TimberPro CS-6150 Petrol Chainsaw Review (62cc, 20")

TimberPro CS-6150 Petrol Chainsaw Review (62cc, 20″)

If you deal with timber and woods, you know the importance of having a reliable chain saw. Nothing is frustrating like when your chainsaw fails during your work as this usually delays your project as you seek to replace or repair your chainsaw. Today we are reviewing TimberPro CS-6150 in an attempt to determine its performance, advantages,and disadvantages in daily use.

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The CS-6150 Setup And Performance

It is a high-quality machine designed for domestic and professional use. It has a powerful 62cc air cooled 2-stroke engine that performs well in cold climate,and this makes it suitable in areas that experience cold season for long periods.The engine is much bigger compared to other chainsaws,and this allows it to perform heavy duty tasks.

On the side of the chainsaw, there is a chain tensioner and a starting mechanism that allows you to start and perform activities easily and comfortably. It is easy to master, and you can watch loads of videos on website guiding you on how to start and keep it running.

It has a fitted automatic oiling system that keeps the chain well lubricated to maintain good health and also reduce downtime when working. The blade is 50cm in length,and this makes it suitable for cutting branches and hedges from trees. Also, it has a full range of accessories such as a toolkit, 2 chains, storage bag, fuel mixing bottles, and a blade guard. These accessories allow you to use the tool maximally.

It has a sturdy structure and design that equates to 7kg weight. It is stable and will serve you for an extended period.  For safety purposes, CS-6150 has a chain brake which activates and stops the chain rotation if there is a kickback when cutting.  There is also a user presence button mounted at the rear handle that keeps you safe if you lost your grip while working. If you need to cut and fell trees with less hassle, this model should be your choice.

Key Features

  • Powerful 62cc 2 stroke petrol engine
  • Fuel tank capacity: 550ml
  • Accessories: Blade guard, fuel mixing bottle, 2 chains, toolkit, and a storage bag
  • Tool kit in the storage case
  • Alloy starting mechanism
  • Assisted starting mechanism
  • Product weight: 7 Kg


  • 2-year warranty
  • It has accessory products such as a bag, chains, and toolkit
  • Excellent performance
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Great value
  • English user manual
  • Automatic chain lubrication


  • Takes time when attaching the chain
  • During the cold weather, the chain saw requires few attempts to start up

Last Words

TimberPro CS-6150 provides quality and efficient services. Also, there is a full range of accessories that allows you to perform all kind of tasks from cutting wood to felling trees. It’s lightweight and has a steady 3.4 horsepower that enables it to perform well especially in cold weather. The automatic lubrication will ensure that your chainsaw is in a good state all the time. Additional, the 2-yearwarranty makes it worth your money. Purchase it for both domestic and professional use.

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CS-6150 Rating


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  • 20" Bar and Chain
  • 62cc Air Cooled 2 Stroke Engine
  • Tool Kit
  • Alloy Starting Mechanism
  • Automatic chain lubrication

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