Ryobi R18AG7-0

Ryobi R18AG7-0 18V ONE+ Cordless Brushless Angle Grinder Review

Considering products from renowned manufacturers first is an excellent way to begin your search for an ideal tool. So, if you’re considering the Ryobi R18AG7-0 angle grinder, you’re on the right course to getting a perfect machine.

We wouldn’t get ahead of ourselves or throw this product to you because of the brand reputation. Precisely, we will evaluate this device based on its available features, construction quality, design limitations as well as possible cons, and how it fares with products priced similarly.

What’s the price?

So, in the end, you should have a well-rounded piece of information on this tool that will guide your purchase decisions.

Product Overview

Ryobi R18AG7-0 is a high-end, cordless grinder equipped with a powerful drive system robust enough for a wide range of cutting and grinding applications. The machine is quite pricy, but it comes with high-end features and functions, superior-grade construction, a powerful drive system, and other innovative options that provide top-quality grinding and cutting performance.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Brushless Motor Technology: Brushless motors offer more power, run-time, energy efficiency, durability, and lower maintenance cost than brushed motors. They do not use brushes, so they eliminate friction and heat common to brushed motors. Thus, increasing their efficiency and provide more power for cutting and grinding.

This tool comes with a powerful brushless motor that delivers a rotational speed of a maximum of 11,00rpm for fast-action use.

  • Electronic Anti-Kickback Technology: This feature automatically shuts the tool down when a jam is detected. Hence, guaranteeing user safety as well as the machine’s long lifespan.
  • E-Control System: This function is available on all Ryobi cordless power tools but few competitive brands. It features intelligent electronics that continuously regulate the motor to maximum run-time for constant running speed to prevent stalling.
  • ONE+ System: The R18AG7-0 is sold as a bare tool, and that may be seen as a disadvantage for persons who do not already own a Ryobi power tool battery or grinders from other brands, not this one. Ryobi beats this disadvantage with the One+ system. This system allows users to use one Ryobi battery for all of their power tools. So, if you already have a battery, you wouldn’t need to purchase another for this one, and it saves you the cost in the long run.
  • 3-Position Handle: Many competitive grinders allow you to place the handle in any of its two available positions, and this may limit its overall maneuverability and control. However, with this machine, you can fix your side angle in any of the three positions. So, both left and right-handed persons will get better handling and overall control of the tool.
  • Additional Functions: There are other small but essential features to this tool that further increases its design and overall performance. First, the included Tool-less wheel guard allows for an easy accessory fitting. The machine also comes with a disc diameter of 125mm, and a bore size of 22mm, perfect for a widerange of cutting and grinding operations.
  • Ergonomic Handles: When grinders operate, they vibrate. If sent untamed to the hands, these vibrations will reduce the device’s overall handling and send harmful shocks to the user’s hand. To curb these possibilities, this tool features rubber overmould on the handles.

Product Specification

Dimension15 x 31.4 x 16.4 cm
Disc Size125mm
Machine’s Weight (Without Battery)2.2kg
Machine’s Weight (With Battery)2.6kg
Maximum speed11,000rpm
Included Component1 Auxiliary Side Handle, 1 Wheel Guard. And 1 Grinding Disc.


Ryobi provides a 3-year warranty on this product and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • E-control for constant cutting speed throughout the cut
  • 3-positions auxiliary handle
  • Anti-kick-back system
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Superb cutting and grinding performance


  • No variable speed option
  • Bare tool
  • It consumes much power

Recommendation and Purchase Option

Overall, the Ryobi R18AG7-0 angle grinder is a top-quality machine that delivers a top-quality performance in cutting and grinding operations. The tool may be expensive, but its features, superior-grade construct, and overall performance match its price.

Sadly, the machine does not provide an option for preselection of speed, but its E-control system will ensure that you always get the constant, powerful speeds you need for your cutting or grinding task.  The device’s power consumption is relatively high, so the manufacturer recommends only 5.0Ah batteries or more for optimum performance.

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  • Powerful motor
  • 3-Position auxiliary handle
  • Anti-kickback technology
  • E-control
  • E-protect

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