Hyundai HYC1600E

Hyundai HYC1600E 1600W 230V Electric Chainsaw Review

The impressive work that Hyundai put into this chainsaw is there for everyone to see. It is one of the best low-cost chainsaws one can invest in on the market. There are so many things to love about this tool but users are particularly impressed with how easy it is to adjust the chain tension on top of the cool features it brings to the table. For those struggling with the ins and outs, a useful user manual is provided to walk you through everything you need to know about the Hyundai HYC1600E and get the best out of it. Speaking of cool features, below is a look at them all one by one.

What’s the price?

The HYC1600E Key Features

  • Raw power – With 1600W and a bar length of 335mm for you to work with, this sort of power is only ideal for medium-duty jobs like wood cutting in your garden. Hyundai HYC1600E will not fare well if you decide to perform heavy-duty jobs.
  • Super light – With a weight of just 3.9kgs, it is certainly one of the lightweight chainsaws you can buy on the market. This design minimizes tiredness and helps you work for longer without feeling like you ran a marathon. Heavy tools can cause strains on the arms and it is good to see that Hyundai went for a lightweight approach to prevent users from suffering such injuries. It will also not take up a lot of space in your workshop or garages because it’s dimensions are just right for it to fit almost anywhere. You easily travel with this tool by placing it in your car or truck.
  • Perfect for indoor use – Sometimes when the weather is bad outside, you might want to finish your work indoors. Since there are no smoke fumes for you to worry about, you can take your work indoor and finish it there if you own this chainsaw.
  • Steel spiked bumper – This feature provides a high level of stability during use and controlled cuts that produce jaw-dropping results.


  • Easy to assemble – Straight from the box, you can put this together without using any extra tools like a screwdriver or spinners.
  • Chain oil tank – There is a transparent oil tank on the side of this Hyundai HYC1600E chainsaw which automatically soaks the chain with oil when you’re using it. This is great because it makes your chain handle tasks effectively as well as last for a long time.
  • Soft grip handle – This provides you with a high level of comfort when handling this tool. You are in complete control of proceedings thanks to this feature.
  • Very affordable – Not many tools on the market can give you features like this one does at a very low price. Some of the features like the bar length, the 1600 W of power, auto lubrication, and tool-less chain change are found on high-end models that cost a fortune. You get all this and more here with this chainsaw at a fraction of the price.
  • Continuous power – Plugging this tool into a socket enables you to work for as long unless there’s a power cut.


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty jobs – Sadly for those who have heavy-duty jobs to perform, the Hyundai HYC1600E is not strong enough to tackle any of those jobs. As pointed earlier, it can only handle medium-duty jobs and will not perform well if you take to a job site.
  • Corded – This means you can only use it in buildings that have power sockets and any building missing this makes this tool unusable. Aside from this, tools with cables and wires have the potential to cause injuries when one accidentally trips on them. You need to be careful when you’re around chainsaws that have cords.

Final Thoughts

Unless you plan on using it on heavy-duty jobs, you will be happy with what the Hyundai HYC1600E has to offer. Care needs to be taken to avoid trips and falls, this is an extremely powerful chainsaw that is easy to put together, affordable, and reliable. It is not made out of fragile materials. Hyundai ensured they used the most durable materials possible to ensure this saw is as strong as it can be and can handle a variety of medium-duty jobs with ease.

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  • Lightweight
  • Clean Electric Power
  • Automatic Chain Lubrication
  • 1600W
  • 230V

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