Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+

Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ Angle Grinder Review

Extremely comfortable and versatile, the Ryobi R18AG-0 is an amazing tool for grinding and cutting metal at home or at work. It is not only restricted to cutting and grinding metal, but you can also use this grinder to sharpen blades, remove rust and shape stones.

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To minimize injuries, Ryobi installed a two-stage non-lockable switch on this tool to ensure you don’t start it by accident as that’s how most accidents happen. Below are some of this tool’s best features and what you get when you purchase this tool.

The R18AG-0 Features

  • Weight just 2.5 kgs
  • Has a 3-position auxiliary handle and the GripZone over mould
  • Great 3 position handle
  • Compatible with all Ryobi One Plus batteries
  • Cordless 115mm grinder
  • Tool-less wheel guard and nut
  • Two-stage non-lockable switch


  • Has a two-stage non-lockable switch: You have to take your safety very seriously every time you are working with power tools. Many professionals, as well as DIYers, suffer serious injuries every day at home or at work at the hands of power tools. However the manufacturer takes the safety of users very seriously. The R18AG-0 has a two-stage non-lockable switch which protects the users in case they have accidentally started the tool.
  • Works with all Ryobi One + Batteries: One of the best benefits of this tool is it is compatible with batteries from all One +  tools. There is no need for you stress yourself searching the market for batteries that work well with this tool. Just simply grab a battery from any One + model that you have in your possession if you own one and insert it.
  • Lightweight: They really made sure that this tool is easy to use and doesn’t strain your hand by making it as light as possible. At 2.5 kgs, it is very easy to control and move around when you are doing your tasks. It is also quick and easy to adjustment,
  • A spindle lock: A tool that lets you change accessories quickly allows you to complete your project on time. The spindle lock feature on this tool does exactly that. You can change accessories easily and quickly with the tool and if you are a professional, you will greatly appreciate this feature.
  • Versatile power tool: When you own this tool, you can use it on a wide range of tasks like sharpening your blades, grinding and cutting metals, shaping your stones, polishing and lastly, remove rust and loosen paint on objects.
  • Great 3 position handle and the GripZone over mould: As pointed out above, this tool is very versatile but other stand out features are the 3 position handle and the GripZone over mould. Both of these ensure you are comfortable and in control of the tool when it is in your hands. No one wants a tool that leaves your hands in pain and difficult to control. This tool was very cleverly designed and they made sure that anyone who uses this tool is as productive as possible and projects are completed quickly.
  • Offers freedom: Cords are a wonderful source of power however, they can restrict your movement. Since there is no need for cords and cable to worry about, the R18AG-0 offers you convenience and freedom. You don’t have to worry about any trip hazards as well.


  • There are a few issues with durability: Since you can use it on a wide range of tasks like sharpening your blades, grinding and cutting metals, shaping your stones, polishing and more, overusing it is not a good idea. It can cause it to show signs of wear quickly and even break after a few uses
  • Batteries are sold separately: To power this tool up, you need batteries and sadly those are not sold together with it. You’ll need to purchase them because, without them, this tool is unusable. 


The Ryobi R18AG-0 is a thing of beauty and is the perfect tool for small and medium cutting and grinding jobs. What makes it worth every penny is its fantastic simple design which makes it one of the most efficient grinders on the market. Do you want to sharpen some of your tools? No problem. You can use this grinder to make sure your tools are in tip-top condition plus it is comfortable to use thanks to the GripZone over mould.

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R18AG-0 ONE+ Rating


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  • 3-position handle
  • Tool-less wheel guard
  • Tool-less wheel guard
  • Spindle lock
  • Micro grip texture

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