Makita DGA504Z

Makita DGA504Z 18v Brushless Angle Grinder Review

The Makita DGA504Z has the technology, the level of performance, and the build needed to help you perform a large variety of tasks.  Since it is battery powered, it is extremely portable and powerful to make light work of tasks like grinding and cutting. Its features are like no other and below is a detailed look at everything it brings to users who invest in it.

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The DGA504Z Key Features

  • Top-quality performance – What powers the Makita DGA504Z is an 18V Li-ion battery which you can buy online or in your local store because it doesn’t come with the tool. The runtime you will get here is more when compared to average batteries and you are thinking about picking up this tool, make sure you buy the 18V Li-ion battery for excellent results.
  • Built-in controller – With every power tool, you wake to be able to control the speed at which you’re cutting materials. Any tool that makes it harder for you to control the speed of your cuts isn’t worth investing in. This grinder has a built-in controller that lets you control the cutting speed spending on what’s in front of you because you can’t use the same speed on every material.
  • Precision – Thanks to its incredible brushless motor, your precision is increased by 50% which is more than the majority of models sold on the market today. This motor also prolongs the tool’s battery life enabling you to work longer and finish your projects on time.
  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) – This feature is the protective seal that is found inside the grinder to protect it from water and dust. When a tool is exposed to too much water and debris, the inside components that are fundamental to it performing at its maximum can come rusty and damaged. Rest assured your grinder will not malfunction for a long time thanks to this technology.


  • Impressive build – Even in the harshest of conditions, this Makita DGA504Z grinder will operate well thanks to the strong materials used to make it. It can withstand and hold no matter the material you are working on without showing any signs of dents. Plenty of care was put into the build to ensure it performs not just over a shorter period, but longer spells especially if you work on plenty of projects.
  • Budget-friendly grinder – Power tools are financially draining investments especially if you own many of them. Finding an affordable one and of good quality is always nice considering most manufacturers charge a fortune for their high-end models. The price of this tool is wonderful for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money to splash on power tools. You don’t have to break the bank but will have yourself a top performing tool in your hands you can use for a very long time.
  • Easy to use – Heavy tools can be the most difficult to work with if you’re lacking experience however at 2.5kgs, this tool is super lightweight. It is very easy to store, portable, and eliminates fatigue thanks to this ergonomic design. 
  • Low vibrations and noise – Two things that can affect the work of a professional or DIY are tools that make a lot of noise and vibrate uncontrollably. This combination is not healthy for anyone but Makita addressed this issue by ensuring this tool doesn’t vibrate a lot and goes about its business quietly.


  • No battery – The majority of Makita tools on the market don’t come with a battery and require you to get one which many users find frustrating. It would be great if it came with a battery.
  • Limited run time – The battery that this tool needs to work as a runtime and needs to be charged when it is low. Not charging the battery way in advance before starting your projects can slow you down. 

Final Thoughts

The Makita DGA504Z is very different from its peers because it offers you a high level of performance, very comfortable to use, versatility, and smooth finishes. While many might see the lack of battery on purchase as a letdown, the Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) ensures longevity and durability which many power tools don’t have. The soft rubberized grip provides high-quality precision and control plus it doesn’t vibrate a lot which improves your accuracy.

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  • Automatic Speed Control
  • Brushless motor
  • Soft start
  • Anti-restart function
  • Overload protection

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