Corded Versus Cordless Drill

Corded Versus Cordless Drill – Which One?

There are two types of drills, the cordless drill, and a corded drill. The cordless drill is the most commonly used by the homeowners, for their home improvements tasks. For the people who are buying the drill for the first time, they will go for cordless drill too. However, the cordless drill or the traditional drill as many would call it is still the most powerful drill and best for heavy-duty tasks. Let’s discuss these two types of drills.

Corded Drill

A corded drill has its wire attached to it, and a plug to connect to the socket for it to start working. The wire is not very long, and it will require you to have an appropriate extension, to allow you to work with it conveniently in the house. You just need a power source, and there is no reason to recharge or carry more batteries, which sometimes could be inconvenient when the batteries die,

Corded drills have a limitation when it comes to working in a place with no power outlet; it only works with electricity and therefore not suitable for a work in a place with no power. They are more powerful compared to the cordless drill, and their speed is very high, except the corded smallest drills, which are extremely large to be used by simple screwdrivers.

Many people prefer using the corded drill because it is light in weight; you can easily carry it around the working area. Different drills come with different wattage and therefore making them adjustable to the task needed. However, with the corded drill, you will have to pay more on your bills, because they consume higher power than the cordless drill but they are ideal for a quick and efficient job.

Cordless Drill

Many people, who deal with heavy-duty work l, will prefer cordless drills to the corded drills. Mainly because the traditional drills are more powerful for complex jobs; additionally with the regular jobs, they have proven to work as the same of many of the corded drills.

The cordless drill is advantageous because they use batteries for them to operate, and therefore you can work with them from anywhere in the house; no need for extension or a messy wire which will limit your working. Although the battery might die while you are working, many of them come with an extra rechargeable battery, which will allow you to continue with your work while the other battery is charging.

 Low powered corded drills are easily portable convenient and flexible, and their screws are very popular; you don’t need to use any special accessories. However, the higher-powered corded drills, are heavier and bulkier since they use more batteries, though their performance is better than that of lesser-powered ones. Many of cordless drills are suitable for simple tasks around the home, and they are cheaper as compared to other specialized drills.

The Bottom Line

The corded drill offers higher speed and power; the cordless drills are on the other hand offers flexibility and are convenient even without power supply.

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