Makita DTD154Z

Makita DTD154Z Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver Review

The impact drill is one of the few power tools that we can’t seem to get enough of. These tools provide increased driving power to nuts, bolts, and drive screws. If you are a professional looking for an impact driver that is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors in very harsh environments then you should have a look at the Makita DTD154Z.

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Manufactured by Makita, one of the foremost power tool manufacturers, it is designed for fast tightening and removal of fasteners. It is ideal for a wide range of applications ranging from driving decking screws to fitting door hinges. In this article, we will take a look at some of the features that make the DTD154Z a top performer.

DTD154Z Features:

3600rpm High-Speed Rotation

It comes with a no-load speed of about 3600rpm which is powered by an 18V Li-ion battery. It also delivers a total of electronic 3-stage impact power selection – High, Medium and Low. This not only makes it able to handle almost every task around the household and workshop but also give you longer service.

Efficient BL Brushless Motor

This type of motor eliminates carbon brushes which in turn enables it to run cooler and more efficiently. This also optimizes its battery energy consumption by up to 50 percent longer run-time per charge. The brushless motor is also maintenance-free for increased life.

Compact And Lightweight

The DTD154 comes in a very compact and lightweight design with a weight of just 1.5kg. The design makes it easy to transport around the worksite without compromising on power. This in addition to enhanced dust performance makes it capable of operating efficiently even in very harsh environments. So if you are looking for a tool for tough outdoor applications then this will be a better option.

T-mode For Self-Drilling Screw

The T-Mode is a very special mode that is designed to provide fast tightening of any kind of self-driving screws without the fear of damaging the screw or your workpiece. This feature automatically downshifts and reduces rotation as well as the impact speed before driving the screw into place. So you can expect minimized screw thread stripping and breaking, and almost zero damaged workpieces when working with it.

Twin LED Job Lights

The Makita DTD154Z also features twin LED Job lights with pre-glow as well as afterglow functions. The lights work with a pre-glow and subsequently a 10-seconds afterglow dimming function. The lights illuminate more widely and maintain brightness for longer compared to those tools with a single LED Job light.


With this impact driver, you can handle almost every task around your home or workplace. With the 3,600rpm high rotational speed, you get up to 3800ipm which will save you both time and effort when driving screws. This high power ie enough to take on any kind of task thrown at it especially the standard drilling for all types of screws and screw driving. In fact, the tool has been proved to drive screws up to 30 percent faster compared to a conventional drill/driver. The airflow also does tend to get hot even when there is no load. This makes Makita’s superior cooling efficiency claim to be reasonably accurate.


Saves you a lot of time during pre-drilling, driving long screws, and when working with hardwood.

It features dual LED lights with very warm and nice colors to work around.

It is shorter and much lighter when compared to a regular drill.

Very durable and able to withstand constant use.

Feels well balanced on your hands and not overly heavy.


It’s a luxury since a drill can still do its job. Exceptions are when the task gets tougher.

It is very powerful thus quite harder to control power.

It starts getting loud when the impact kicks in when needed.


Overall, the Makita DTD154Z is a stunning incredibly and compact professional tool made with very high standards. Compared to an impact drill-driver, this power tool is much more specialized as it’s designed primarily to drive screws or bolts. While you can often get away with using a drill-driver for doing some lighter applications, if part of your job requires you to drive self-tapping screws into concrete or nuts and bolts into metal then nothing beats this impact driver.

It features a one-touch bit installation, variable speed control, and a 3,600rpm rotational speed which is the optimum for tightening those self-drilling screws even faster. While there may be some minor drawbacks, in general, it is a powerful and compact impact drill that suits any line of work.

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  • Electric brake
  • LED job light
  • Variable speed control
  • T-mode
  • One touch sliding chuck

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