Greenworks GD40TCS

Greenworks GD40TCS 40V Chainsaw Review

The word powerhouse is used a lot when it comes to certain chainsaws, however, this word perfectly sums up the Greenworks GD40TCS. It doesn’t matter whether it is for work or home use, the power this tool produces is enough to tear through so many materials. Its design is one of its stands out features because this makes it withstand harsh conditions without breaking or showing any signs of wear. For the price you pay for this tool, you will be superseded with what you can do thanks to some of the best features of any chainsaw.

What’s the price?

The GD40TCS Key Features

  • Compact size – Greenworks GD40TCS is not too big and not too small, it’s size is just right for you to use it in tight areas comfortably without feeling restricted. You will be able to effortlessly work on tasks such as cutting small tree branches or bushes.
  • Powerful battery – Its amazing performance and power are thanks to the 40V battery it has. This amount of power makes light work of any construction and gardening task. The blade is 25cm long
  • Lightweight chainsaw – With a weight of 2.4kgs, this is one of the most comfortable chainsaws you can use even when it’s operating at full power. It has an ergonomic handle that lets you work long shifts without feeling drained when the day comes to a close.
  • Oil tank on the side – This chainsaw has a tank on the side that keeps the chain lubricated during tasks. This is helpful because it keeps the chain strong, maintains a high level of performance, and makes it last longer.
  • One battery system – If you have a 40V Li-Ion battery from Greenworks, you can use the rest of their tools without having to buy a new one. A tool that can use accessories like chargers and batteries belonging to others should be high on your priority list because it is economical and will save you a fortune.


  • High level of accuracy – A quality that can make or break a power tool is how accurate it is. Working with a tool that has poor accuracy can lead to some underwhelming and disappointing results. Greenworks GD40TCS gives you a high level of precision and accuracy to ensure you get the best possible outcomes on your tasks.
  • Easy to store – Since it is made for both home or construction site use, it is very portable. You can place it in your car and travel with it comfortably and when you’re done working and need to store it, it will not take up space at home in your garage or office at work.
  • Impressive durability – The amount of punishment this tool can take is impressive because it is made from strong materials. You can perform so many tasks in one day and this chainsaw will still be in too top condition.
  • Battery-powered – The incredible 40V Li-Ion battery ensures that you are free to move around while you work rather than be in one place and rely on a power socket. This also makes it safer because the absence of wires minimizes the risk of suffering injuries that comes from people tripping and falling when they get tangled up. 


  • Expensive  – For a tool that is made by Greenworks, this is a very expensive model. The price on this is what you’d expect to pay from one made by Makita or Dewalt. Despite its amazing features, many people feel that the price of this chainsaw is very expensive.
  • Has to be placed on a charge – As with most of the battery-powered tools you find on the market today, they need to be charged when the battery is low otherwise you won’t be able to use them. The good thing is it has an impressive runtime which allows you to get plenty of work done.

Final Thoughts

The Greenworks GD40TCS is a  tool that is highly recommended by so many people who have used it for various tasks. You can only expect the best of the best when you buy any tool from Greenworks and this one is no different. Smooth, powerful, and easy to handle, you will be one satisfied customer with this great tool. If you have projects that will need time to complete, you can work comfortably with this tool thanks to its ergonomic build. You will not feel tired or suffer from hand problems like sprains when you use this tool as long as you’re careful.

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  • Powerful
  • Light
  • Compact
  • Comfortable handling
  • Automatic chain lubrication

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