Dewalt DCG405N

Dewalt DCG405N 18V XR Brushless 125mm Angle Grinder Review

There is hardly a review on the best grinders in the market without the DeWalt DCG405N on the list. Moreover, many customers made positive complains that the machine offers more value than what many adverts state. 

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To be precise, the product comes with features and a high-quality build that justifies its price. From its motor down to its disc and safety features shimmers the unique, superior quality of the DeWalt Product Company. 

The DCG405N Features

  • 18V Air-cooled Brushless Motor: The Dewalt DCG405N grinder comes with the best motor kind available in the market- brushless, air-cooled type. Brushless motors are more superior to brushed motors. That is because they have lesser moving parts and, therefore, less prone to wear and tear. Also, they smarter, i.e., they can communicate with their batteries to optimize the overall performance of the machine.

Even more, the brushless motor of this product is also air-cooled. For that reason, it is lightweight, easy to maintain, and of less complexity.

In summary, because of this motor type, you can have 40 percent more efficient and ten times longer use than is available with brushed counterparts.

  • Cordless: An 18V XR Li-ion battery powers this appliance. However, the best part is that if you already have a DeWalt tool with the same voltage rating, you can buy a cheap bare unit. Then, share the battery and charger between both devices. 
  • Safety features: The DCG405N comes with many options that guarantee full protection if users follow safety practices. For a start, the appliance comes with an E-clutch to reduce kick-back effects if there is a stall or pinch, cuts, and wheel bursts. Also, the device provides an electronic brake system that stops the wheel two seconds after the trigger. Lastly, a mash cover restricts dust from being sucked into the motor when in use.
  • 125mm Disc Diameter and 9000rpm No-Load speed: This disc size allows efficient cutting, sanding, wire brushing, and grinding operation. A 38mm maximum cutting depth only mars this extreme versatility.
  • Ergonomic handling: Alongside its slim body and lightweight, this grinder features a rubber over-mould body that enables a firm a comfortable grip on the handle. It also allows a two-position side handle for better balance, control, and comfort.  

Other Features

  • Overload protection: This feature automatically reduces the power supply to the motor if there is a current overload. Also, if there is a continuous overload, the machine will shut down. However, after this option triggers, you will need to release and depress the switch to restart the appliance.
  • Soft start option: the soft startmakes the machine start at a low speed, then it builds up this speed over time. Thus, eradicating the initial jerking that should occur when the grinder starts. This feature is particularly useful when your work area is small. 
  • Two touch guard for fast and easy keyless adjustment
  • Compact gear case for increased access to tight spaces.
  • Built-in slide switch for less user fatigue. 
  • Integrated no-volt release offers protection against accidental startups after installing a new battery.

Product Warranty

This grinder comes with a 3-year non-transferable warranty. It also has a 1-year guarantee on its design.

Product Use And Maintenance

Although the Dewalt DCG405N comes with an outstanding warranty and high-quality parts, the lifespan is also a factor of its maintenance and use. Below are a few tips on how to take care of your grinder.

  • Do not use this machine for polishing operations
  • The grinding surface of the center depressed wheel should mount below the plane of the guard lip.
  • Do not lay down the tool until its accessory completely halts
  • Never power the machine while carrying it on side handle only
  • Do not jam the cutting wheel nor apply excess pressure in an attempt to make a deeper cut depth
  • Store the appliance in a cool, dry place.


  • Excellent value for its price
  • Highly durable
  • Superb overall performance
  • High-quality construct
  • Excellent handling
  • Numerous safety features


  • Not suitable for polishing
  • Relatively small cut depth


All in all, DeWalt DCG405N is an outstanding tool. Its high ratings on various reviews and different retail site speaks of its high performance and excellent durability. However, the machine is not suitable for polishing and has a medium cutting depth. 

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  • Constant clutch
  • Keyless handle
  • Compact gear case
  • Capable of x69 cuts
  • Improved performance

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