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Greenworks GD24SAG Cordless Angle Grinder Review

The Greenworks GD24SAG is a grinder that allows you to process a large variety of materials effortlessly. The motor is battery operated meaning you don’t have to worry about sockets. You can use this tool anywhere as long as you have enough space to work. Your movements will not be restricted and the best part is the battery it uses is environmentally friendly. Plenty of people are very worried about how fuel-powered tools, for example, harm the environment and it is great to see companies like Greenworks make their products non-hazardous. Below are the key features of this tool

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The GD24SAG Key Features

  • Compatible battery – Even though the 24V battery it needs has to be bought separately since it doesn’t come with the tool, it is known to have 20% more capacity when compared to others on the market which are 18V and 20V. The good news is this battery is comparable with other 24V Greenwork tools you might own and don’t need to buy a new one saving you a fortune.
  • Impressive handle – Greenworks GD24SAG is very easy to use because it has a comfortable handle which comes in handy when working in different situations. The ergonomic design the manufacturers went for allows you to use this tool for hours without it straining your hand or feeling tired.
  • Powerful and high level of performance – The motor can deliver 10,500 RPM which is reasonably powerful and has a 125 mm disc diameter as well as a cutting depth of 28mm. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications for both DIYers and professionals. 


  • Lightweight – At 1.5kgs, it is one of the lightest tools you can use on your projects. Even with gloves on, this tool is very comfortable and eliminates fatigue. You can work for longer and get things done quicker.
  • Top-performing batteries – The 24V battery has a longer run time when compared to 18V and 20V batteries. With little maintenance needed, you don’t have to worry about sparks and spills associated with plugs and oil respectively.
  • Efficient tool – Greenworks GD24SAG is one of the most efficient tools on the market because it gives you great power without polluting the environment, making noise, vibrating, or producing a smell. You will go a long way to find a grinder that can do this as well as this one.
  • Ready to use and portable – The dimensions of this tool make it easy for you to store it in your garage or storage room. On top of that, even if you haven’t used this tool for a very long time, it is always ready to use immediately. There are no complicated setups or extra tools needed to put it together which makes this tool very convenient for all types of users.
  • Much safer – If you have so many wires on your workstation, they can get tangled up which can cause trips and falls. Battery-powered tools like this one mean you worry less about tripping or falling because your workstation is much safer and you have the freedom to move with ease. This is because you’re not being held back by wire limits.


  • Batteries don’t come with your purchase – The 24 V battery that needs to be inserted in this tool needs to be bought separately because it doesn’t come with this tool. This is an unwelcome expense for some people who don’t have a lot of money to spend.
  • Needs to be charged – The major drawback of battery-powered tools is they have a run time. When the battery power runs out, you will need to charge it all the time which is different from tools that have a power cable. While you get unlimited power from tools with cables while battery-powered tools don’t offer you the same luxury. 

Final Thoughts

Overall the Greenworks GD24SAG is not only powerful thanks to the 24-volt motor, it is also one of the easiest grinders to use. All you have to do is insert the battery and begin using it. The cordless approach that Greenworks went for making this tool very safe as well since cables are not present which can cause trips and falls. The handle is very comfortable in your hand for full control and it is very portable.

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