Dewalt DCD796N

Dewalt DCD796N 18v XR Li-Ion Brushless Compact Combi Hammer Review

The Dewalt DCD796N is one of those unique tools on the market that allows you to hammer and drill at the same time. Made from durable materials, this tool is perfect for home DIY projects because of its impressive run time and ability to perform even under strain. 

With plenty of features like 15-position adjustable torque control and intelligent trigger design for total control, this is a must-have tool for a DIY enthusiast. Below is a detailed look at some of this power tool’s key features.

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Key Features Of The DCD796N

  • Brushless Motor Technology – to provide you with excellent efficiency, Dewalt made sure that they equip this power tool with brushless motor technology. You will get outstanding results every time you drill with this tool.
  • Hammer and drill driver – you get two features for the price of one. You can switch simultaneously between drilling and hammering.
  • 15 position adjustable torque control and intelligent trigger – Having this feature means you can screw drive into a variety of materials with ease. You are in full control of what you’re doing thanks to the intelligent trigger design.
  • Ergonomic design – The rubber grip on the power tool provides a very high level of comfort that can’t be found on other tools. 


  • Lightweight and compact – When you consider the power on offer, it is amazing what Dewalt did to make this drill lightweight and compact. It is made from strong materials making it ideal for a large variety of DIY projects at home. Since it doesn’t weigh much, it will not cause any strains on your hands and reduce tiredness. You can access hard to reach areas too since you don’t need to plug it into any power outlet. It is a cordless drill and that makes it easy for you to move around.
  • Powerful – What sets tools that are sold on the market apart from each is the amount of power they can bring to the table. When it comes to raw power, Dewalt DCD796N is up there with some of the best on the market thanks to the brushless motor technology. 
  • Versatile – This powerful tool can handle a large variety of DIY drilling and hammering home projects that you throw in its way. 
  • LED torch and two speed all metal transmission – The LED torch has a low, medium, and high settings which allow you to work in the dark. The two speed all metal transmission offers increased run time and ensure your power tool lasts longer in your possession.
  • Magnet bit holder and steel belt hook – Storage is very important when it comes to power tools and this feature provides you with strong storage solutions. You can hang this tool inside your workshop via the hook it has meaning it won’t take up space on a table or somewhere in a room.
  • Reliable brand – the company has been in the business of making power tools for years and have made a name for themselves for delivering top quality products. With Dewalt DCD796N, you will be getting something that will meet and exceed your needs because it is precise, accurate, and easy to use.


  • Not a massive upgrade from the previous model – This model is not so different from the DCD795 model. If you already own this model, there’s no need to buy this one because the only major improvement you’ll get apart from a few small features is that increase in torque.
  • Uncomfortable grip – Many customers have a problem with the grip saying it is less comfortable than other models.
  • Tight speed selector – The speed selector can get tight at times which can stop from getting the job done quicker.
  • Torch drains battery life – While the feature of the torch is an excellent addition however, it does drain the tool’s battery life.

Final Verdict

Overall the Dewalt DCD796N is a great hammer drill that is 30% more powerful than its predecessor, the DCD795. It has brushless technology, lightweight and very compact making it easy for you to access confined or hard to reach spaces. It is very comfortable thanks to the ergonomic design and the intelligent trigger design ensures you don’t have to worry about losing control when this power tool is in your possession.

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  • Compact
  • Brushless technology
  • Hammer feature
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable torque control

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