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Greenworks GD40CS40 Cordless Chainsaw Review

Greenworks is known for its quality power tools, including chainsaws. They deliver cordless, corded, and even gas-powered chainsaws. Out of their multiple chainsaws, the Greenworks GD40CS40 chainsaw stands as one of the best out there. This battery-powered chainsaw delivers an incredible power output while giving you an easy time when working with it.

Here is a detailed review of the chainsaw including its reliability and delivery.

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The GD40CS40 Overview

The Greenworks GD40CS40 cordless chainsaw is one of the best out there, thanks to its power output. It is also a lightweight unit at 5.4kg, though that is slightly heavier than other cordless units out there. The saw also comes with an excellent cutting speed and capacity for you to slice through logs with ease. Whether you will be cutting garden wood, structural timber, or carpentry wood pieces, this beast will deliver incredibly. The runtime is satisfying enough, and you also enjoy its low-noise operation.


One thing that most people dislike about cordless chainsaws is the power output. Well, this one is above most battery-powered chainsaws out there. It comes with a 40V battery system that helps to power the brushless motor. We loved that the motor is designed to run quietly and with minimal noise. This means that you won’t have to worry about making noise to the neighbors or other people in the house.

Keep in mind that the DigiPro brushless motor is designed to offer 30% more power and longer runtime.


This chainsaw comes with a unique battery system. The 40V battery offers you two options. You can choose the 2.0Ah or maximum power of the 4.0Ah battery. Each option is suitable for a specific application. However, you should know that the highest power selection will reduce the runtime.

When it is time to juice up, the 4.0Ah battery will take 120minutes to charge fully, while the 2.0Ah will only take 60 minutes.

You can actually cut 150 logs on a single charge with this chainsaw.

Cutting Capacity

This little monster is equipped with a 16inch bar and chain, which is equivalent to 40cm. As a result, you get a cutting capacity of 40cm, which is satisfying enough for the small trees, logs, and branches. Along with that, this unit comes with a decent chain speed of 11m/sec as well as a 3/8-inch pitch. These features assure you of an easy and quick cutting experience.

Chain Oil System

Greenworks integrate advanced technology into their chainsaws to offer you a convenient experience with your power tool. For instance, the chain of the machine is expected to be lubricated at all times for it to run smoothly. Since it can be challenging and you can even forget to lubricate the chain manually, Greenworks includes an auto-lubrication system to save you time and effort.

To refill the oil tank, you will need to unscrew the cap on the left side. Luckily, there is a tether that is attached to the cap for you to avoid spilling the oil as you refill the tank. The 180ml oil tank is translucent for you to view the oil level.


User safety is assured with this chainsaw, thanks to the multiple safety features onboard. For instance, there is an electronic chain brake that keeps you safe as you use the saw. This brake will bring the chainsaw to a halt in case it senses any kickback. There is also a sturdy hand guard that prevents your hand from sliding to the chain or the chain hitting your hand when it snaps from the bar.

User Experience

Besides this Greenworks GD40CS40 being lightweight, it also comes with an ergonomic handle that offers you comfort and a sure grip when working with it. The chainsaw comes with a tool-free chain tensioner that will save you time and effort. You can loosen or tighten the chain with a single twist of the knob onboard.


  • 40V battery system for a decent power output
  • Brushless DigiPro motor delivers 30% more power and longer time
  • Tool-free chain tensioner
  • Handguard and anti-kickback system for safety
  • Ergonomic handle for better control and comfort
  • One battery can be used for other Greenworks products that you may have


  • Battery and charger are sold separately


In a nutshell, the Greenworks GD40CS40 chainsaw would be a good pick for the homeowner that wants to keep their yard and garden tidy. It can serve you well if you are handling the low-demanding projects around your home.

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  • Easy to start
  • Poweful
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comfortable
  • 5.4 kg

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