DeWalt DCG412N-XJ

DeWalt DCG412N-XJ 18V XR Lithium-Ion Grinder Review

If you’re looking for a grinder with a lock-off switch to improve your safety when working with it, or a highly responsive type, then I think all you need is a DeWalt DCG412N-XJ grinder. And if you haven’t heard of this grinder before, sit down, relax, as we’ll be discussing more this impressive machine.

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The DeWalt DCG412N-XJ is an 18-volt cordless angle grinder that works on the XR platform of batteries. Meaning, any Dewalt XR 18-volt battery will work correctly in this machine. Personally, it is one of the best cordless angle grinders that I have ever used because it is so powerful.

The device has a very comfortable trigger, which, of course, can be locked off. Its side handle can be easily moved from one side of the machine to the other so that in case you want to change the device from left to right-handed use, and vice versa, you can do so at ease.

Another advantage this grinder has is that it comes with an all-metal gear, which was designed to enable work even in the smallest of spaces. The grinder can take up to 125-millimeter discs or a five-inch sized material. In other words, other than the regular 115-millimeter disks, you can afford to use those up to 12mm.  

It has a spindle lock that, when you press it in, allows you to change the disc very quickly. The grinder is very ergonomic, and it is very comfortable to use. Also, even though the batteries are often durable, causing it to last long, Dewalt often makes it a tradition of including extra batteries when you purchase a separate battery from them. However, if you want to buy your own different Dewalt XR battery, have it at the back of your mind that the larger the AMP hour, the longer the grinder will last.

And still in terms of flexibility, if you want to change the position of the guide on this grinder, all you have to do is flick up its lever, move the guide to where you want it, and then press the lever back down. 

Given that it is a versatile machine, it can be used in grinding, cutting things like stainless steels, flapping off burs with a flap disk, and so on. In addition to the firm grip that it offers and the quality finishing you’ll obtain when using it, the DeWalt DCG412N-XJ is a fantastic machine. 


An all-metal gear

A lock-off switch

A keyless guard

Two-position side handle

Keyless protective guard

Blade wrench

One lithium 18volt ion battery and charger sold separately


  • It has steel cut spiral bevel gears which provide the highest degree of low vibration and durability. And as we all know, low vibration equals steadiness, which often leads to an increase in the user’s productivity.
  • It has a low profile jam pot gear case that helps in enhancing the gear’s durability and ergonomics.
  • It has a fan-cooled motor that produces up to 7000 rotations every minute.
  • It comes with an intelligent trigger and a lock-off switch, which promotes work safety & a full control experience.
  • It is designed with a keyless guard which enhances application versatility.
  • It has a double position side handle, which provides for greater comfort and control to the user.
  • It embodies an easy change of wheel release, which makes the process less stressful.


  • With its little torque, sometimes, you can’t get simple jobs done properly.
  • The switch unit is flimsy and of low quality.
  • It is heavy and unbalanced when using it.
  • The gearbox case is too bulky.


In summary, if you’re not after the weight of a grinder or the size of its torque, then you might want to purchase the DeWalt DCG412N-XJ for yourself because, with its flexibility, all-metal gear, intelligent triggers, and a motor cooler that makes up to 7000 rotations in a single minute, there is nothing more one could ask for in an ideal grinder. So, make your choice and get back to us on your experience of using this highly powerful grinder. Cheers!

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  • Two position side handle
  • Lock-off switch
  • Keyless guard
  • Intelligent trigger
  • Low profile jam

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