Hyundai HYC2400E

Hyundai HYC2400E Powerful Electric Chainsaw Review

If you are a homeowner that lives around tall trees and you need to tidy the area for a better appeal, you’ll need to be equipped with a reliable chainsaw to help you with that. Now, instead of going for the heavy-duty gas-models that are suited for commercial purposes, you should opt for a decent electric unit. The Hyundai HYC2400E is one electric chainsaw is an amazing model to consider, thanks to its incredible power output.

Read on to learn more about the chainsaw and understand why it is a good machine worth going for.

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The HYC2400E Overview

The Hyundai HYC2400E is a corded chainsaw that is developed to easily handle the heavy-duty logs and trees at home with ease. It helps homeowners keep their space look better by cutting down trees and slicing logs efficiently. At only 6.6kg, you will have an easy time handling this chainsaw. The powerful motor is almost comparable to the delivery of some gas-powered models. Still, this chainsaw is easy to use, and it assures you of your safety as you work with it.


It runs on electricity, so you will be plugging the 12m power cable into a power outlet for the machine to run. Keep in mind that the 12m power cable is long enough, and you might not even need an extension cable. In turn, you will enjoy the 2400W 2-speed motor that lets you handle almost any landscaping/yard/wood cutting project you might have.

The motor also comes with a power-plus feature that will let you increase the speed as the load on the chain increases as you cut through wood pieces. Luckily, there are three LED lights that indicate if the power is on, in use, or if there is an overload.

Cutting Capacity

This chainsaw comes with a long guide bar of 16 inches, which is longer than most electric and cordless chainsaws out there. It then offers you a maximum cutting length of 38.5cm. Even better, the powerful motor on this chainsaw delivers a top chain speed of 15m/sec. A combination of these two features allows you to get done with large logs faster.

Chain Oil System

The innovative technology on this Hyundai HYC2400E allows you to have an easy time when working with it. Thanks to the auto lubrication chain system, the system will oil the chain at the right time to ensure that it runs smoothly all the time. The chain oil tank on this one is transparent for you to view the oil level and top up whenever necessary.


When working with this chainsaw, all you need to do is observe the common safety precautions. Other than that, the chainsaw is equipped with features that are meant to keep you safe. First off, this chainsaw comes with an electric chain brake that you push forward in case of a kickback. When you push the brake handle forward, it will shut down the whole system in just 0.15 seconds.  

Besides that, there is a toughened steel spiked bumper that enhances stability for controlled cutting. The chain brake, in turn, works as a hand guard to keep your hands safe from sliding to the chain or from a snapped chain.

User Experience

One thing to appreciate about this chainsaw is that it comes with an auto-lubrication to save you time. Besides that, it features an innovative SDS tool-less chain adjustment. This assures you of easy maintenance and user-friendliness.

Another feature to remember is that this unit comes with a compact and lightweight design to give you better handling and control. When you are done with the chainsaw and you need to store it away, there is a cable loop that lets you loop the cable back via the rear handle. You will then wrap it around the loop to prevent too much tension on the cable at the handle.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Tool-free chain adjustment
  • The power-plus feature enhances the power output and overall performance
  • Chain brake stops the machine in 0.15 seconds when engaged
  • 2-speed motor


  • The handguard could be bigger


This Hyundai HYC2400E electric chainsaw is one of the best, and you will be sure of having a reliable unit to handle the tree felling and logs cutting at home. Its performance is impressive and much better than most electric chainsaws out there.

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Hyundai HYC2400E Rating


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  • Automatic Chain Lubrication
  • Tool-less Chain Tensioning
  • Two Speed Motor
  • 2400W
  • 230V

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