Terratek FUT18V01-3

Terratek FUT18V01-3 13Pc Cordless Drill Driver Review

Finding a good drill can be challenging, especially if you want a tool that has good value for money. While that might not always be the case, the Terratek FUT18V01-3 defies the odds and offers you one amazing tool at a very affordable price point. Is this drill combo a good investment? Will it be a useful addition to your arsenal? Let’s find that out in this review.

What’s the price?

FUT18V01-3 Overview

This Terratek FUT18V01-3 comes with decent power. Along with a no-load speed that can easily handle your drilling projects at home. Being a cordless drill driver, this fella comes with a battery that should be powerful enough to handle your drilling projects. The features onboard don’t only enhance the performance of the drill but also betters the user experience.

Features and Functions

  • Power

The drill driver is powered by a powerful 20V battery, which allows you to work around your projects around the house. The Lithium-Ion battery has enough power for handling any drilling work. This battery also is designed to eliminate memory effect or self-discharge. The best part is that this battery is meant to be ready for use.

  • Speed

One of the things anyone would look for in a drill driver is the speed of the machine. The drill offers a no-load of 650RPM, which is above most cordless drills out there. Thankfully, this speed offers both forward and reverse levers. These levers allow you to drill between driving screws and withdrawing them with ease.

Best of it all, there is a trigger that allows you to control the speed level to match your drilling needs. 

  • Torque and Flexibility

The speed is not the only aspect that can be controlled on this drill. The FUT18V01-3 also allows you to control the torque. There are 16 torque settings on the machine, which lets you choose the one that suits the material you are working on. In other words, this drill driver can work through plastic, wood, metal, or any other material.

  • Ergonomics

When shopping for any power tool, you will need to go beyond the specs and performance features. The ergonomics of the power tool is equally important as the features. Luckily, this unit comes with an amazing ergonomic design. The molded handle is meant to reduce slippage when working with it, and the speed trigger is conveniently placed for easy access. The soft grip enhances its user experience too.

  • Drilling Capacity

You also get a 0.8 – 10mm keyless chuck, and the drill driver is meant to work decently. It offers you a maximum drilling capacity of 20mm for materials like wood. But when drilling through steel, this unit offers a max drilling capacity of 8mm. 

  • Battery 

We already mentioned that this power tool comes with a 20V battery pack that offers enough power for drilling projects. The battery on this one can go for under 60 minutes, but that can reduce if you choose the high-speed setting. Unfortunately, it would take three to five hours to recharge the battery fully. That doesn’t sound very reliable if you have an urgent project.

  • LED Light/Accessories

If you are drilling screws inside a cabinet that is low-lit, this drill driver would help you have an easy time working with it. There is a bright LED light on board that will illuminate your working area to ensure you work with excellence even in the low-lit areas.

You also get 13 pieces of drilling accessories that are meant to enhance your experience when working on any material. Keep in mind that there is a forward/reverse switch that allows you to choose how the drill moves. This way, you can either drive in or withdraw screws from the wood, plastic, or metal.


  • Lightweight design
  • LED light onboard
  • User-friendly ergonomics with a soft grip
  • Decent drilling capacity
  • Conveniently-placed trigger switch
  • Features 13 pieces of drill bits


  • Not ideal for high-demanding projects


If you want a drill driver for those DIY projects at home, Terratek FUT18V01-3 would be a good pick for you. It comes with decent features that let you achieve the best when drilling screws in any material. There is an LED light for illuminated dark workspaces, and the ergonomics and trigger placement makes it user-friendly. The price is friendly too.

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  • 650 RPM

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