McCulloch CSE2040S

McCulloch CSE2040S Electric Chainsaw Review. Features A Powerful 2000W Motor

The McCulloch CSE2040S chainsaw is a product of the famed McCulloch Motors Company that is particularly renowned for its durable power tools. It continues the legacy of building powerful, innovative, and durable machines that make work way easier.

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The tool has got several cutting edge features that you will not find in other chainsaws. For example, the McCulloch CSE2040S has a knob-controlled chain-tensioning feature. This means you do not need any tool to tweak its chain tension.

Additionally, the chainsaw features a powerful 2000W motor that will make light work of any log of timber you want to cut.

It is also well balanced and has got ergonomic handles. This means you can use it to complete heavy cutting work without getting quickly fatigued.

The Key Features Of The CSE2040S Chainsaw

  • Electric chainsaw
  • Comes with a powerful 2000 W motor
  • Extremely fast; can reach speeds of up to 13.5 m/s
  • 3/8 inch chain pitch
  • 4-meter long cable
  • 6.52 kg in weight
  • Can be tensioned without the use of any tools
  • Corded-electric


The number one reason why you should get this McCulloch chainsaw is power. The CSE2040S is a powerful power tool thanks to its 2000W electric motor. The motor is capable of high speeds of approximately 13.5 m/s. This means it is powerful enough to help you to quickly complete whatever cutting task you have at hand.

This exemplary power tool is also very convenient in two ways. First of all, it has a knob that allows you to tighten the chain should you feel as if it has lost some tension. Secondly, it has a window that shows the chain’s oil level. This makes it easy for you to monitor the oil levels and take action when necessary.

Lastly, the CSE2040S is a well-balanced chainsaw that feels relatively light despite its high-speed chainsaw action. Its handles are also very ergonomic so you won’t experience any unnecessary discomfort when using it for extended periods of time.


This is a fantastic saw, especially for the price. However, the extension is a bit too short for a power tool. Considering that this tool is exclusively for outdoor use, it should have an extension that is definitely longer than 4 meters. Moreover, the instructions manual that comes with it is not informative. So you won’t get to know a lot about how to use the device and how operate it safely from reading it.


As it is evident from the information I have provided above, this is a powerful chainsaw that is fast and well-balanced. It is also convenient in the sense that it has a knob for tool-less tensioning and a transparent oil window for oil level monitoring. Although its extension cord is a bit short, it has more advantages than disadvantages and I, therefore, recommend it.

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  • Cable Clip
  • High Chain Speed
  • Tool-Less Chain Tensioning
  • Window for Oil Level
  • Chain Brake Indicator

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