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Best Makita Chainsaw Reviews (UK Models)

Makita stands as one of the best manufacturers of professional power tools in the UK market and even in the whole world. Chainsaws are among the brand’s top products, and they offer both cordless and corded models. Finding the ideal Makita chainsaw can be a huge challenge, especially because there are multiple of them out there.

However, we selected 10 models for you to consider purchasing if you are brand loyal and you want to stick to Makita chainsaws. Let’s get on with it.

Best Makita Chainsaws

Makita DUC254Z9.6Check
Makita DUC353Z9.4Check
Makita DUC252Z9.2Check
Makita UC3041A9.2Check
Makita UC3541A/29.1Check
Makita DUC355Z9.0Check
Makita UC4041A/28.9Check
Makita UC4051A8.8Check
Makita UC3551A8.8Check
Makita EA3201S35A8.4Check

Detailed Reviews

Before you step out to shop for any chainsaw from Makita, here are 10 models you should include in your wishlist.

1. Makita DUC254Z LXT Cordless Chainsaw

Makita DUC254Z

Our first model is this cordless Makita chainsaw that makes it a good pick for a tree surgeon. The motor is powerful enough to handle your projects with ease.

This one runs on an 18V battery that powers the brushless motor. With this lightweight motor, you enjoy a chain pitch of 3/8-inch and a top speed of 24m/s. Here, you can enjoy having super-clean cuts/finishes with that chain speed. There is a variable speed control trigger, along with constant speed control to help you handle multiple projects with ease.

Keep in mind that this chainsaw comes with a 25cm bar and chain. The chain features automatic lubrication for convenience.


  • Lightweight design at 3.2kg
  • Offers 24m/s chain speed
  • Electric chain brake and kickback brake for safety
  • Soft start for motor protection with auto power-off function
  • Hanging hook for easy storage


  • You might have a difficult time to fit the chain for the first time

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2. Makita DUC353Z Cordless Chainsaw

Makita DUC353Z

This cordless Makita chainsaw stands among the best battery-powered models in the UK. You’d love working with this chainsaw if you needed a cordless unit with extra power.

The machine runs on two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries to offer you a maximum of 36V. This means that it features a 36V motor drive system to deliver top chain speeds of 24m/s. Luckily, there is a variable and constant speed control to let you set the right speed for your project.

Here, you will enjoy the main power switch and the auto power-off function. With this, it will save the battery and also prevent accidental starts. The battery onboard comes with an LED indicator to let you know when it is time to juice it up or if it is fully charged.

At 4.9kg, this stands among the lightweight chainsaws in the UK, which assures you of better control and handling.


  • 36V motor drive system offers enough power
  • Excellent safety features
  • The machine comes with an auto power-off function to save on the battery
  • Runs with less noise and vibrations
  • Features XPT to enhance its durability in harsh job site conditions


  • It can drain the battery quickly when handing demanding projects

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3. Makita DUC252Z Cordless Chain Saw

Makita DUC252Z

Any homeowner looking for a decent chainsaw in the UK would appreciate having a model that is both powerful and runs with low-noise. The Makita DUC252Z offers just that.

Of course, this might not be the best pick if you need a model for professional use, but it can handle the pruning and firewood tasks with ease. This Makita chainsaw also comes with two 18V batteries that are meant to offer enough power for handling those projects at home. The 36V DC motor will then deliver a top chain speed of 8.3m/s, which might not offer super clean cuts.

You get a 25cm bar and chain, and the chain tension can be adjusted easily with a lever. Also, it features an auto-lubrication system that will oil the chain to save you time and energy. But you will fill the 85ml oil reservoir manually.


  • Tool-free blade change and chain adjustment
  • LED battery indicator on each battery
  • Ergonomic design with an excellent balance
  • Engine brake brings chain to a halt in just 0.5 seconds
  • Low-recoil chain with ascending driving links for safety


  • It can get heavy with the two batteries

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4. Makita UC3041A Chainsaw

Makita UC3041A

You will most probably come across this chainsaw in any authorized Makita power tool store in the UK. If you don’t want abrupt battery draining when handling prolonged projects, this would be a good pick for you.

This Makita chainsaw comes with an amazing 1800W motor that should easily handle even medium projects. It works well with the 30cm bar and chain length to let you cut down trees with minimal effort. The best part is that the motor is designed to run with excellent power while cutting down the noise level.

To adjust the tension of the chain, you can make use of the user-friendly lever. You won’t need any special tool to help you with that. The automatic oil lubrication also enhances the user-friendliness of this model.


  • Ergonomic design with angled front grip
  • Powerful 1800W motor
  • Mechanical chain brake for safety
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight design


  • The chain tensioner could be stronger

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5. Makita UC3541A/2 Electric Chain Saw

Makita UC3541A

Here is another Makita chainsaw that works decently, thanks to its powerful motor. The user-experience of this model is friendly enough hence making it one of the best units in the UK.

This is an electric model, which will eliminate the worries of batteries and runtime. It offers you a 1800W motor that is powerful enough to handle those projects at home. The motor then delivers a top chain speed of 14.5m/s for fast and clean cuts.

You won’t need to make manual chain lubrication as the system comes with an auto-oiling feature. The oil tank features a window to let you know if it’s time to refill it.

For your safety purposes, there is a large metal spike bumper, a chain brake, and an anti-kickback brake on this chainsaw. A large trigger switch, along with an ergonomic handle and soft grip is meant to offer you better control and comfort.


  • Powerful motor with low-noise operation
  • Excellent safety features
  • Adjustable auto-chain oil pump
  • Easy to adjust chain tension
  • Excellent ergonomics


  • The oil might drip when the machine is not in use

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6. Makita DUC355Z Chainsaw

Makita DUC355Z

Here is a cordless machine that easily makes it among the top Makita chainsaws dominating the UK market.

It runs on two 18V batteries that power the 36V DC 1100W motor drive system. Compared to other battery-powered models, this Makita chainsaw has more power output. Unfortunately, that means that the machine will drain the batteries too quickly if you use it on demanding projects.

There are a variable speed control trigger and constant speed control that allows you to maintain a constant speed when working on heavy load. The chain features an auto-lubrication system for convenience and continuous operation.

We loved the captive nuts that are meant to prevent the nuts from falling off when you are replacing the guide bar or saw chain. The kickback brake assures you of safety even in case of an emergency.


  • Long bar length for cutting bigger logs and trees
  • Captive nuts prevent loss of the nuts when changing blade or chain
  • Battery protection system prevents over-discharge protection
  • Ergonomic design with a nonslip grip handle
  • Lock-off lever prevents accidental start-ups


  • You might have to change the chain if you will be handling hardwood pieces

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7. Makita UC4041A/2 Chain Saw

Makita UC4041A/2

If you need an electric chainsaw with decent power delivery and excellent user-friendliness, you’d enjoy working with this model. It also happens to be among the best budget chainsaws in the UK.

The Makita chainsaw is powered by a 1800W motor, which will spit top speeds of 14.5m/s. This is good enough to offer you fast and clean cuts. You also get a 40cm bar length that lets you slice through large logs and even fell trees with ease.

There is an adjustable auto-chain oil pump that offers you continuous cutting and easy maintenance. The oil tank comes in a 200ml, which means that you won’t need to refill it too often. A view window is there to let you know if the tank needs to be refilled.

This chainsaw also comes with a large separate-type metal spike bumper and spike grips for better control and holding. The bumper still acts as a protector to your hand in case the chain snaps from the rail.


  • Ergonomic design with spike feature for better control
  • Adjustable auto-chain oil pump for continuous running
  • Lightweight design at 4.7kg
  • Double insulation prevents the machine from heating up as it runs
  • Excellent safety features


  • Limited mobility

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8. Makita UC4051A Electric Chainsaw

Makita UC4051A

One thing that makes this Makita chainsaw among the best electric models in the UK is its amazing power delivery.

This chainsaw comes with a 2000W motor that is powerful enough to offer a chain speed of 14.5m/s. if you combine that with the 40cm bar length, you have yourself an amazing machine to cut down large trees and logs fast enough. Keep in mind that the motor comes with a current limiter that protects it from possible burnout. This limiter will reduce the power of the motor if the saw is overloaded.

No need for manual chain lubrication as the system will do that automatically. There is also an electric chain brake and kickback brake that are meant to keep you safe in case of an emergency.

There is a large trigger switch, an ergonomic design with soft-grip handles, and a well-balanced unit to offer you better control and comfort of the machine.


  • Powerful motor
  • The current limiter prevents the motor from burnout
  • Ergonomic design with user-friendly features
  • Long bar length with high chain speed for cutting down large trees
  • Reliable safety features


  • Oil leaking issues

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9. Makita UC3551A 35cm Electric Chainsaw

Makita UC3551A

This Makita chainsaw also comes with an amazing power output that lets you handle demanding projects with ease.

The machine runs with a 2,000W motor and a current limiter on board to protect the motor from burnout. There is a large trigger switch that lets you make soft starts.

Thanks to the long 35cm bar length, this chainsaw will let you slice through larger logs with ease. The chain does feature an auto-lubrication system for convenience. Also, you will enjoy a tool-less chain tensioning with this model.

There is a large separate type metal spike bumper that holds the workpiece firmly to offer you better control. The double insulation of this model prevents overheating as you work with it.


  • Excellent power delivery
  • The current limiter protects the motor
  • Long bar length
  • Comfortable and nonslip handle
  • Great safety features


  • The oil might leak during storage

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10. Makita EA3201S35A Chainsaw

Makita EA3201S35A

If you need a decent petrol chainsaw for handling your demanding projects, we would suggest this fella to you. It might be the last product on our list but still stands among the best petrol-powered models in the UK.

This Makita chainsaw comes with a 1.8hp motor that is capable of delivering incredible power. With that, you can enjoy a decent chain speed of 18.9m/s. Along with the 35cm bar length, you can easily cut down large trees with this monster.

The spring-assisted starter of this model makes it quick and easy to start, compared to other petrol-powered units. You get an adjustable metal oil pump, a chain brake, and a metal spike bar on this machine. This assures you of a safe and reliable unit to handle your pruning, firewood, and tree felling projects.


  • Excellent power delivery
  • Lightweight for a petrol-powered model, at 6.28kg
  • Decent 35cm bar length
  • Ant-vibration system for better control
  • Excellent safety features


  • Assembling it can be challenging for a beginner.

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Things To Remember When Choosing a Makita Chainsaw

When you decide that you will be purchasing a Makita chainsaw, you need to keep some factors into considerations. Here are some top features to consider;

  • Power source; consider if you need a cordless, corded, or petrol-powered model based on your project needs.
  • Bar length. A 40cm bar length is ideal for tree felling and slicing through large logs, but for small branches, pruning, and firewood tasks, choose a model that has a 25cm bar length of smaller.
  • Power delivery. Whether you pick a petrol, cordless, or corded model, check that the motor power is enough to handle your project needs accordingly.
  • Safety features. Chainsaws can be lethal – so, ensure that you choose one with enough safety features like a chain brake, anti-kickback system, as well as a handguard.
  • User experience. Consider choosing a chainsaw that gives you an easy time to operate. It should have an auto-chain oiling system, tool-less blade change, and chain tension, as well as ergonomic features.

Always choose a chainsaw that will give you an easy time when working with it and one that can perfectly handle your project needs accordingly.


If you made it to this part of the article, then you have enough info to help you pick the best Makita chainsaw. Just make sure that you choose a chainsaw that is not only popular in the UK, but one that can handle your projects as needed.

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