Makita UC3541A

Makita UC3541A Chainsaw Review (Electric, 240V, 35cm, 1800W, 240V)

Isn’t a reliable electric chainsaw a good tool to have at home if you work on logs and trees too often? It sure is, and the Makita UC3541A is one of the top electric tools you should get for your regular DIY projects.

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This unit comes from a leading manufacturer, Makita and it won’t disappoint in terms of its delivery. It also stands as one of the most affordable units to get if you want a sawing companion at home. So does that make it a reliable chainsaw to have? Let’s find that out.

About the UC3541A

This Makita model is a great tool that comes with a top-notch build, an ergonomic design, and a steady power. It is not as big as such, and it also weighs just about 4.7kgs. Even with that weight, this unit will still do an impressive job. Well, it is not exactly your ideal heavy-duty and professional tool, but any homeowner would love having this unit in their garage.

  • Motor/Power

Being an electric chainsaw, it runs on electricity and a motor. It comes with a powerful 1800W electric motor that will deliver enough power to slice through both soft and hardwood. This machine can also handle deadwood and dry timber with ease. You won’t need to buy petrol every time. Just plug it in the electricity socket and get it running.

  • Cutting Ability

This little beast comes with a slightly smaller design, meaning that the cutting blade is somewhat shorter. It packs a 35 cm blade that is around 14 inches long. This length is big enough to handle the massive trunks and branches.

  • User Experience

Naturally, most electric chainsaws will come ready to use, and this one is not an exception. Well, it doesn’t come fully assembled, but most of the parts are pre-assembled. This means that you will have an easy time putting it together.

We loved the two-handle design that gives you better weight distribution and gives you a better balance when using it. There is an auto-lubrication system that keeps the chain well-oiled and cooled for consistent high cutting performance.

You can easily adjust the chain tension without a special tool. This can be done through the handy dial on the side of the tool. The best part is that there is some tensioning instruction on the dial hence making easy and friendly to a first-time user. An oil fill level window lets you know when it is time to oil up your chainsaw.

A mechanical chain brake prevents the chain from moving back when the trigger is released. This assures you of safety. The 10-meter power cord lets you move easily when working on your logs.

  • Durability

We stated that the UC3541A is made with high-quality design. It is heavy enough for assured stability when working with it. The auto-lubrication also means that the chains will last for long enough while saving you maintenance time. It comes with a maximum warranty cover of 2 years.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Powerful motor
  • Affordable than most units
  • User-friendly
  • Not too heavy for long period projects


  • Not ideal for professional use/heavy-duty projects
  • Corded hence limited movability

Final Word

Generally, the Makita UC3541A Chainsaw is a decent tool to have for your occasional domestic use. It is built to last for long, as long as you don’t overpower it with daily projects. Also, the motor is powerful to lice through large logs without much difficulty. The machine is also quite easy to use and comes at a friendly price. Plus, you get it with free shipping if you are in the UK.

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  • Adjustable chain oil pump
  • Oil fill level window
  • Mechanical chain brake
  • Large separate-type metal spike bumpe
  • Flat motor housing end

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