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Best Ryobi Chainsaw Reviews (UK Models)

Ryobi produces some good quality tools that cater to both tradesmen and DIYers. While their tools vary in price, a Ryobi chainsaw offers you value for money when you use them and longevity as long as you take care of them. Their tools perform well no matter the task you use them on and you will be 100% satisfied with the results you’ll see. Below are 8 chainsaws from Ryobi worth checking out.

Ryobi Chainsaws: Our Top 8

Ryobi OCS18309.0Check
RYOBI RCS1935B8.8Check
Ryobi RY36CSX35A-08.8Check
Ryobi RCS2340B8.4Check
Ryobi RCS23408.4Check
Ryobi RCS36X3550HI8.4Check
Ryobi RCS5145B8.0Check
Ryobi RCS3835T8.0Check

Detailed Reviews

1. Ryobi OCS1830 30cm Chainsaw

Ryobi OCS1830

This wonderful Ryobi chainsaw is first on the list and is equipped with a brushless motor preventing problems such as overheating and discharge. Many tools on the UK market are let down by a poor run time and this one will not let you down because it has an impressive run time. The only issue people have with this tool is they have to buy chargers and batteries separately.

Other than this it gives you one of the best cutting experiences of any tool sold today because it has a brake that keeps you safe, the bar and chain are 30cm long, and is extremely comfortable. It also features an automatic oil system that keeps the chains in super mint condition to tear through materials. Lastly, it is part of the ONE+ family meaning that it is compatible with batteries and chargers of tools that belong to this family.


  • With so many products similar to this one on the UK market, this is up there with some of the most affordable tools money can buy
  • Working with a tool that strong arms you for a long period can be very uncomfortable and tiring however this Ryobi chainsaw is very comfortable to use no matter your level of experience.
  • What sets this chainsaw apart from its competition is its impressive run time. You can use it for a long time and get plenty of work done before you need to place it on a charger.
  • Low risk of suffering injuries since there are wires around the workstation can cause trips and falls if one isn’t careful.
  • A tool that offers versatility will always be high on people’s lists in the UK. This tool can be used on a variety of materials and produces good quality performances and results all the time.


  • This tool is sold bare meaning that you’ll have to buy accessories like batteries and chargers separately.

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2. RYOBI RCS1935B 35cm Chainsaw


If you are on the hunt for a product that gives you the performance and power needed to shred through a variety of materials, this is the tool for you. This Ryobi chainsaw has a very powerful 1900W motor that ensures projects are completed quicker. With a speed of 15m/s, you will not be let down by the cutting performance you’ll get here plus it has a rapid mechanical chain brake system.

This keeps you extra safe from injuries while you’re working. The bar and chain are 35cm in length which comes in handy when dealing with materials with diameter. It has an auto lubrication system to keep the chain in tip-top condition and an anti-vibration system that allows you to work for a long time without feeling tired. Lastly, Ryobi went with a lightweight design with this tool so that it is very easy to handle.


  • In the wrong hands, this tool can be dangerous. Even those with years of experience know that they have to be careful working with a chainsaw to avoid injuries however, the comfortable hands ensure you have a firm grip at all times and won’t lose control.
  • The fact that this Ryobi chainsaw doesn’t weigh much at all means you can easily travel with it by placing it in the back of your truck and store it with ease at home or work.
  • You are in control of this tool at all times because it doesn’t vibrate a lot like most tools in the UK market.


  • When put under the strain, this tool is not very durable and you will notice a few cracks and dent.

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3. Ryobi RY36CSX35A-0 36V Chainsaw

Ryobi RY36CSX35A-0

This Ryobi chainsaw is fantastic to own because of a variety of reasons. The first one being the brushless motor which delivers high-quality performances and a speed of up to 21m/s. You will find it hard to find a cutting experience that is better than the one found on this tool in the UK market today.

Looking at the bar and chain, it is 35cm long which makes it easy for you to work with large logs and the braking system ensures you are as safe as possible with this tool in your hands. Lastly, any Ryobi chargers and batteries you might own from other tools in your collection will work with this chainsaw. There’s no need for you to buy a new charger and battery which is helpful for people with a tight budget.


  • Compatible with other Ryobi 36V charger and batteries of other tools making it a very economical tool
  • With a rich history and years of experience under their belt, the products that this manufacturer produces have an excellent level of quality and this one is no different. This is why their products are a favorite for professional tradesmen and casual DIYers.
  • Provides you with better maneuverability since you don’t have to worry about cords getting your way


  • When compared with other tools on this list, this tool Is seen as a bit expensive for some people with limited funds.

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4. Ryobi RCS2340B 40cm Chainsaw

Ryobi RCS2340B

This 40cm Ryobi chainsaw is extremely effective at dealing with timber, branches, and large logs thanks to the power 2300 W motor. As far as noise goes, this tool is very quiet and doesn’t need maintenance.

Its lightweight design reduces fatigue and you can work for long periods without experiencing any strains on your ends. It is also equipped with an electric brake for your safety and you can immediately stop this chainsaw to prevent injuries. Lastly, it is a speed of 16m/s and has a debris deflector that stops wood chips from harming the user.


  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise when compared to other high-end models
  • Extremely versatile and can be used on large logs, branches, and timber.
  • Very easy tool to use and store at home or work


  • Since it is a battery-powered tool, you will find yourself needing to charge this tool very often since you have a limited run time.
  • Doesn’t come with a bar and chain as those need to be purchased separately

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5. Ryobi RCS2340 Chain Saw

Ryobi RCS2340

While this Ryobi chainsaw doesn’t have so many features like the others on this list, one thing is certain, there’s no denying its power thanks to a 2300W motor. With an impressive speed of 14m/s, you will make light work of materials like hard wood. You will be amazed at how easily you’ll be able to deal with this material and the anti-vibration system means you will always be comfortable when working with this tool.

Safety when it comes to working with power tools is very important as so many people in the construction industry across the UK suffer injuries at the hands of chainsaws. This Ryobi chainsaw has an electric and mechanical chain brake which stops it instantly keeping you safe from harm.


  • A very comfortable tool that very easy to use for a long period
  • Your safety is guaranteed thanks to the electric brake which stops the tool instantly to prevent injuries
  • Has a very powerful motor that helps you work on hard wood with ease.
  • Don’t have to worry about fatigue because of the anti-vibration system it has


  • The manual that comes with this chainsaw is not detailed properly and can be confusing for less experienced people. You might want to check out videos on YouTube or other websites.

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6. Ryobi RCS36X3550HI Chainsaw

Ryobi RCS36X3550HI

This Ryobi chainsaw is seen as one of the most powerful models in its class because of the amazing speed of 21 m/s. Thanks to the brushless motor, you will get a very high level of efficiency and longevity because it won’t suffer from problems like overheating. The weight is evenly distributed and its robust design offers you a high level of durability.

The anti-vibration system and ergonomic design reduce fatigue allowing you to work for a long time without suffering from any strain. Lastly, it has a wonderful blade length of 35cm, has an auto lubrication system, and is supplied with accessories like batteries and chargers.


  • A very durable Ryobi chainsaw, because it has a strong build which gives it the ability to withstand the most demanding of tasks without showing cracks
  • Very efficient thanks to its speed and blade length
  • Comes with a 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery and charger upon purchase and you don’t have to spend more money on these accessories


  • The price of this chainsaw is very controversial because many see it as very expensive and not budget-friendly.

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7. Ryobi RCS5145B Chain Saw

Ryobi RCS5145B

This product is very remarkable and the manufacturer did a wonderful job of making sure it is durable. Made from some very strong materials, this Ryobi chainsaw can withstand huge amounts of pressure without showing any signs of cracking under the strain. You can use it on a wide variety of material and still get top quality results thanks to a bar length of 45cm.

This is one of the longest you’ll find on a chainsaw and it has a quick action braking system for safety. This Ryobi chainsaw has a powerful engine which will make your life easier plus for added comfort and reduced fatigue, an anti-vibration handle was added to this tool to prolong use without suffering from strains.


  • Has an auto chain lubrication system to keep the chain in top condition during use
  • An effective brake system that keeps users safe at all times.
  • When you invest so much in a power tool like this one, the last thing you need is for it to fall apart quickly. This tool is made out of strong material and will take a massive amount of punishment.


  • If you are a person with very small hands, you will find this chainsaw very difficult to control

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8. Ryobi RCS3835T

Ryobi RCS3835T

This Ryobi chainsaw comes pre-assembled and is ready for use immediately. You just have to take it out of the box and begin using it. Just like the other tools on this list, this one also has an anti-vibration handle which reduces fatigue and enables you to use it for longer periods without feeling tired.

It has a 35cm blade which is excellent for working on very wide materials plus it has a braking system that stops the chain instantly for added safety. Lastly, for easy control, you will see that it is equipped with a transparent oil as well as fuel tanks. The chain will remain lubricated while you use it making this chainsaw effective and long-lasting.


  • Since this tool is made by a well known or trusted brand name, you will get a top-performing product packed with so many features to ensure your work is done easily and smoothly.
  • The tool comes pre-assembled meaning you don’t have to worry about putting it together.
  • It doesn’t vibrate too much allowing you to be in control and accurate at all times


  • As fantastic as this tool is, the price that it’s sold on the UK market is very high compared to other power tools similar to it.

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Final Thoughts

Overall all the tools mentioned above are a work of art from a manufacturer that knows how to deliver a top-quality product to customers. Before you buy any of the Ryobi chainsaws above, you need to understand the type of materials you’re working in so that you buy the right one as the chain diameters differ from product to product. Once you make the right purchase, you’ll not be let down by the results you produce.

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