Makita GA4530R

Makita GA4530R Angle Grinder Review

The Makita GA4530R is one of the easiest and most comfortable tools you can use if you are a professional contractor or a DIYer. Hand fatigue and pain is something that many people who work with heavy tool complain about and at approximately 1.8 kgs this is a very light one. You will have no hand and fatigue issues when you chose this grinder to perform tasks at home or at a job site.

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The GA4530R Features

  • Gives you 11,000 RPM making it suitable for a variety of tasks thanks to the A very powerful 6.0 amp motor
  • Heat resistant 720W motor
  • Has an anti-restart function
  • Easy maneuverability and handling thanks to the small gear housing 
  • An impressive ergonomic 20-degree side grip angle


  • The tool is extremely lightweight: Weighing approximately 1.8kg, the Makita GA4530R is a very light grinder which is very comfortable to handle and maneuver.  If you want a grinder that can be used for a long period of time without causing pain or fatigue, this is the tool to buy
  • 720 W powerful motor: Whether you are buying it for home use or professional use, this grinder is powerful enough to handle the majority of tasks thanks to the impressive motor it has.
  • There is a lock button on the head of this tool: They did a wonderful job adding the locking button on this tool because it makes changing discs less of a hassle. All it takes is a simple “click and clip” action and you are ready to continue using it again to complete your task.
  • Comes in a small package: Since it isn’t very big, it will not take up much storage space in your tool shed.
  • Affordable: Many people judge the quality of a product they are about to buy based on its asking price. Despite being affordable and a cheaper option in many people’s eyes, this is a top-quality grinder that has a heat resistant 720 W motor and gives you 11,000 RPM. This is an absolute bargain considering there are so many grinders out there that are expensive and don’t perform as good as the Makita GA4530R.
  • A brand you can trust: Makita is a very popular name and has been making top-quality power tools for many years. This grinder is no exception and joins the range of other products in delivering quality, durability, and performance to customers across the world.
  • Very quiet: if you are a DIY enthusiast who has pets or kids, you know that noise is something they are both not fans of. It is not just animals and kids who hate noise, you might have neighbors that hate the sound of power tools cutting or grinding through materials. Thankfully, noise is something you don’t have to worry about with this grinder and full credit has to go to Makita. They made sure that this tool doesn’t make a lot of noise and is perfect for home use. 


  • It doesn’t have a carrying case: A carrying case is a welcome addition when it comes to a power tool when bought however, this tool is known to not have a carrying case.
  • The switch on this tool requires some effort: The switch on this tool is something that many customers complain about because it is fiddly. While you can get used to it eventually the more you use the tool, it can be annoying for some people.
  • It power divides opinions: There are some professionals and DIYers out there who feel like this tool is not strong enough to cut certain materials and you need to invest in a more power grinder to get the job done.


If you are on the market searching for a grinder that is strong and delivers top quality results, look no further than the Makita GA4530R. Since it is not a heavy tool, you can use it on a variety of tasks at home. Its lightweight design means you can use it for a long period of time without straining your hands. Despite having a 750 W motor, the one thing many people like about this grinder is it doesn’t make a lot of noise. While not having a carrying back can be seen as a major drawback, it is worth every penny.

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Makita GA4530R Rating


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  • Soft start
  • Anti-restart function
  • Lock-on switch
  • Machined bevel gears
  • Double insulated

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