HYCHIKA DD-18BC 18V Electric Drill Review

It is common to think that products from unpopular brands aren’t as excellent in performance, build-quality, and more as those from popular manufacturers. After all, if those products were that good, they would be known right? Well, sounds logical but that may not be totally correct. In fact, it is so wrong for the device we would review – the HYCHIKA DD-18BC cordless drill.

Don’t get so excited already. While this machine may come with outstanding features and quality build, it may be unsuitable for your projects. So, carefully read our evaluation of the tool to see if its function and performance are best suited for your home, office, or workshop.

What’s the price?

Product Overview

DD-18BC is a versatile and powerful drill driver ideal for medium-scale applications like drilling holes as well as loosening and fixing screws into wood, metal, and plastics. The device comes with 22 accessories to meet various work needs, an adapter, and a tool wallet.

Although reasonably priced, this tool still possesses the same superior-grade construction, excellent features as well with an ergonomic design like high-end brands like DeWalt. Yet, there are also a few functions on this device lacking on those brands. For example, the 21 + 1 torque setting rather than 19.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Drilling and Driving Performance: The maximum no-load drilling/driving speed of this machine is 1500rpm. So, it is an excellent choice for fast screw driving or drilling. The DD-18BC comes with the two-speed function to further improve the efficiency of its drilling/driving operation and its versatility of use. The variable speed- 0-200rpm and 0-1500rpm as well as the reverse switch allows excellent control of the drilling/driving process and fitting into a widerange of applications.

Although not as powerful as the DeWalt DCD776C1, this drill driver has a maximum torque of 35Nm. However, this driving force is higher than most products within its price range and it’s fit for medium applications.

  • Precision: This device stands out on this function more than most devices within its price range and even above it. Specifically, the drill has 21 different torque settings and drilling functions. This feature improves its versatility of use as well as its ability to provide a precise and professional finish on your projects.
  • Battery and Accessories: this cordless machine uses an 18V, 1500mAh Li-on battery to run its operation. This battery type and rating are somewhat of the most common one you see on a top-quality drill. Yet, its designers made an improvement on its charger that lets it fast charge to full battery capacity in less than one hour rather than the 3 to 5 hours on many competitors. Supplied with the tool is 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm flat drills, 6pcs of twist drills, 5pcs of sockets 6pcs of screwdriver bits, a tool wallet, and an adapter.
  • Build Quality and Comfort: the build-qualityof this drill isn’t inferior to that found on high-end tools. So, its durability, shock-absorbing ability, and long-lasting capacity are unquestionable. First, there is a non-slip handle with a rubber construct that is pleasant to touch, effective to grip, and vibration absorbent. The switch of the machine has a LED light that allows you to perform screwing/ drilling tasks in a dark environment. Finally, the device belt clip is easy to wear and there is a carry case supplied with the machine that lets you store and move the tool and accessories easily.

Product specification

Dimension30 x 23.6 x 9.6cm
Maximum speed1500 RPM
Torque settings21
Included componentsCarry case, 18V Battery, Belt Buckle, Tool Wallet, Drill, and Fast Charger.
Included BatteryYes (1.5Ah 18V Li-ion battery)


This device has a two-year warranty as well with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Excellent overall performance
  • Top-quality construction
  • 21 different torque settings
  • Ergonomic-design
  • Excellent value for its price
  • Forward and reverse button
  • Affordable
  • Self-locking clutch and two gear speeds
  • Fast charging (battery gets to full charge within an hour)


  • Not powerful enough for more intense use like drilling into concrete


Undoubtedly, HYCHIKA DD-18BC cordless drill is a top-quality tool with excellent overall performance, quality build, and outstanding features. It is affordable and from a seemingly unpopular brand but performance compared to expensive products from popular brands is the same. So, if you are more focused on the device capabilities than the name, the device will be a superb addition to your toolkit for medium scale drilling and driving operations.

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  • 18V 1500mAh Lithium Battery

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  1. Just bought one or these, the problem is to locate where to buy a spare battery. So the warranty may be difficult to resolve. All in all the drill is robust well made.

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