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Best 230mm Angle Grinder UK Reviews

The UK market is filled with so many power tools and an angle grinder is one of them. It is a very popular tool among metal workers, professionals, and welders because it can be used for so many tasks. While you can get plenty of work done with this tool, it is also one of the most dangerous.

You have to be careful when you have this tool in your hands because it is number two on the list of power tools that cause the most injuries in the UK. If you are less experienced, it is advised not to use this tool until you’re 100% certain you can use it safely. Below are the 7 best 230mm angle grinders you can buy.

230mm Angle Grinders: Our Top 7

Makita GA9020S9.6Check
Einhell TE-AG 230/20009.1Check
Silverstorm 9518559.0Check
Bosch GWS 11-1259.0Check
VonHaus 230mm9.0Check
Dewalt DWE492K8.8Check
Makita DGA900Z BL LXT8.8Check

Detailed Reviews

1. Makita GA9020S

Makita GA9020S

This great tool has a speed of 6600 RPM thanks to a powerful 2000 watt motor it is equipped with. For amazingly smooth rotation: and effective energy transfer, Makita equipped this 230mm angle grinder with machine bevel gears. To stop any debris from damaging the motor, the manufacturers went with a labyrinth construction which makes the tool last longer.

When you start up certain power tools, they will shake or vibrate but this 230mm grinder is different. It has smooth start-ups and three adjustable positions making it one of the most convenient tools on this list. Lastly, you can connect this tool to a dust extraction system to keep your workstation clean and tidy.


  • The labyrinth construction provided longevity and greater heat resistance to the motor
  • You will have a cleaner work station since you can connect this tool to a dust extraction system
  • With a low to the mid-price range, many people see this product as a bargain and put it high on their list. It has a very solid build, comfortable, powerful, and extremely versatile. It can handle a multitude of jobs at home or job sites.
  • This is a very powerful tool that delivers a speed of 6600 RPM.


  • When people first buy this grinder and begin using it, they are surprised by its weight. It is a very bulky tool that can be difficult for beginners to use for a long period.

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2. Einhell TE-AG 230/2000

Einhell TE-AG 230/2000

Not only is this 230mm grinder very powerful, but it is also very robust and is capable of handling different types of jobs thanks to the 2000 watt motor. German companies are known for their efficiency and that’s exactly what you get with this tool.

It is very affordable when compared to other grinders on the UK market and it performs to a very high level. Beginners will be happy to know that it has a comfortable startup. Furthermore, the 3 positional front handle allows you to hold the tool in multiple different ways and still produce good results and it has a three-meter long cable. 

This 230mm angle grinder can be used at workshops, gardens, garages, job sites, and around the house. You can use it for roughing, sharpening, and grinding plus its robust design makes it a very durable tool. With a speed of 6500 RPM, you should easily perform all the tasks mentioned above.


  • This 230mm angle grinder will make light work of any material it touches and you’ll not be disappointed with its power. Despite the low price you pay, this tool acts as a high-end model in terms of its level of performance.
  • A very comfortable tool to use for an extended period because of its ergonomic designs. This means you don’t have to worry too much about tiredness or strain on your hands
  • Excellent cutting capabilities because it can accept discs up to a diameter of 230mm
  • You get unlimited power thanks to the 3m long cable it has
  • It doesn’t vibrate a lot allowing you to be more accurate while you’re working


  • It doesn’t come with any disc and you need to purchase those separately in your local store or online.
  • Just like the tool above, this one is also very heavy and one has to be careful when using it because they can hurt themselves
  • One can trip and fall if they are reckless around the cable

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3. Silverstorm 951855

Silverstorm 951855

Before purchasing a power tool, many people look at the power to weight ratio. This 230mm angle grinder gets the balance just right in both departments because it is easy to use and you can work for hours without feeling tired. The 2400 watt motor lets you grind through materials like metal as well as cut pavers, tiles, and stucco.

You can also use it to polish the edges and surfaces of materials to breathe new life into them. Many tools jump or shake when they are started but this grinder has a very soft start motor eliminating this problem. You will always be in control and steady with this tool in your possession.


  • Offer you a speed of 6000 RPM to power through tasks quickly
  • Very comfortable thanks to the soft grip which reduces fatigue
  • You will go a long way to find a product that has the features this one has at a low cost.
  • The main handle can be easily rotated for better handling and control
  • One of the most affordable tools of its kind you can buy on the UK market
  • You don’t have to worry about charging this tool since it isn’t battery powered


  • You have to be super careful working around the power cables as injuries can happen

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4. Bosch Professional GWS 11-125

Bosch GWS 11-125

This 230mm angle grinder has everything a DIYer or professional can ever ask for in a power tool. Everything for safety, performance, and design are all here with this tool. What drives this tool is the 1100W motor it has, which massively reduces the time you work on tasks.

For extra durability, it has carbon brushes which help it maintain a high level of performance, some of the safety features you get with this tool include an adjustable anti-rotation protective guard, an ergonomic design, and restart protection.

You don’t have to worry whether you are left or right-handed because the handle can be fixed to your liking. What you get here is a tool that’s very reliable, hardworking, and will give you years of services as long as you look after it.


  • Has a powerful 1100W motor to hear you complete tasks quickly
  • Very durable and safe to use for long periods without worrying about potential injuries
  • It’s compact size also makes it easy to store when not in use and allows you to travel with it from one job site to another by putting it in the back of your car or truck
  • Has a handle that can be rotated to suit someone who is either left or right-handed


  • Some customers say that they have had some issues with the response time of the trigger.

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5. VonHaus Angle Grinder 9 Inch

VonHaus 230mm

This 230mm angle grinder is perfect for heavy-duty cutting because of the way it was built. First off, It is very easy to adjust it, thanks to the quick-release guard. The blades can be changed and adjusted quickly without disrupting proceedings.

Jobs that appear awkward at the beginning are made easy with this 230mm grinder, plus the anti-vibration handle is a lovely addition to what is a fantastic tool. It makes the tool extremely comfortable to use and handle.

The ergonomic design VonHaus went for allows you to make cuts at different angles for a long period without feeling tired. Even though it is very slim, it offers you a speed of 6500RPM and boosts a power 2200 watt motor. You will easily power through any tasks you might have at work or home.


  • Very easy tool to adjust and change blades thanks to the quick-release guard it’s equipped with
  • Has an amazing anti-vibration handle for control, accuracy, and precision. You will produce your best work with this tool in your hands even if you don’t have a lot of experience with power tools.
  • Has an ergonomic design allowing you to use it for a very long time, plus the rotating handles make it easy for you to make cuts in different directions.
  • This incredible product is equipped with a powerful motor that gives you amazing speed. It is a popular choice for many people across the UK because it can cut through a variety of materials with ease.


  • The 3m cord does need some getting used to because it can cause trips and fall if one isn’t careful
  • The tool doesn’t have overload protection like some of the grinders on this list

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6. Dewalt DWE492K

Dewalt DWE492K

The DWE494K’s robust build gives it a massive advantage over other larger tools because it can withstand harsh working conditions. It has a spindle lock which makes it easy for you to change blades.

The two-position side handle makes it user friendly and whether you are left or right-handed, you should have no problems working with this 230mm angle grinder. For increased durability, Dewalt equipped this grinder with an abrasion protected motor. To ensure you’re comfortable and in control, this tool was fitted with a rubber grip.


  • Perfect for people who are both left and right-handed
  • Has a robust design which allows you to make on heavy-duty tasks
  • Offer you an amazing 2200 watt to complete your tasks with ease


  • The price of this tool is very high for most people
  • It can be a very difficult tool to complete tasks with since it’s very heavy and this can cause fatigue

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7. Makita DGA900Z

Makita DGA900Z

Last on the list is the DGA900Z 230mm angle grinder and this tool needs two 18V lithium-ion LXT slide batteries to be used. Unfortunately, these batteries don’t come with the tool and need to be purchased separately however, once you do buy them, they supply power to the 36V brushless motor on the tool.

This gives you a speed of 6000 RPM which is more than enough to deal with almost any material you throw its way. This 230mm grinder also has a battery indicator which lets you know how much battery life you have left before the tool needs to be changed. It also features what is known as Automatic Torque Drive Technology and Active Feedback Sensing Technology.

You can change the cutting speed depending on the load condition and as well as stay protected from harm when the tool’s rotation speed slows down thanks to both the features mentioned above. You can install the grip handle either to the left or right-hand side depending on your preference. There is also a guard that protects the battery from damage prolonging its longevity.


  • A very comfortable tool to hold in your hands’ thanks to the ergonomic design which reduces tiredness or fatigue
  • Has an electric brake and an anti restart function which stops the tool from accidentally starting up keeping you extra safe from injuries
  • Has battery indicator which prevents problems such as overheating and over-discharge
  • An amazing adjustable handle to suit people who are both left or right-handed
  • Equipped with a brushless motor which is powerful and also extends the lifespan of the tool
  • Automatic Torque Drive Technology and Active Feedback Sensing Technology.


  • The price it is sold on the UK market can be an issue for those with not a lot of money to spend because they will see this tool as something way out of their price range.
  • You need to buy batteries and other accessories separately as they are not provided upon purchase.

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Final Thoughts

From the products above, it is clear to see that grinders are one of the most powerful tools you can add to your arsenal. They bring so many features and advantages to the table to make sure your tasks are done quickly and safely at home or job sites.

The 7 above are amongst the most sought after by DIYers and professionals in the UK. If you are looking for high-end 230mm angle grinder that offer quality, Makita, Bosch, and Dewalt are the three names you should be looking out for the most. Silverstorm and VouHaus on the other hand are for those looking for a budget-friendly with some features found on high-end models.

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