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Best Makita Angle Grinder Reviews (For Sale in UK)

Angle grinders happen to be among the most versatile tools out there that you might want to have in your arsenal. They can be used to grind metal, cut pavers, tiles, stucco, or rout out mortar. Finding a Makita angle grinder would do you more good than you’d expect.

One thing about the Makita brand is that it is known for its top-notch products that deliver excellently. This brand stands among the best in the UK and around the whole world. If you need a reliable angle grinder from Makita, this article is meant for you.

 We shall be exploring 10 of the best model from Makita.

Makita Angle Grinders: Our Top 10

There are uncountable angle grinders from Makita, which makes it a headache when you only need a single unit. However, here are some units that you might want to consider purchasing for your project needs.

Makita DGA504Z9.6Check
Makita GA9020S9.6Check
Makita DGA506Z9.6Check
Makita DGA513Z9.5Check
Makita GA5030R9.5Check
Makita DGA452Z9.4Check
Makita GA4530RKD9.4Check
Makita DGA519Z9.2Check
Makita GA90209.2Check
Makita GA4530R9.2Check

Detailed Reviews

1. Makita DGA504Z

Makita DGA504Z

The first contender is the DGA504Z. This Makita angle grinder is designed to easily handle demanding projects while offering you portability.

This is a cordless tool that runs on an 18V battery system. The battery then runs the unique, anti-restart motor for managing your projects. But what is an anti-restart motor? You might ask. Well, this is a motor that will cut out in case it jams. All you have to do is release the trigger and press it again to restart the motor – you won’t have to turn off the unit.

The motor also delivers a variable speed of 0 to 8,500RPM to let you handle the polishing projects effortlessly. In turn, the slow speed lets you cut rebar with ease. You get an auto speed control that will change the rotation speed automatically based on the load condition.


  • Features a soft start
  • Comes with a current limiter for protection against overload
  • Auto speed control based on load condition
  • Battery fuel gauge LED alerts you when the current limiter and anti-restart are active
  • Features a rubberized soft grip


  • Sold without battery and charger

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2. Makita GA9020S

Makita GA9020S

If you need a model that can easily work in a rough and dusty environment, you’d want to use this unit. The Makita angle grinder comes with a superior anti-dust structure to keep it durable and able to withstand the rough environment.

Being an electric grinder, this fella will offer you more power for managing your projects. It runs on a 2,000W motor that should be enough for your multiple projects. With this motor, you can enjoy top speeds of 6,600RPM. It then features machined bevel gears that assure you of smooth rotations as well as a better energy transfer.

Along with its anti-dust structure, the grinder is also heat resistant. The labyrinth construction is meant to prevent debris and dust from getting to the motor, gears, and bearings. This will then better the overall tool durability. Keep in mind that the gear housing of this tool can be position at every 90 degrees.


  • Tool-less wheel guard lets you make adjustments easily
  • Three-position adjustable side-handle for convenience
  • It is double-insulated for heat resistance
  • Anti-dust structure keeps it durable and allows it to run smoothly
  • Powerful motor


  • Somewhat heavy that other models

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3. Makita DGA506 LXT

Makita DGA506Z

This Makita angle grinder comes with a compact and compact design to offer easy handling and better control over your projects.

It measures a maximum of 362mm and only weighs in at 2.7kg, so you won’t have a problem working with this unit. This one is powered by an 18V battery that runs the brushless motor to handle your projects with ease. The brushless motor then delivers a top speed of 8,500RPM to polish your materials with perfection.

Your safety is assured when using this angle grinder, thanks to the electric brake. This helps to prevent a possible kickback for excellence as you work with it. There are a soft start and anti-restart functions that make the model more convenient.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Features a kickback function for user safety
  • Rubber molded grip for comfort and better control
  • Battery protection circuit for preventing overheating and discharging
  • Decent speed


  • Limited battery runtime

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4. Makita DGA513Z

Makita DGA513Z

Here is another corded model that is designed for those that need a tool to handle their DIY projects at home. It is also made to run silently.

This model runs on an 18V Li-Ion battery system that runs the brushless motor. The motor then will offer you a no-load speed of up to 8,500RPM. Keep in mind that the brushless motor is made to run cooler and more efficiently.

Starting this Makita angle grinder will only take a few seconds, thanks to the soft-start. There is an electric current limiter that will protect the system from possible overload protection.

As you work on the projects with speed trigger, you can make use of the lock-on function that allows you to use a constant speed on your projects.

There is also an anti-restart function that will prevent the motor from starting up when you insert the battery with the switch ON.


  • Battery fuel gauge shows battery charge level and battery level
  • Runs with low-noise
  • Anti-restart function offers protection against unexpected startups when changing the battery
  • The lock-on function offers constant speed
  • Active feedback sensing technology will shut down the tool if the speed slows down suddenly


  • It might be pricey for some users

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5. Makita GA5030R

Makita GA5030R

Here is another Makita angle grinder that makes it among the lightest models in the UK. It is not only lightweight in design but also a unit that is designed to offer you excellent performance.

This one is an electric grinder that would make a good pick for the DIY enthusiasts that don’t need a powerful model. The grinder comes with a 720W motor that is designed to work efficiently with good heat resistance.

Like other models, this one also comes with a soft start and an anti-restart function for reliability. Besides that, there is a lock-on switch that doesn’t only offer a constant working speed but also eliminates fatigue and the need for pressing the trigger as you work on your projects.

There is a side handle that lets you have better control over your projects and allows you to balance the unit with elegance. A barrel grip is also there for convenience and better control.


  • Excellent ergonomic barrel grip for comfort and control
  • The lock-on switch eliminates hand and finger fatigue
  • Features an anti-restart and soft start
  • Delivers up to 11,000RPM for quick grinding
  • Labyrinth construction protects the interior parts


  • Adjusting the guard is not tool-less

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6. Makita DGA452Z

Makita DGA452Z

If you need an angle grinder that is designed to offering faster grinding, this unit would suit you with ease. It stands among the top compact models in the UK that offer a high speed for quick grinding

Coming in at 2.5kg, this unit will give you an easy time to work with it. It is a cordless model that is powered by an 18V battery system to run the brushless motor. As a result, you get a motor that delivers a top speed of 10,000RPM. Those grinding will be done in a matter of seconds.

The tool comes with an ergonomic shape that will fit like a glove and it is well balanced for easy control. There is an electronic circuit control onboard with an LED light to warn you in case of an overload.

The soft and comfortable grip offers you comfort and control for you to work easily with it. Besides that, there is an anti-restart function for user safety.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High-speed delivery for quick grinding
  • Inbuilt circuit control with LED warning light
  • Comfortable soft grip for better control
  • Lock-on switch for convenience


  • It is sold without a battery or charger

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7. Makita GA4530RKD

Makita GA4530RKD

This is yet another top Makita angle grinder that can easily be found in most power tool stores in the UK. It might not be the best pick for high demanding projects, but you’d love working with it for your DIY and regular projects.

We should specify that this is an electric model that features a 720W motor for handling your DIY projects at home. This one offers a single speed of 11,000RPM and it would make a good pick if you need to achieve fast grinding with minimal effort. The diamond blade on this fella means that you can use it even to cut tiles and other hard materials.

It is also designed with heat-resistant housing for it to serve you for a long time and with elegance. Thanks to the machined bevel gears on this unit, you can enjoy a durable tool. In turn, the labyrinth construction will protect and seal the motor, bearings, and gear against dust and debris.

For better control of the tool, you get a side handle at a 20-degree angle and a rubberized handle.


  • Ergonomic design fits comfortably in the hands
  • Machined bevel gears with dust-proof labyrinth construction
  • It can be connected to a Makita vacuum cleaner for a clean work area
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Features an electronic circuit control to prevent an overload


  • The carry case could be sturdier

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8. Makita DGA519Z

Makita DGA519Z

Another Makita angle grinder that sits among the top units in the UK is the DGA519Z. This unit is lightweight and compact enough to let you use it with convenience.

At only 2.5kg, this fella won’t cause any fatigue in your hand as you work with it. It is a cordless unit that allows you to use it remotely. The tool runs on an 18V battery system and a brushless motor to offer you an 8500RPM.

This one comes with a safety paddle-type switch and an electric brake for user safety. A side grip then offers more convenience and comfort when working with the grinder.

It features an X-LOCK mechanism that allows you to change the wheel quickly and effortlessly. You won’t need a tool to do so.


  • X-Lock mechanism offers quick and easy wheel changes
  • Electric brake, anti-restart function, and paddle-type switch for safety
  • Auto torque drive technology changes the cutting speed based on load condition
  • Active Feedback Sensing Technology will shut down the tool if speed slows down suddenly
  • Overload and overcharge protection


  • Some thought it was pricey

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9. Makita GA9020

Makita GA9020

For those looking for a decent Makita angle grinder in the UK market that can handle their demanding projects, here is a model that would suit you decently.

It is important to mention that the tool runs on electricity and a 2000W motor that is enough to handle your demanding projects with ease. As a result, you get a no-load speed of 6,600RPM to offer quick grinding or material removal.

There is an adjustable side handle that can be set in three positions for easy handling. Also onboard is a wheel guard that lets you make adjustments without the need for a special tool.

The spiral bevel gears offer you a smooth operation for handling heavy-duty projects with ease. Besides that, the gear housing can be positioned at 90 degrees for convenience.


  • Powerful motor for high demanding projects
  • Machined bevel gears for a smooth operation and long life
  • Double insulation
  • Labyrinth construction prevents dust and debris
  • The side handle is adjustable in three positions


  • Comes in heavy at 7.1kg

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10. Makita GA4530R

Makita GA4530R

This unit is the lightest on the list and it is one of the lightest in the UK market. Even with its lightweight design, this model still delivers decently.

It is an electric grinder that runs with a 720W motor to deliver a decent speed of 11,000RPM to manage your grinding projects with rapidness. It might be a compact model, but this one also comes with machined bevel gears for durability.

There is an ergonomic side grip handle at 20 degrees for convenient handling. The spiral bevel gears assure you of smooth rotation and an efficient energy transfer for managing your projects.


  • Small and lightweight design for easy handling
  • Barrel grip offers comfort and better control of the tool
  • Workable with a Makita vacuum cleaner for a clean workspace
  • High speed for quick grinding
  • Overload protection


  • Not the best for heavy-duty projects

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So, Which One is the Best?

There is no specific model that is considered as the best angle grinder. Rather, it is all about choosing a grinder that meets your project needs accordingly.

Nevertheless, here is a look at some of the things you should look for when selecting an angle grinder from Makita;

  • The disc size based on what you will be handling
  • Motor, which should meet the demand of your projects
  • Disc guard to protect you from sparks and dust in the workspace
  • Construction. It should be durable enough
  • Low-noise operation.
  • Excellent ergonomics for better control and handling

Safety features like an electric brake or anti-kickback function

Always ensure that you wear the proper safety gears when working with the angle grinder.


Now that you have an idea of the best Makita angle grinder, you should take more care when selecting the right model to meet your project needs. Remember to purchase a unit that has a good value for money even as you stick to your budget.

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