Best Cordless Impact Wrench

Best Cordless Impact Wrench UK Reviews (Battery-Powered)

If you will be tightening or loosening lug nuts, frozen fasteners, or large bolts and you need a good tool to help you with that, you should look no further than a cordless impact wrench.

But how do you go about it when you need the best battery-powered impact gun? What exactly should you be looking for in the tool? Above all, which model is the best out there? We would answer all these questions, but we will have to dig a little deeper for you to have an easy time when buying one.

That being said, we’ll be exploring some of the top cordless impact wrenches that are dominating the UK market.

10 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches

It is not news that the market is filled with hundreds of battery-powered impact wrenches. As a result, it becomes tougher to find a specific model that would suit your project needs. However, here are some of the top units you should consider purchasing.

Makita DTW1002Z9.7Check
DeWalt DCF880N-XJ 9.4Check
Makita DTW300Z9.4Check
Milwaukee M18BIW12-09.4Check
NoCry NCCIW-KIT 9.2Check
VonHaus 20V 9.2Check
Einhell TE-CW 18 Li BL9.0Check
HYCHIKA 18V9.0Check
Sealey CP400LI9.0Check
Makita DTW190Z9.0Check

Detailed Reviews

1. Makita DTW1002Z LXT

Makita DTW1002Z

Any DIYer or professional who uses power tools too often will acknowledge the dominance of the Makita brand in the UK. This is a top brand that delivers top-notch products.

If you wanted a cordless impact wrench to handle your demanding projects, this one would be a good pick. This fella runs on an 18V Lithium-Ion battery system that powers the 500W motor. With this motor, you can enjoy a top no-load speed of 1,800RPM. However, this speed is variable with a trigger that lets you choose between 900RPM, 1,000RPM, or 1,800 RPM. This allows you to handle different projects with a single machine.

There is also an adjustable impact rate of 1,800bpm, 2,000bpm, and 2,200bmp. Along with that, you can enjoy a maximum fastening torque of 1,000Nm and a nut-busting torque of 1,600Nm.

If you will be working in squeezed spaced with low-light, this cordless tool will offer you dual-LED job lights with pre-glow and afterglow function. This way, you can easily see your workspace with ease. There is an electronic 3-stage impact power selection that offers more versatility with your projects.

The user-experience of this fella is assured, thanks to the ergonomic soft grip. Even better, the tool comes with an electric brake to bring it to a halt in case of an emergency.


  • Excellent power delivery
  • Amazing nut-busting torque
  • Twin LED job light for visibility in low-lit spaces
  • Features an electric brake for safety
  • Offers three power selections


  • Might be heavy when the battery is attached

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2. DeWalt DCF880N

DeWalt DCF880N-XJ 18V XR Lithium-Ion

If you were concerned about the size and weight of the previous product, you can opt for this one. Here, you get a compact and lightweight tool that also leads in most UK stores.

At only 1.34kg, this amazing cordless impact wrench won’t cause any exhaustion in your hands as you use it. This one might be a lightweight model, but it doesn’t make it any less durable. On the contrary, the model comes with an all-metal gearing to assure you of durability. Besides that, it offers an efficient power transmission.

Speaking of the transmission, this fella runs with a decent motor to offer you a no-load speed of 2,300RPM. It is powered by an 18V battery system with the intelligent XR Lithium-Ion technology. This technology assures you of efficiency and faster performance as well. Plus, there is an aluminum front housing that offers heat dispersion. In turn, this will enhance the life of the motor.

The bright white LED ring comes with a delay feature for better visibility and functionality. It will turn on when needed and off when you are done with the nut tightening or loosening.

You will enjoy the improved ergonomic design with a rubber grip for comfort and better control as you work on your projects.


  • Metal gearing for long tool life and efficient power transmission
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Aluminum front housing disperses the heat to enhance motor life
  • Intelligent trigger and ergonomic design with rubber grip for better control
  • LED light job onboard


  • Doesn’t possess enough torque for hard nuts

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3. Makita DTW300Z

Makita DTW300Z

Here is another Makita impact wrench that would make a good pick for you if you need one for your DIY projects at home.

This one stands among the best cordless impact wrenches in most UK power tool stores. Running on an 18V battery system, this cordless tool comes with a brushless motor to meet your project needs with ease. The motor will then deliver a top no-load speed of 3,200RPM, which is decent for an Impact Gun of its size.

This stands among the lightweight models out there at only 1.2kg. With this weight, you can easily enjoy the one-handed operation of the tool. The trigger switch is easy to reach and you also enjoy an ergonomic design with a nonslip grip. This also offers you better control and comfort.

Besides that, the wrench has an electronic 4-stage power selection that lets you choose the one suitable for your project accordingly. The trigger switch comes with a full-speed mode that allows you to set it based on the project you are working on.

In terms of the impact rate, this one offers up to 4,000ipm. Along with a nut-busting torque of 580Nm. Of course, that is not as high as other models offer out there. Keep in mind that this cordless tool comes with an auto-stop system. With this, the machine will come to a stop when you have tightened or loosened the nut as needed.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Offers 4 power modes along with a trigger switch with full-speed mode
  • Auto-stop system will turn the tool off when the job is done
  • Handles high tensile bolt of M10 to M16
  • Ergonomic design with nonslip grip


  • This one is incompatible with G-series batteries

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4. Milwaukee M18BIW12-0 Impact Gun

Milwaukee M18BIW12-0

Milwaukee Tools might be a US-based brand, but their products have dominated the UK market for many years now.

This cordless impact wrench is one of the best, and you would enjoy working with it on your DIY projects. This is a super-lightweight model and it’s compact as well. The tool only weighs in at 1.1kg, and it is only 155mm in length. So yes, this fella can easily serve you as you work in the confined spaces.

It runs on an 18V 2.0Ah battery system that powers the motor to give you no-load speeds of 2,450RPM. Plus, the machine offers an impact rate of 3350IPM. You get a maximum torque of 240Nm that should easily handle your regular nut projects.

This might be a small wrench, but it comes with a 4-pole motor that offers maximum power for handling your projects with ease. Also, it features an overload protection that prevents the system from overloading.

Besides that, this model comes with individual battery cell monitoring, which will optimize the run time while assuring you of durability. If you will be working in a low-lit area, the onboard LED light will illuminate the space for you.


  • Super-compact and lightweight design
  • Works with all Milwaukee M18 batteries
  • Battery cell monitoring offers longer runtime
  • Onboard LED light and a fuel gauge
  • The motor comes with an overload protection


  • It doesn’t come with a battery or carry case

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5. NoCry 20V Battery-Powered

NoCry NOCRY44 20V Impact Wrench

While the previous product might come without a battery or carry case, this one offers you both of them with an amazing tool as well. This stands among the best cordless impact wrenches in the UK for DIY projects.

This model comes in at 3.76kg, which might be more than double the weight of some units on this list. Still, that shouldn’t be such a concern if you are working on projects on the floor.

The 20V 4.0Ah battery system on this one runs the motor to deliver 2,200RPM speed, along with an impact rate of 2,700IPM. Of course, the speed range is easily adjustable.

In terms of the torque, you can enjoy a fastening torque of 350Nm, but a nut-busting torque of 400Nm. Obviously, this might not be the best pick for handling those hard nuts.

What about its charging time? How long would you have to wait for it to juice up? Well, the impact wrench comes with a fast charger that should juice it up in 2 hours. To be honest, that’s not exactly a ‘fast charger’, but it should work for you if you are not in a hurry. On a full charge, this fella will serve you for 65 minutes, which is worth the charging time.


  • Comes with a carry case, charger, and battery
  • It will serve you for 65 minutes on a full charge
  • User-friendly ergonomics
  • Doesn’t heat up when running
  • Comes with battery indicator


  • Only best for light projects

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6. VonHaus 20V Cordless Impact Gun

VonHaus 20V Impact Wrench

This VonHause cordless impact wrench easily makes it among the best models under £100 in the UK. It is a good budget impact wrench that offers an amazing nut tightening or loosening experience.

It runs on a 20V 3.0Ah battery system, which powers up the motor to offer you a top speed of 2,200RPM. This speed is adjustable, thanks to the variable speed trigger. Besides that, this fella comes with a maximum impact rate of 2,700BPM.

It might be a small wrench, but this model will deliver a 240Nm maximum torque for removing those overtightened or rusted-on bolts or nuts. In terms of the nut-busting torque, this fella comes with a 300Nm rating.

So, how heavy is this model? Does 3.45kg seem heavy? Of course not. With this weight, you will have an easy time controlling this tool. Speaking of control, you can enjoy the direction control trigger to meet your project needs. Also, the cordless tool comes with a compact design, as well as an ergonomic design and a nonslip grip for comfort and enhanced control of the unit.

The battery will charge fully in just one hour, which is a plus feature. It will then run for up to 30 minutes before it requires a recharge.


  • Cast aluminum gear head for strength and durability
  • Comes with a convenient storage bag
  • Charges in only one hour
  • Features a belt hook
  • User-friendly features


  • Doesn’t feature an LED job light

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7. Einhell TE-CW 18V Cordless Impact Gun

Einhell TE-CW 18 Li BL

Here is another of the selected models that come with a charger and battery. Most of the impact wrenches in the UK come without a battery or charger.

One unique feature of this cordless unit is the Power-X Change technology that allows you to interchange the battery with other Einhell 18V systems.

This cordless impact wrench comes with a brushless motor that will run longer and with fewer vibrations. The wrench spits a top no-load speed of 2,900RPM and a maximum torque of 215Nm. We would recommend this model for those handling light projects, but not for the hard nuts.

It comes with a robust 0.5-inch external square drive mount. There is also an LED light job to illuminate your work area in low-lit areas. Also, you get a bit adapter for screws on this model. Just keep in mind that using an adapter can reduce the torque of the wrench.

This is not such a heavy model as it only comes in at 1.1kg. With this weight, you can easily enjoy the one-handed operation of the tool.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Battery interchangeable with other Einhell 18V models
  • Comes with a hex driver and bit adapter for screws
  • Convenient LED job light
  • Decent price point


  • The trigger is somewhat fragile

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8. HYCHIKA Cordless Impact Gun

HYCHIKA 18V Impact Wrench

If you are looking for an affordable impact wrench in the UK but you still want a model that is decently powerful for your DIYs, this unit would work well for you.

This is a top cordless impact wrench that comes with an 18V 4.0Ah battery to run the motor for handling your projects. With this, you can enjoy top speeds of 2,000RPM that can be adjusted to meet your project needs. Besides that, you will enjoy a 3,000IMP impact rate with this unit, along with a decent 350Nm torque for loosening bolts, nuts, or large wheel screws.

The wrench comes with a fast charger that can juice up your battery in just one hour. Once it is fully charged, this baby can serve you for around 25 minutes. As long as you won’t be using it on prolonged projects, you shouldn’t have a problem working with this model.

Will you be working in low-lit areas or later in the evening and you are concerned about the visibility of your work area? No need to worry since this tool comes with a bright LED light to help you with that.

Thanks to the sturdy outer case that comes with this unit, you can enjoy the protection of the tool and storage as well. Keep in mind that this tool comes in heavier than most models on the list at 5.6kg.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Fast charging in only one hour
  • Bright LED job light
  • Comes with a sturdy carry case
  • Offers 3-piece socket with an adapter for 10mm mandrel


  • The tool is heavy

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9. Sealey CP400LI

Sealey CP400LI

Sealey is among the leading power tool brand in the UK, and this model is among the best out there. This would serve you well on your DIY projects, and it offers an impressive delivery as well.

It might be heavy at 4.36kg, but this cordless impact wrench is still a good pick to offer you better control. The power tool runs on an 18V battery system powers the brushless motor. In turn, this motor will offer you a no-load speed of 2200RPM, which is adjustable to meet your specific project needs.

In terms of torque delivery, this cordless model offers you a maximum of 400Nm to loosen the rusted-on nuts with ease. With the impact rate, this fella comes with a maximum rating of 2,700BPM, which is decent enough.

The durability of this fella is assured, thanks to the cast aluminum gearbox. In turn, you get a rubber gearhead cover and thermal overload protection with the wrench. A combination of these features assures you of a durable model that is well-protected as well.

Even if you will be working in the evening or in low-lit areas, this tool comes with a bright LED job light to illuminate your work area. It features a double injection body to reduce the heat buildup and rubber grips for comfort and better control.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Features a thermal overload protection
  • Cast aluminum gearbox for durability
  • Comes with an LED work light
  • Double injection body and a rubber grip for comfort


  • Not enough torque for hard nuts

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10. Makita DTW190Z

Makita DTW190Z

Last but not least, we have this cordless impact wrench, which is actually among the top models in the UK. You’d love to work with this unit if you prefer lightweight models.

At only 1kg, this is the lightest model on our list and stands among the lightest on the UK market. Truly, you won’t experience any exhaustions when working with this piece. Even with a single hand, you will easily control it to handle your projects with ease.

It might only be 1kg, but this tool has a motor that is powerful enough to deliver a no-load speed of 2,300RPM. The impact rate of this little fella is at 3,000IPM, and you get to adjust the speed based on your project needs.

Low light has nothing on this tool as it comes with a bright LED light to conveniently illuminate your work area. The best part is that the light will automatically go before you start using it on the nut and bolt.

The ergonomic design and rubberized handle offer you control and comfort for better operation with this tool. Keep in mind that it is very lightweight hence better control.

Above all, this miniature wrench comes with a battery protection circuit to protect it from damages of overload, discharge, or high temperature.


  • Features an electric brake for safety
  • LED job light for convenience
  • Super-lightweight
  • Ergonomic design with soft rubber grips for comfort and better control
  • Decent runtime


  • Not the best pick for hard nuts

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Buying Guide: What To Look For in a Cordless Impact Wrench

Now that you have a list of the top cordless impact wrenches that dominate the UK market, it is important to consider the major factors of picking a good model.

Here are some of the things you need to look for when purchasing a battery-powered impact wrench;


Since we were covering cordless impact wrenches today, you should pick a model with enough power to handle your projects. For the light DIY projects, an 18V model would easily suit your needs. But if you will be handling high-demanding projects, then you might want to go for a 36V battery system.

Speed/Impact Rate

The speed, which is rated in revolution per minute, calculates how fast the moor spindle turns. A higher speed, RPM will mean that the force at which the hammer strikes the fastener will be high. For the high-demanding projects, go for one with a high speed. Ideally, ensure that the tool comes with a variable sped trigger to handle different projects.

On the other hand, the impact rate (IPM/BPM) is the rate of the hammering action of the tool. A higher rate offers a higher torque for nut loosening. If you will be handling high-demanding projects, choose one with a high IPM.

Maximum Torque

This is supposedly the most important feature, especially if you will be loosening nuts too often. The maximum fastening torque is the highest peak torque that is delivered by the tool when it is locked into a nut. It goes without saying that a high torque will handle the hard nuts with ease. Too often, this will be rated as the nut-busting torque. Choose one that suits your project needs accordingly.

Above all, ensure that the tool comes with a durable battery with a fast-charging system, it should be lightweight in design for better control, and should offer you excellent ergonomics. Don’t forget to go for a unit that comes with an LED job light if you will be working in low-lit areas. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to choose a tool with a convenient carry case.


So, which cordless impact wrench will you be going for? As you explore the available models on the UK market, remember to choose one that meets your project needs accordingly. Also, the tool should have enough features and specs to serve you for a long time.

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