Black+Decker BEG010A5-GB

Black+Decker BEG010A5-GB 710W Grinder Review

Purpose-of-use is the most determining factor for selecting any power tool. That is because all powertool brands manufacture their devices for the specific intent of use like light home use or heavy-duty commercial grade use. In this article, we will review a corded grinder designed for heavy-duty use- the Black+Decker BEG010A5-GB.

Black+Decker is a top manufacturer and a leader in the powertool industry. Generally, her products come in relatively affordable prices but with rugged designs and construct for very daunting tasks. So, if you’re considering thismachine, you may not be so far from your ideal grinder.

What’s the price?

Still, to be very precise in your purchase decision, this review will expose the unique features, exact overall performance, limitations and more of this machine. We will also show you how these factors fare with competitive products within this device’s price range.

Product Overview

BEG010A5-GB is a powerful angle grinder designed for cutting metal pipes, ceramic floor tiles and stone slabs. The device can also be used for rust, paint and excess weld removal. This Black+Decker machine comes with a compact size that accounts for better grip and manoeuvrability in confined spaces. It also features other excellent options that make its performance top-notch, guarantee maximum user-safetyas well as its durability. Yet, one of its most standout features is its powerful motor that delivers staggering rotations per minute for precise cuts. The best part? The tool comes at a very affordable price.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Powerful Motor: Simply put, your power tool is only as good as its drive system. Machines with robust motors that deliver high speed will provide cleaner cuts than others with low speed. Yet speed and torque are somewhat inverse. With lower speed and high torque, you can perform more daunting cutting and raking.

The BEG010A5-GB comes with a 710W rated motor that provides rotational speeds of up to a mouth-watering 12,000RPM. This speed along with its small size affords it better handling for making precise cuts even in a confined area.

  • Construct: Yes, no device will last forever, but with specific improvements on the construction materials, better design, and more, the lifespan of these machines can be significantly increased. Grinders run at very high speeds and produce heat while doing so. If this heat isn’t dissipated quickly, it may burn its internal components or significantly diminish its lifespan.

So, this tool comes with a metal gear case for quick and optimum dissipation of heat and sturdiness. Thus, ensuring extreme durability and longevity.

  • Soft Start Function: This option lets the Black+Decker device start at low speeds when switched on and gradually increase its speed over time. Its purpose is to eradicate jerking on start-up caused by a high power surge and to eliminate that high power surge that may damage its components as well.
  • Lock-on Switch: Inconsistent speed will mar the finish on your workpiece and the precision of your cuts. So, this machine comes with a lock-on feature that lets allows it delivers a constant speed when the button is activated rather than frequently pressing activating and deactivating the power switch.
  • No Volt Release Switch: This is a safety feature that prevents the unit from starting even if it is plugged in and switched on. The function comes very handily to prevent accidental switching of the machine.

Product specification

Dimension13 x 36 x 14 cm
Disc Size115mm
Machine’s Weight1.7kg
Maximum speed12000rpm
Included Component4 Metal Cutting Disc, 1 Stone Cutting Disc, Cutting Guard, and Grinding Guard.


This machine has a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Spindle Lock feature for quick, easy and tool-free change of disc
  • It comes with five cutting discs
  • 2-position side handle for more control and safety
  • High-quality construction with long-lasting abilities
  • Excellent handling


  • No secondary handle
  • No tool-free adjustable guard
  • No speed preselection mechanism

Recommendation and Purchase Option

All in all, the BEG010A5-GB angle grinder provides an excellent value for its price. With its powerful motor and high-speed, you will always get a precise and brilliant finish on your cuts.

The machine may not come with a secondary handle, but its overall handling isn’t compromised. It also does not come with a tool-free adjustable guard, nor does it let you adjust its speed. Still, we rate it highly, and it gets our full recommendation if you want power and not necessarily much control of it.

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  • Spindle lock
  • Soft start
  • Easy bit change
  • 2 position side handle
  • 115mm disc size

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