Bosch Professional GSR 12 V-15 FC

Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC Cordless Drill Driver Set Review

A cordless drill is one of the power tools that are commonly found in construction sites, garages, and repair shops. It is an essential tools which you should have in your arsenal if you are a dedicated DIY, professional contractor, or woodworker. This tool will enable you to effortlessly make holes as well as drive screws into flat, rectangular, and elongated timber. Talking of cordless drills, Bosch has introduced a tool that offers excellent versatility, is extremely compact, and comes with powerful performance – the Bosch Professional GSR 12V-15 FC.

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It comes with features such as an integrated magnetic bit holder, FlexiClick system, and multiple gears. I this review, we will walk you through everything that you need to know about this drill.

Features of the GSR 12V-15

Extremely compact and lightweight:

This tool comes with an extremely short and flexible body measuring only 132 mm. This makes it perfect to handle and fit in those tight spots and hard-to-reach places. The grip also feels very comfortable in your hands and helps you avoid blisters.

Right Angle Attachment:

This is another feature that makes it perfect for those hard to reach places. The right angle adjustment feature enables you to use it in places where you can’t get the drill in an orientation to use in the traditional alignment. It simply attaches to the 12V Max Drill and then transfers the rotation of the unit through a 90-degree gearbox. This in turn allows you to orient the Right Angle Attachment at any orientation.

Offset Angle Attachment:

This is another feature that makes this unit a must-have if you always find yourself working on the edges. In most cases when you are drilling next to a surface, you often realize that you cannot get your drill to complete it as it will hit the adjacent surface. But thanks to the Offset Angle Attachment, you can easily accomplish these kind of tasks with ease. You can be able to move as close as 11mm towards the edge. The adapter features a bit holder and can be adjusted in 16 different positions.

A unique FlexiClick System:

This drill comes with the brand’s unique FlexiClick system that converts the main drill into a 5 tools in one. Bosch came up with this technology to allow a user to attach different attachments. You just pack one tool in your kit but get the ability to put different attachments on them depending on your tasks on the job-site. This is perfect if you are a contractor on the go or a hobbyist who doesn’t want to carry 5 different tools.

Flexible power system:

Have you ever realized that all the Bosch 12V power tools have batteries and chargers that are compatible with those of Bosch 10.8V power tools and vice versa? Well, this tool uses a battery that can be interchanged with that of other tools of the same brand. This comes handy since it means you have an extra battery at hand. The charger is also really quick as it recharges the battery in just an hour.


The GSR 12V-15 comes with more than enough torque to loosen or tighten odd-angle self-tapping screws in wooden furniture. However, it seems to struggle unfastening tightened 8mm bolt in an aluminium engine case. You will also find that the more attachments you add, the more friction there will be. For example, the Offset Angle attachment will experience more friction than the Right Angle attachment and 90-degrees. This is mainly due to the nature of the tool’s internal gearings. However, you should expect to experience less resistance once the adaptors breaks-in after getting a few more hours of usage.


You can use the drill for multiple applications.

It is suitable for very tough drill jobs.

Comes with 2 batteries thus you can still work when 1 of them is empty.


You will need other extra attachments to use it for multiple purposes.

The offset adapter kind of blocks the work light.


Overall, the GSR 12V-15 cordless Combo kit delivers the performance that you expect in the size that you want. It provides the maximum amount of manoeuvrability and enough power for quick jobs and precision work. It comes in at a super lightweight, has a two speed setting, and sizeable LED light for illuminating your working area. The tool’s most important feature is the unique FlexiClick mounting system meant for the four attachments. If you are looking for a good combination of power, flexibility, and comfort, it will provide you with the optimum solution in every work situation.

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  • One-click interface
  • Range of chucks
  • Rotatable chucks
  • Longer lifetime
  • Full flexibility

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