Ryobi RCS2340

Ryobi RCS2340 Chainsaw Review. Powerful 2300W High-Torque Motor

So you are in search of a good chainsaw for your log/trees job? How about a tool that combines user-friendliness and an impressive technology? Yes, there is such, and one of them is the Ryobi RCS2340.

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We understand your curiosity of how this machine runs and if it can deliver accordingly. So, we will be giving a review of the chainsaw, so you decide if it truly is worth the purchase. Let’s get on with it.

About the RCS2340

The first thing you’d notice about Ryobi RCS2340 chainsaw is the appealing green-black theme. If you love a good-looking chainsaw that is unique enough, this one would be a good choice for you. But it’s not only all about looks. Rather, this unit stands as one of the high performers on the market. It is powerful, easy to use, and a safe tool to use.

It is built to last, so you can be confident of using a machine that doesn’t breakdown or fails easily.


  • Motor/Power

The reason we say RCS2340 is a high-performer is that of its powerful motor. Since it runs on a motor, it means that the unit is electric. On paper, gas-powered models tend to be more powerful than an electric counterpart. But regardless of that, this unit can still handle some DIY project.

It comes with a powerful 2300W high-torque motor that will handle your sawing projects with ease.

  • Cutting Ability

Well, the powerful motor drives the 15-inch Oregon bar and chain. Furthermore, the chain runs at a maximum speed of 12 meters per second. Of course, it is not as long as the big players with 20-inch cutting blades. But that shouldn’t be a big issue because that high speed is enough to cut through any log/tree.

  • Use Experience

Even if you are a first-time buyer, this chainsaw won’t give you a hard time. It is very easy and comfortable to use. By the way, we’ve got to say that it comes fully-assembled and ready to use. There is no need for attaching the bar, chain, or any other accessory.

Plus, it features an anti-vibration system that gives you comfort when cutting down the logs/trees. You can be confident of added safety when using this unit. It comes with an electronic and mechanical chain brake that will stop the chain from moving back after releasing the trigger. This helps to prevent any unforeseen accidents.

  • Durability

We have to acknowledge the sturdiness and construction of this unit. It comes in a wear-resistant body that will stay strong even in the tough outdoor conditions. Plus, it weight around 5.7kgs, which makes it sturdy enough to last for long. The chainsaw features an automatic lubrication system that helps to extend the chain’s durability and save you time. Above all, it is backed by a 2-year warranty.


  • Strong and sturdy, wear-proof body
  • Powerful motor
  • No fumes/too much noise (it’s an electronic unit)
  • An electronic brake that prevents the chain from moving back
  • Auto-lubrication chains system
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system


  • It’s corded hence less portable when sawing
  • Not the best choice for heavy-duty projects


So, is this Ryobi RCS2340 chainsaw worth the purchase? Yes, it is. It is an electric model that runs quieter than its petrol competitors. The motor is strong enough, and you can be sure of an easy to use unit that is also comfortable enough. The price is also reasonable enough. So yes, totally recommended.

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Ryobi RCS2340 Rating


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  • 2300W motor
  • Anti-vibration system
  • 14m/s chain speed
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • High cutting performance

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