Bosch EasyImpact 550

Bosch EasyImpact 550 Hammer Drill Review

Maybe the reason why you haven’t found so much passion in drilling activities is that you are yet to purchase perfect drillers such as Bosch EasyImpact 550 hammer driller. That’s why today, we are going to take a look at this fantastic quarter-inch impact hammer drill.

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It comes with a well-packaged kit, which includes not only the drill, but a nice little pouch, a charger output, and other components. Relatively, I think It’s a much better deal, considering the price. 

Easy To Use

The one thing most people love about this hammering drill is how easy it is to use. Talk about the easiest, and you’ll be brought here. However, this could have only been possible through some factors like how light the drill is in weight, that even a kid who has little to no knowledge about drilling or screw driving can kick start his career with it. Now, the most exciting part about this tool is that, even as light as it is, it houses the most potent drilling/screw driving mechanism. I mean, what more can anyone want out of a hammer drill? Now, let’s take a look at the features.

Ergonomic Design

As stated earlier, the Easyimpact 550 is light in weight and has a sophisticated drilling power. However, it doesn’t just stop there. It has a unique ergonomic design that stands out amongst the rest. In addition to that, due to its SoftGrip feature, handling and controlling a hammer drill could never be more relaxed. And let’s not forget too soon that this tool is a multi-purpose type that can perform both drillings, and screw driving tasks just by toggling switch. Simply amazing. 

As part of its extra functionality, the manufacturers decided to add an auxiliary handle, to help those who may get tired of using a single hard while screw driving or drilling. This helps, mainly when one has carried out chains of drilling jobs all at once.

550W Motor

And maybe I didn’t tell you why the 550 hammer drill has the most persuasive force when it comes to drilling, right? Okay, with the 550-watt motor use to gear up the Easyimpact 550, it is capable of drilling effortlessly through the toughest of walls like concrete, even faster. So yes, that’s why it is the best driller out there.

Lastly, given that its chucks are without a key, it makes it much easier when you want to detach it or fix-up. And with its speed control feature, one can use their fingerprint to stop or reduce the speed, when it’s getting out of control. Now, here is a rundown of everything.


  • Top-Rated power input of 550 W
  • Maximum output power of 370 W
  • A rated torque that measures at 1.2 Nm
  • A stall torque by EN 60745: 11 Nm
  • A load-less speed that ranges from 50 – 3.000 rpm
  • An impact rate of 33.000 bpm
  • A machine weight of 1.5 kg
  • Max drilling diameter in the concrete of 10mm
  • Max drilling diameter in a steel of about 8mm
  • Max drilling diameter in the wood of 25mm


  • It is affordable in price compared to its counterparts.
  • It is effortless to use due to its design.
  • It is easy to control and switch modes from one function to the other (drilling-screw driving).
  • It is multi-purpose
  • It has a reliable drilling/screw driving transmission power.
  • It has an auxiliary chuck, which enhances comfortability when using the tool.


  • The chuck handle is weak and often pulls out by itself after every 5-6 hours of use.
  • Has a lousy quality on/off switch that malfunctions quickly.
  • Generally, its quality is not up to standard as its arts keep loosening by themselves from time to time. It is fairly durable.

So to cap it all, the Bosch Easyimpact 550 is an ideal tool for screw driving and drilling.

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  • 3 Function Modes
  • Low Weight
  • Auxilary Handle
  • 550 Watt Motor
  • Keyless Chuck

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