Milwaukee M18CAG115XPDB-0

Milwaukee M18CAG115XPDB-0 M18 Fuel Breaking Grinder Review

The Milwaukee M18CAG115XPDB-0 grinder comes from manufacturers who know how to make good quality products for DIYers and professionals. Its slim design and amazing features make this a tool that must be present in your collection of power tools.  One of the main features is the amazing powerstate motor.

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With two times more run time and 10 times more tool life, this grinder makes you more productive and gives you top quality performance all the time. The only major drawback of this tool is it doesn’t come with a battery. This is something you need to buy separately but other than that, this is a remarkable tool to own. Below are some of its major features


  • Has REDLINK PLUS intelligence system
  • Has brushless powerstate motor
  • REDLITHIUM-ION battery provides you with more power, more run time
  • Has a RAPIDSTOP feature for incredible disc brake which protects the under from any harm
  • Slim design
  • A dust screen that stops debris or particles from entering the motor
  • 115mm keyless guard
  • Tool-free disc change thanks to the FIXTEC nut
  • Compatible with all Milwaukee M18 batteries


  • Has a fuel gauge display: When you are working on a project, it is always nice to know how much charge you have left. The Milwaukee M18CAG115XPDB-0 has a fuel gauge display which lets you see how much charge you have left. You will not be caught off guard or by surprise when your tool comes to a stop, thanks to this feature.
  • REDLITHIUM-ION battery pack – The battery gives you more power (20% more) and more run time (2.5 X) than most tools on the market. This makes it one of the most efficient grinders you can spend money on because not many tools similar to this one on the market give you more than what you pay for.
  • Slim design and 115 mm keyless guard: Since this tool is slim in nature, it is very easy to hand and will not strain your hands. The 115mm keyless guard provides amazing cutting capacity and incredibly fast guard adjustment without the need for a spanner.
  • Anti-vibration side handles: When a tool vibrates a lot during use, you can easily use control and even drop the tool. Too many vibrations can even put a strain on your hand but Milwaukee added an anti-vibration side handle that lowers vibration.
  • A flexible battery system: If you have other Milwaukee M18 models at home, you will be happy to know that their batteries are compatible with this tool. It works well with all Milwaukee M18 batteries saving you the trouble of buying a new one.
  • A removable dust screen: When working with power tools, it is normal to see debris or dust flying everywhere. If a motor of a tool is exposed to debris and a large amount of dust, it can malfunction or prevent the tool from performing at maximum capacity. The Milwaukee M18CAG115XPDB-0 has a dust screen that prevents any debris and dust from entering the motor thereby prolonging the motor’s life plus you can attach and detach the dust screen with ease.
  • RAPIDSTOP feature: This feature was put on this grinder to make sure that the user is safe. With a less than 2-sec brake system, it minimizes the risk of suffering serious injuries.
  • REDLINK PLUS intelligence system: This feature provides this tool and battery with some of the best digital overload protection of any tool on the market. The tool will still perform incredibly well even under load.


  • It does not include a battery: The one major drawback of this tool is its doesn’t come with a battery. You need extra funds to buy a battery otherwise the tool will not operate.


Overall the Milwaukee M18CAG115XPDB-0 is an incredibly made grinder that gives you 10 times more tool life and 20% more power thanks to the brushless powerstate motor that it has. The REDLINK PLUS protects the tool from overload and ensures it performs to its maximum even under severe pressure. The RAPID STOP feature is one of the best user protection features you can get on a tool. With the disc brake of fewer than 2 secs, you can use this tool knowing you are safe from harm.

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Milwaukee M18CAG115XPDB-0 Rating


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  • Brushless motor
  • 10x more tool life
  • Redlink Plus
  • Rapid stop

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