Makita EA3201S35B

Makita EA3201S35B 32cc Petrol Chainsaw Review

Power tools that run on gasoline are known to possess more power output compared to their electric counterparts. However, most of them are heavy and cumbersome, which end up giving you a difficult time to control them. While it might be challenging to find a gas-powered chainsaw that is also lightweight, the Makita EA3201S35B goes against the odds. This gas-powered chainsaw comes with an excellent power output while being lightweight.

We will be discussing the chainsaw in this article to help you understand what you will be getting when you purchase it.

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The EA3201S35B Overview

The Makita EA3201S35B is a gas-powered chainsaw that is designed to handle the high demanding tree felling and log cutting projects. If you are an experienced homeowner that needs a chainsaw to handle those harsh conditions or you a professional landscaper and you need a backup chainsaw, this one would do. Even as a gas-powered chainsaw, this unit comes in at only 4.26kg, which is an added advantage. You will enjoy the innovative technology on the chainsaw, which helps to minimize dust ingress as it runs.


This chainsaw is equipped with a 32cc 2-stroke engine that comes with a catalytic muffler to comply with all the regulations for exhaust emission. This means that the chainsaw will run as it minimizes the smoke emission. It then delivers an amazing horsepower of up to 1.70, which is enough for handling most projects out there.

The fuel tank comes with a 0.4ltr capacity that helps to reduce the overall weight of the chainsaw. On the other hand, the engine comes with an overrun protection that allows the chainsaw to restart easily. There is a touch and stop switch system that will keep the spark plug from getting wet.


Along with the powerful motor, this unit comes with the unit comes with an ON/OFF choke combination switch, along with an auto-half throttle lock and a primer pump that assures you of easy and rapid startups. Even though it is a gas-powered unit, this fella will start up in a matter of seconds.

The machine is designed to reduce the pull force needed to start it up. There is a spring-assisted recoil starter to help you with that. Also onboard is an intelligent ignition coil that controls stable idling while enhancing the power output.

Cutting Capacity

This chainsaw comes with a long, 35cm bar length that offers you around 32cm cutting length that is enough to slice through the large logs. Along with that, the Makita EA3201S35B comes with a reliable 3/8inch chain pitch.

Chain Oil System

You might think that this chainsaw comes with a manual chain oil system because it is gas-powered, but that’s not the case. The chainsaw offers you an automatic chain lubrication system that will oil the chain frequently. One unique feature about the auto chain lubrication is that it has an adjustable oil pump for you to control the amount of oil you want to flow to the chain. The best part is that the chainsaw comes with a large oil reservoir, so you won’t need to refill it too often. With the 280ml oil tank, you can be sure of enjoying its delivery for a long time.


Makita understands the necessity of user safety, which is why they offer you a chainsaw with plenty of safety features. For instance, you get an automatic chain brake that will bring the machine to a halt in case of a chain kickback. There is also an inertial chain brake that also works as a handguard for keeping your hand safe from the chain.

User Experience

The chainsaw comes with a lightweight design, along with an ergonomic design for easy handling and better control. Also onboard is an anti-vibration system that dampens the vibrations to give you better control and assure you of your safety as well. You don’t have to adjust the chain manually as the machine comes with a tool-less chain tension and blade change.


  • Lightweight design
  • Anti-vibration system for better control
  • Fleece air filter for resisting dust ingress
  • Starts and restarts in seconds
  • Runs quietly


  • It might take time warming up at first


The Makita EA3201S35B gas-powered chainsaw is a good addition that will serve you incredibly while delivering decently. This chainsaw is made to give you easy control while assuring you of the needed user safety.

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  • Automatic chain brake
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Tool-less blade change
  • Fleece air filter
  • Inertial chain brake

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