McCulloch CS 360T

McCulloch CS 360T Petrol Chainsaw Review. OxyPower Soft Start Engine

The McCulloch CS 360T is the suitable chainsaw for people who love gardening jobs. It comes equipped with an OxyPower engine, which is ideal for lower fuel consumption, lower emission levels, and more power. This is the ideal chainsaw for all of your gardening requirements.

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  • 36 cc two-stroke, OxyPower soft start engine
  • Safety chain brake
  • Bar length – 14 inch (36 cm)
  • Tool-less chain tensioner
  • Centrifugal cleaning system
  • Automatic chain lubrication


  • OxyPower – the CS 360T comes equipped with the OxyPower engine technology, which gives you additional power to take care of the nature without ever worrying about hurting it. The OxyPower engine technology give you more fuel efficiency, which means increased power, but also 20% reduced fuel consumption and 70% reduced emissions.
  • Soft start – the soft start feature makes this chainsaw simple and easy to start. In addition, this feature helps in reducing the starter cord resistance by close to 40%.
  • Combined stop/choke control – the combines stop/choke control makes it easy to start the chainsaw and it also ensures reliability when using the chainsaw since it reduces the chances of engine flooding.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning – you can easily assemble the bar and the chain or adjust the chain without needing any tools.

Why should you by the CS 360T?


The McCulloch 360T has the power to get everything done. Therefore, no matter the task you have in hand, this chainsaw will get it done. So, if you are looking for a chainsaw with power, then the McCulloch 360T is the ideal machine for you.


One notable thing about this chainsaw is its remarkable technology. This includes soft start and Oxypower engine, features that you will not find in any other chainsaw.


The chainsaw has been designed specifically for durability and high performance. It is important to note that this chainsaw will last for many years to come so long as you take good care of it. In addition, you should anticipate your expectations regarding the McCulloch CS 360T chainsaw to be met or surpassed.

Important Things to Note When Using McCulloch Chainsaws

It is always important to use a boxer’s position when using a chainsaw. When the chainsaw’s bottom comes into contact with the log, it can pull you closer to the log. When the chainsaw’s top bar comes into contact with the log, it can push you away from the log. If you are right handed, make sure that you stand with your right foot back and left foot forward. Always make sure that you bend your knees as you operate the chainsaw. In addition, you need to be aware of the safest places to run to in case of an emergency.

Common accidents that can happen as you use the chainsaw is kickback, where the tooth of the chain is caught at the top of the guide bar without cutting though the log. This tosses the bar, together with the moving chain in an upward position towards you. This is a very serious situation that can cause severe injuries and even death.

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  • Bar Length: 36cm
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • 36cc
  • Safety chain brake
  • Toolless chain tensione

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