Makita DHP484Z

Makita DHP484Z 18V Li-ion 54Nm Brushless Combi Drill Review

Combi-drills, also called hammer drills are taking the powertool industry by the storm. Its all-purpose design (drilling, driving, and drilling with hammering action) makes it a more cost-effective and space-saving option rather than buying and carrying separate drills for different applications. In this article, we will review the Makita DHP484Z combi-drill.

What’s the price?

Is this product a top-performing device? What are the device’s shortcomings? How good is its construction? How does it compare to other brands? Does it last long? At the end f this review, you should have a definite answer to those questions. Even so, you’d be very certain if the product is your best option or you should consider another.

Product Overview

Makita has a reputation for powerful, top-performing products in the market and this device carries the manufacturer’s DNA. Makita DHP484Zis a very powerful and extremely versatile machine that allows you to handle medium scale to heavy-duty drilling, driving, and hammering onwood, plastics, metal, and masonry. The tool’s most outstanding feature is its 52Nm maximum available torque- even higher than products from top brands like DeWalt within the same price range. This torque along with its brushless motor technology, electric brake system, and other outstanding functions makes this device a robust and highly efficient tool to add to your tool kit.

Some Unique Features Of The DHP484Z

Drilling and Driving Performance: this combi-drill has a maximum no-load speed of 2000 rpm. It features two mechanical gear system with a variable speed option of 0-500rpm on the low gear and 0-2000rpm on the higher gear. This speed and control make it suitable for fast and low diameter drilling and driving applications as well as intense, larger diameter drilling in wood, steel, or plastics. Put more precisely, the device allows drilling 13mm in steel, 13mm in masonry, and 38mm in wood.

Being a combi-drill, Makita DHP484Z also allows for drilling with hammering action. Delivering 0-7500bpm on low setting and a staggering 0-30000bpm on high setting. Well, in a general sense, this may seem low and unfit for heavy-duty hammering but for its class (cordless), the device is powerful.

Precision: Speed, torque, power, and more. All of those Jules Verne goodness will be worth a devalued franc if its operation can’t give a precise professional finish on your project. So, to account for that, the appliance features 21 different torque selection setting to improve its versatility and the finishing on your workpiece.

Build Quality and Design: Makita products are trusted for their superior-grade construct and this machine doesn’t fall any short of that. It comes in an aluminum gear housing and all-metal gear housing. So, its ability to last-long upon intense and frequent use is certain. More so, the device comes with a rubberized handle. This option is quite important because hammer drills operate at high speeds, high torque, and powerful impacts; hence, they vibrate while running. Those vibrations in-turn can cause fatigue as well as other health risks. To remove such risks and provide a firm and comfortable grip, this tool comes coated with ergonomic, soft-grip handles.

Brushless Motor: Makita brushless motor is 50% more efficient than a comparative model. In other words, they have fewer moving parts- no friction: improved durability, higher torque per weight, and less maintenance cost. With more torque and the intuitive technology that optimizes battery usage to operation, the motor’s efficiency, and lifespan increases.

Product specification

Dimension23 x 22.5 x 9cm
Maximum speed2000 RPM
Torque settings21
Included componentsCarry case, Belt Clip, Drill, and Charger.
Included BatteryNo


This product has a 3-year manufacturer warranty when registered within 30 days of purchase.


  • Brushless motor
  • Powerful 54Nm maximum torque
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Aluminum Gear housing
  • Excellent overall performance
  • All-metal gear construction
  • LED job light
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • 22 minutes charge time
  • Compatible with all 18V LXT Li-ion Makita batteries


  • Battery not included


We can easily say that the Makita DHP484Z combi-drill is an outstanding device suitable for medium scale drilling, driving, and impact drilling operation. It features an excellent build-quality, long-lasting, and robust brushless motor and can deliver high torque of 54Nm and a staggering 30000ipm of impact. Although the device is not supplied with a battery, you can easily purchase any LXT Li-on battery online and it will fit perfectly. 

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  • Electric brake
  • Aluminium Gear Housing
  • Up to 2.000rpm / 30.000bpm
  • 2 speed motor
  • Forward/reverse rotation

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