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Parker 58CC Petrol Chainsaw Review (2.3KW/3.1HP Engine Output)

For cutting woods and felling trees, you need a chainsaw that is reliable powerful and easy to handle to ensure you get your work done on time. There are things that you should consider when purchasing one as they will determine the productivity of your labor. For example, the chain blade, engine, safety tools, accessories,and general performance. You should purpose always to check out product reviews, to get useful insights before buying items. Below is a review of Parker 58CC chain saw highlighting features, performance, cons, and drawbacks.

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Design And Functionality

Parker 58CC chainsaw is an excellent option as it is durable, compact and its storage is easy. It boasts of amazing features that enhance its performance producing high-quality services. It has an ergonomic design to ensure total user satisfaction. It also has an automatic chain lubrication system to improve the health of the blade and its performance as well as extends its usage time.

What Are The Accessories That Come With The Chainsaw?

One advantage of buying this model is that you get a pack of great accessories which are:

  • A spare chain
  • User manual
  • A toolkit
  • A carrying bag
  • Useful storage bag

These additional tools ensure that your operations run smoothly.

A Glance At The 58CC Engine

Powered by 58cc 20” petrol, it is designed to tackle more challenging tasks and be assured of reliable performance. The engine is air cooled and fuel efficient,and this has proven to be perfect as the production is increased. The powerful engine allows you to work on thicker timber and logs making it excellent for cutting woods of all sizes. There are spark plugs fitted to the chainsaw which ensures reliable ignition. The wrap-around handle and the two-handed grip allows you to have better control of your work.


The safety is guaranteed when using this machine as it features anti-vibration, anti-kickback and an automatic chain oiler to enhance performance. Also, you will find a chain brake, front-hand guard, bar-tip guard, safety throttle, chain catcher, and protective casing. These safety features allow you to use the tool with confidence with less discomfort.

Key Features

  • Chain brake
  • 20” Bar complete with chains
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Strong & Reliable Engine
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Tool kit, a chain, free carry bag,and bar cover
  • Easy starting system
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner


  • 1-year warranty
  • Safety features: a chain brake, anti-vibration, and anti-kickback
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Powerful engine


Fuel mix ratio is 25: 1 (25 parts petrol and 1 part oil) which is not suitable for commercial use

Final Thoughts

This tool offers great performance. The powerful air-cooled engine ensures your work continues with minimized downtime. The accessories and the safety features ensure you are in control of your work and safe from the unseen danger. The comprehensive user guide gives you all the insight on how to use the tool with fewer complications. This model allows you to work on all sizes of wood. If you are looking for the high-performance chainsaw, consider purchasing Parker 58CC.

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  • Strong & Reliable Engine
  • 20" Bar
  • 2.3KW / 3.1HP Engine Output
  • Free Carry Bag
  • EU-II Approval

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