Bosch EasyDrill 1200

Bosch EasyDrill 1200 12V Cordless Drill Driver Review

If you intend to buy a power drill, the most important factor that should guide your selection the purpose of use – what kind of projects do you handle. Generally, the Bosch drill comes in three broad groups: Easy, Universal, and Advanced. In this article, we will review the Bosch EasyDrill 1200.

As the name suggests, EasyDrill comes in a design and build suitable for light applications like screwing, drilling into wood, very thin metal, plastic, and light masonry. Universal provides more versatile use. Whereas, Advanced drills are for heavy-duty tasks.

What’s the price?

With that said, you may be thinking you should opt for the EasyDrill because you only need a fairly powerful device for light applications in your home or office. However, we advise you don’t decide that just yet. Read our full evaluation of the tool to see if it is best suited for you.

EasyDrill Overview

The EasyDrill 1200 is a small, lightweight device equipped with enough power and outstanding features suitable for tackling light drilling applications. The device’s most standout feature is its simple and thoughtful gun-like design with a weight of only 1kg.This design allows for more flexibility, easy maneuverability, and less stress while carrying out drilling or driving operations. Another standout feature is its intelligent battery control technology – Syneon Chip that optimizes power from a perfect interaction between the battery, motor, and gear.

All of these features along with its blazing 1650rpm no-load motor speed and high-performance planetary gearbox makes this device ideal for simple home use.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Drilling and Driving Performance: this device has a maximum no-load speed of 1650rpm. It features the Bosch Electronic Speed Control System that allows you to accelerate from 0 to max using the trigger switch. This speed along with its maximum torque of 20Nm (although average and unfit for heavy-duty tasks) perfect for simple day-to-day tasks and DIY projects in your home, office, or garden.
  • Power and Precision: As with all Bosch drills, this one features the 2-speed gearbox that lets you select the ideal power and speed for drilling into workpieces of different material and hardness. The first gear (low-speed) provides speeds within 0-450rpm and it is perfect for drilling or driving large diameters into workpieces. Conversely, the second gear (high-speed) can deliver up to 1650rpm suitable for drilling or driving smaller diameters. It is worth mentioning that the Bosch gearbox system is the high-performance planetary gearbox type. So, it guarantees an efficient power transfer, superior lifetime,  and high running smoothness. 

The Bosch EasyDrill 1200 has only 16 torque settings, unlike the 19 on the UniversalDrill. Yet, for its purpose of use, this is not a limitation.

  • Battery and Accessories: Because of its compact design, its designers could only fit a 12V, 1.5 Ah battery to this device. Most competitors boast of 18V or 20V batteries but you do not need to give keen heed to that as Bosch incorporated an intelligent system (Syneon Chip) to this machine to increase its runtime. This chip controls the performance ratio of voltage and current output to the motor per the application demands. Thus, preventing overheating of the device and, in turn, increasing the rune time and lifetime of the tool.

This drill adopts the Lithium-ion technology for power. So, there is no memory effect, no self-discharge of power with this machine.

  • Comfort: The most distinctive feature of this device is its design- it is worth mentioning again. Simple, lightweight, ergonomic construct with rubberized handles for comfort, firm grip, and ease of use. The tool also has a LED flashlight for illuminating workpieces. Lastly, drilling straight can be a daunting task for novices but the tool’s direction indicator eradicates this problem.

Product Specification

Dimension33.8 x 29.1.2 x 9.9cm
Maximum speed1650 RPM
Torque settings16
Included componentsCarry case, 12V Battery, Drill, and charger.
Included BatteryYes (1.5Ah 12V Li-ion battery)


This device has a one-year warranty as well with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Simple, ergonomic, lightweight design
  • Intelligent battery system
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Durable and long-lasting construct


  • Suitable for only light to medium jobs


Bosch EasyDrill 1200 is a lightweight and compact device suitable for light drilling/driving operations. It offers great flexibility and can reach awkward workspaces easily. The performance of this machine in its intended purpose of use is excellent. However, if you are keen on a more versatile product, you can check out our Bosch UniversalImpact 18 review.

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EasyDrill 1200 Rating


Our Rating



  • Syneon Chip
  • Compact design
  • Superior lifetime
  • Battery voltage: 12.0V
  • Max. torque: 20.0Nm

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