DEWALT DCF813D2 Cordless Impact Wrench Review

There a plethora of impact wrench drivers that one can afford to use. However, today, we will be taking a look at one of them, which is the DEWALT DCF813D2 impact wrench driver. So without further ado, let’s take a peek at this impact wrench.

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The DCF813D2 Overview

The DCF813D2 impact wrench is a one in a kind impact driver, which is just in the business of driving screws and bolts into whatever it’s used on. The impact wrench generates up to 107 Newton meters of torque while being used. Other than that, it feels good in the hand; it’s a reliable, compact, yet powerful impact wrench driver. It has a screwdriver slot in the front where a user can insert their screwdriver bit in, and then start working on whatever they wanted to. 

It also has LED lights around the front so you can see what it is that you’re doing, especially if you’re working in a confined space may be up in the dark or something like that.

DEWALT DCF813D2 is designed perfectly to fit in with any user’s thumb and fingers as it helps in providing full grip while performing their driving task accurately. In a nutshell, it is a compact, lightweight, and sturdy 3/8″ impact wrench for operation in confined spaces.

Now let’s have a further breakdown of these features.


As a result of its ergonomic handle and rubber over-mold, there is always a reduction in surface vibration, and the apparent user fatigue that often goes after users feels some constant vibrations on their hands. That’s the very reason why it is so comfortable to be held, even when used in confined spaces.

Accuracy and Control

In as much as the Dewalt DCF813D2 is very fast, as a result of its lightweight and compact interface, it comes with a parabolic switch profile, which ensures that not only is the impact wrench quick, but does so with total precision and control. In other words, users still have control over the wrench even when in full speed.


Dewalt, who is a famous company in the production of machine tools, has always made sure that they include illuminators in their devices, of which this impact wrench driver wasn’t exempted. With a 3-LED halo ring placed in front of the impact wrench, a user can afford to work in a dark and confined space, without having to think about any light provision. This feature makes it more comfortable for works to be done anywhere at any time.


In regards to its performance, this sturdy wrench generates up to 107 Newton meters of torque when used in full stretch. It also comes with an all-metal gearing that enhances efficiency, a robust transmission, and also durability. The gear is not only made of metal, but with an aluminum front housing, which makes room for excellent heat dispersion, that helps in increasing the motor’s life span.


It comes with 2 x 2.0Ah XR Li-ion batteries, a multi-voltage 30 minutes’ fast charger, and a heavy-duty carry case that is stuffed up with these accessories.


Battery chemistry XR Li-Ion

Voltage 10.8 V

Battery Capacity 2.0 Ah

Max. Torque 130 Nm

Power Output 147 Watts

No Load Speed 0-2450 rpm

Impacts per Minute 3400 pm

Max. Bolt Diameter 6mm

Bit Holder 3/8″ Anvil

Weight 1.04 kg

Length 158 mm

Height 195 mm

Hand / Arm Vibration – Impact 7.5 m/s²

Uncertainty K 1 (Vibration) 1.7 m/s²

Sound Pressure 88 dB(A)

Uncertainty K 1 (Sound) 3 dB(A)

Acoustic Pressure 99 dB(A)

Uncertainty K 2 (Sound) 3 dB(A)


It is durable because of its well-engineered gear.

It is not only comfortable to handle but provides a great piece of accuracy and control through its parabolic switch profile.

It has an excellent performance record, thanks to its all-metal aluminum-coated motor gear.

It has led lights that help in providing light rays to the user.

It is cordless, which reduces the stress of having to wind and unwind cables after usage.


  • It might be too small


In a nutshell, the DEWALT DCF813D2 impact wrench is a very efficient and lightweight machine that can help you out whenever you need it. Also, we’d love to know your thoughts on this unique impact wrench driver as soon as you get yours. Cheers!

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DEWALT DCF813D2 Rating


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  • 10.8V
  • Compact body
  • LED
  • Ergonomic handle
  • All metal gearing

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