Bsioff HY-S480

Bsioff HY-S480 18V Cordless Impact Wrench Review

Driving screws with a manual screwdriver is not only outdated but also very exhausting and time-consuming. If you are planning to do some woodwork projects that will need serious screw driving, you might want to consider getting an impact wrench like the Bsioff HY-S480. This impact wrench will make driving screws an easy job, and you will be sure of getting the most out of it. It is lightweight, and the features on board allow you to accomplish your projects with ease.

In this article, we will be reviewing the impact wrench and give you more information for you to have an easy time when deciding whether to purchase it or not.

What’s the price?


The Bsioff HY-S480 comes with a compact and lightweight design to let you use it for a long time without experiencing fatigue in the hands. It is a cordless wrench, which allows you to use it portably and with more control. Even with its battery power, the screwdriver performs decently. If you will be working in low-lit areas, you won’t have to worry when you have this wrench.


This Bsioff impact wrench comes with a brushless motor that is designed to handle your screw driving with excellence. It runs on an 18V battery that is sure to handle different projects with ease. This makes it a good pick for craftsmen, mechanics, or anyone with a DIY project.


With the brushless motor and the 18V battery, this impact wrench will offer you a maximum frequency of 3200RPM. Luckily, you can adjust the speed to meet your preference. This speed is above most models out there, and it lets you work on different projects with ease. Besides that, the machine comes with a right-left switchover. In other words, this screwdriver can drive screws in and out of the workpieces.


The HY-S480 comes with a torque rating of 400Nm. Furthermore, the torque can be adjusted to meet the demands of your projects. This then allows you to use the wrench on not only wood, but also plastic, metal, composite, and other materials. There is a convenient switch that allows you to adjust the torque as you wish.


One of the things that craftsmen and mechanics consider when choosing a handheld power tool is ergonomics. This refers to the design of the power tool to offer the user a convenient grip and better control too. With this wrench, it comes with an ergonomic design that has an optimized center of gravity.

The handle is molded to prevent slippage when your hands get sweaty. Also, the trigger is conveniently-placed for easy reachability as you drive screws in and out of workpieces. Keep in mind that this unit comes in at 3.8kg, which isn’t too heavy. Still, there are some wrenches that are lighter in weight than this one.

Drilling Capacity

This Bsioff wrench will allow you to go deeper than other models out there when you want to drill screws. There is a 12.7mm square chuck that allows you to enjoy a maximum drilling capacity of 27mm. So yes, this power tool will let you handle multiple projects and screws with ease.


This cordless impact wrench runs on the 18V-rated battery, which is designed to serve you for long enough. It also comes with a quick charger that lets you get back to work in the shortest time. The Lithium-Ion battery comes with a longer runtime than most models out there. Keep in mind that this wrench will easily accept Makita batteries, which is an added advantage.

LED Light/Other Accessories

Working in a low-lit area? Maybe you are trying to drive screws in or out of a cabinet? No problem. This wrench comes with an LED light that will illuminate your working area with ease. Besides that, there are other accessories that are meant to ease your project handling. There is one key, one belt buckle, six screwdriver bits, an impact socket, and two latches.


Ergonomically designed with optimized COG

LED light for working in low-lit spaces

Offers 3200RPM

Compatible with Makita batteries


Some users thought it doesn’t come with much torque


This Bsioff HY-S480 Impact Wrench can be a good addition to your arsenal as it easily handles demanding projects. Even though it is a cordless wrench, the delivery surpasses that of some corded wrenches. Best of all, it comes at a very affordable price point.

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  • Idle speed: 0-3200r/min
  • Beat rate: 0-3200rpm
  • Impact force: 400Nm
  • Li-Ion 18v
  • 5.0ah

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