation and Purchase Option

In all, the Greenworks GD40CS18 chainsaw is an excellent option for DIYers who need a tool to get light to medium scale task like chopping of small trees and pruning branches done. The saw provides the basic requirements for top-quality performance, excellent handling, and optimum user safety. Yet, it is not powerful enough for larger trees. Thus, elites or artisans who want more power should consider other products.

What’s the price?

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Greenworks GD40CS18 Rating


Our Rating



  • Battery: 40 Volt
  • Chain speed: 20 m/s
  • Power: 1.8 kW
  • Sword length: 40cm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg

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