OREGON CS1400 2400W Electric Chainsaw Review

With a speed of 14.7 m/sec and a 6-meter cord, the Oregon CS1400 is a fantastic chainsaw to own if you enjoy doing a bit of DIY. It is also good for professionals because it is extremely well balanced and super lightweight. This is thanks to the simple design the manufacturers went for allowing it not to vibrate too much or make noise. To protect you from any flying debris, there is a front handguard. Below is a look at more of its incredible features which have helped it receive a lot of praise from users.

What’s the price?

The CS1400 Features

  • Incredible power – With 2400 W for you to work with, you will be able to handle both medium to heavy-duty jobs with ease. It is not restricted to one type of user and can be used by homeowners and professionals who enjoy cutting wood.
  • Durable and strong – Sometimes we can find ourselves working in harsh environments and it is important to pick a tool that can withstand that.  The Oregon CS1400 is incredibly durable thanks to the strong materials used to make it allowing you to work on heavy-duty jobs without worrying if it will break. 
  • DuraCut saw chain – This chain is one of the most powerful in the industry with the ability to cut 3 times longer than the average one in every the harshest environment. It is a top speed of 14.7 m/sec which means you can shred through a variety of materials with very little effort.
  • Innovative design – It has an amazing built-in chain tightening system. With this feature, you can adjust and tighten the chain without the use of tools. 


  • Oil level window – There is a window on the tool that lets you check how much oil you have left until you need a refill. Leaving till the last minute to refill is not recommended because it might cause the saw to jam and slow you down while you’re working on your projects.
  • Front handguard – Particles fly over the place when you’re using a chainsaw to chop wood. There is a guard on the front of the tool that protects users from any flying debris.
  • Oiler – You don’t need to manually apply oil on this tool because it will do it for you automatically. There is a tank on the side of the tool that lubricates the chain to prevent rust and wear.
  • Ergonomic design – OREGON CS1400 is incredibly light and easy to handle. You will not suffer from problems that plague other users like tiredness and strain. You can work for longer and get many things done thanks to the comfortable handles. There is little chance of you losing control.
  • Budget-friendly saw – When compared to a name like Makita, not many people are aware of Oregon and this is why this saw is affordable. Despite the cheap price you pay for this chainsaw, you get a tool that doesn’t make a lot of noise, vibrates less, is well designed and powerful. It is also very strong thanks to the material it is made from and automatically lubricants itself to prevent rust. This tool is the perfect example of cheaper is sometimes better when it comes to power tools if you can’t afford the high-end models.
  • Unlimited power – Thanks to the 6-meter long cord, you can plug it into a power source and use the tool for as long as you can. This unlimited power advantage is what gives it an edge over its battery-powered counterparts.


  • A very bulky tool –  With a weight of 7.3kg, this is a really heavy tool that can be difficult to work with. It will not make a great first tool for anyone who doesn’t have experience with saws.
  • Risk of suffering injuries – Not only does one have to worry about the rotating chain as a potential health risk, but the cord is also something worth keeping an eye on because trips and falls can happen because of it.

Final Thoughts

The Oregon CS1400 is an outstanding tool for anyone who does tasks at home or job sites. The DuraCut saw chain is 3 times longer and one of the easiest in the industry to sharpen. It is incredibly wear-resistant thanks to the strong materials it is made out of and its ergonomic design reduces fatigue massively.

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OREGON CS1400 Review


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  • Powerful performance
  • DuraCut
  • Clever design
  • Automatic oiler
  • Ergonomic

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