Dewalt DCF894N

Dewalt DCF894N Impact Wrench Review

An impact wrench allows you to easily drive screws in and out of workpieces. When choosing an impact wrench, it is important to go for one that can handle your project with ease. DeWalt is known for their top-notch power tools, and their Dewalt DCF894N impact wrench stands among the best in its category. This wrench comes at a lightweight, and you can use it even around low-lit areas. There is more to learn about this tool. That is why we came up with this review to help you with that.

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The DCF894N Overview

The Dewalt DCF894N is an impact wrench that has been designed for high performance to meet the needs of both the tradesman and DIYer. With its compact and lightweight design, you can enjoy having an easy time when handling this unit. The motor onboard is also made to deliver excellent and durable power. Even when you are done using the wrench, it is conveniently designed for easy storage. One of the special features of this wrench is that it is designed to prevent overheating.


Before you purchase any power tool, it is important to ensure that you consider the power of the unit. Here, you get an impact wrench that comes with an 18V battery that assures you of an amazing working experience. Besides that, this one comes with a brushless motor that is meant to offer durable power along with a satisfying runtime.


The brushless motor offers you an incredible speed for you to handle your projects with ease. You get three modes, which are more of speed levels. You can choose the Low, Precision Wrench, or High setting for you to have optimal control over fastening applications. Besides that, you will be sure of reducing the risk of damage to materials by setting the ideal speed for each material.

The maximum speed of this fella is 2,000RPM, which is decent if you will be handling regular projects. However, it might not suit those high-demanding projects.


Thanks to the fan-cooled motor, this unit will offer you torque of 447Nm, along with 3100 impacts per minute. This, in turn, allows you to handle the heavy-duty fastening applications with less effort. If you choose the Low Mode, the tool will run at a slow speed in forwards for you to handle delicate applications, but at full speed in reverse. If you need more torque, you will have to set the wrench in Precision Wrench mode.


Comfort and control are some of the top factors of this tool. First off, it comes in at 1.5kg, which is super lightweight for better control and handling. The ergonomic design allows you to handle it with ease. Besides that, there is a handle with a molded handle to reduce slippage. The placement of the trigger is convenient for easy control.

Drilling Capacity

The Dewalt DCF894N impact wrench comes with a 3mm square drive, along with a detent pin. This lets you have efficient torque delivery and impressive socket retention. You also get up to 813Nm of breakaway torque when handling the stubborn bolts.

The best part is that there are three modes for you to choose the one that suits your project needs. There is the unique Precision Wrench Control that allows you to prevent overtightening in forward or fastener run-off when spinning on the reverse.


The DeWalt XR Lithium-Ion on this one will serve you through your projects. It will last for a decent time if you will be handling low-demanding projects. But if set at the high-speed mode, it may not last for long enough. Keep in mind that you will have to purchase the battery and charger separately.

LED Light/Other Accessories

There is a bright white LED light that’s located on the foot of this wrench. The light comes with a delay feature for enhanced flashlight functionality and visibility. With this, the hidden screws won’t give you a headache.

Unfortunately, you won’t get screw bits or other accessories with this tool. All that you get is the wrench and a belt hook.


  • Super lightweight design
  • Ergonomic design with rubber XR grip
  • Offers three mode settings for varied applications
  • Bright LED light on board
  • Blet hook for easy storage


  • Limited accessories and you will need to purchase the battery separately


If you need to add a wrench to your arsenal and you already have plenty of accessories in your collection, you’d enjoy working with this Dewalt DCF894N impact wrench. It has different mode settings for working on different materials, and you’ll have an easy time working with it.

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  • Brushless mottor
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Super Bright LED
  • High performace

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