TACKLIFE GCS24A 2400W Electric Chainsaw Review

With great speed, power, and comfortable to use, the Tacklife GCS24A is extremely robust and can be used on a variety of jobs. While there are many tools on the market that have good features, they don’t save you time on your tasks. This chainsaw is a time saver and to ensure that you’re in complete control, the manufacturers made sure that it produced little vibrations. It has an amazing build and the level of performance you get is out of this world. Below is a look at some of its important features.

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The GCS24A Key Features

  • Ergonomic handle – This TACKLIFE GCS24A chainsaw has one of the most comfortable handles around. No matter the size of your hand, you will always be in control of this tool and can work on your tasks without feeling tired or suffering any sprains.
  • Amazing speed – With a top speed of 15m/s, you should be able to deal with different types of wood easily.
  • 45cm OREGON chain – This chain diameter combined with the speed mentioned above, you will produce professional quality results with your cuts. On top of that, you’ll be able to tear through branches and tree trunks.
  • Secure tool – A few of the safety features this tool has include kickback protection which instantly stops the chain from rotating when you release the trigger. This minimizes injuries as many people get hurt every year when working with power tools.


  • Brilliant build – The materials used to make this chainsaw are strong and durable. Any type of job that needs to be done by a DIYer around the house can be performed with ease when you have this tool in your hands.
  • Auto lubrication – To ensure you get the best performance possible and finish your tasks uninterrupted, this chainsaw has an auto lubrication feature. This keeps the oil-soaked on oil for durability and longevity.
  • Tool-free chainsaw – This chainsaw allows you to effortlessly change your chains without using a screwdriver or any other tool. When you take it out straight from the box, you can assemble it too without the use of a tool.
  • Come with 140ml tanks – Upon purchase, you will get a 140ml oil tank with a window that lets you know how much oil you have left while you’re working.
  • Very powerful – The Tacklife GCS24A has a powerful 2400 W motor that ensures your cuts are crisp and smooth no matter the material. Since the tool is corded, it needs to be plugged into a power source. You get unlimited power supply without worrying about a run time however, you need to be careful working around cables because you might suffer from a serious injury if you trip and fall.
  • More features – Sometimes you can feel ripped off if you pay a high price for a product but get a handful of features. The price you pay for this power tool matches the number of features you get. All of these are designed to provide you with a smooth experience while you’re working on various projects.
  • Good vibration control – When a tool is vibrating a lot while you’re working, losing control can happen for less experienced personnel. The manufacturers made sure that this amazing chainsaw doesn’t vibrate violently to ensure you stay in control and not affect your work.


  • Not good for heavy-duty jobs – This tool is at its best when used for tasks like light branches and garden work at home. Taking it to a job site and using it on heavy-duty jobs will yield disappointing results which might cause the chainsaw to show signs of damage.
  • Slightly heavy – At a weight of 7.8kgs, the tool is very bulky and can be difficult for a beginner to use it. Only people who have a lot of experience can use this chainsaw.

Final Thoughts

With a wide range of choices on the market these days, deciding on which chainsaw to buy can cause stress however, your choice should always depend on your finances, preferences, and needs. The Tacklife GCS24A from the points above will not make your tasks feel exhausting but enjoyable. It is very compact enabling you to work almost anywhere with comfort. It is very lightweight providing you with a great level of maneuverability which isn’t found on other items on the market. 

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  • 45cm Saw Blade
  • Easy to Use
  • Security System
  • Straight Motor Design
  • OREGON chain

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