Dewalt DCF899N-XR

Dewalt DCF899N-XR 18V XR Brushless Impact Wrench Review

Dewalt Products Company based in Towson, Maryland. Its brand of power tools stands out in the market because of the innovative and highly performing abilities. This American based company has so many awards and recommendations from different magazines and reviews. Thus, the reason it is so popular. The Dewalt DCF899N-XR is a high-quality impact wrench designed with so many features. Indeed, the sophistication of this tool proves it is a Dewalt product.

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The impact wrench provides you with a smooth but efficient way of loosening and tightening of nut, bolts, or lug. Even more, it comes with the latest generation technology for effective, powerful, and advanced operation.

Some Unique Features Of The DCF899N-XR

  • Latest generation High Torque wrench: Torque is not only an essential part of any wrench, it is what determines its overall performance. In the same way, having a high torque is an advantage if there is a way to adjust it. 

The Dewalt DCF899N-XR comes with an advanced high torque ability. Precisely, it offers up to 950Nm and 2400 impacts per minute. Even so, it provides three selectable torque and speed settings for full control that suits your operation. 

  • Powerful fan-cooled motor: This impact wrench comes with a superior quality motor. For a start, the motor is brushless. Also, it is air-cooled. Brushless motors communicate with their batteries to optimize performance and avoid overheating of its parts. They last approximately ten times longer and are 40 percent more efficient than brushed motors.

Further, this motor type provides higher torque to weight, or power ratio. DCF899N’s motor is also fan-cooled. What that means is that it is has reduced weight, complexity, maintenance, and purchasing cost.

  • Cordless: Wrenches that run on batteries are easy to use and maintain. Sadly, some provide lesser torque than their electrical counterparts. However, the DCF899N-XR uses 18V batteries to power the motor. Yet, it gives heavy torque and massive impacts per minute. 
  • 1/2” square drive with detent pin: The detent pin of this wrench utilizes a spring ball bearing on the side of its square end. This device accounts for better torque delivery and profound socket retention.

Other Features

  • Bright white LED light with delay option for better visibility and flashlight functionality
  • Super comfortable ergonomic rubber XR grip and switch for improved application ease and optimum control
  • It provides up to 1625Nm breakaway torque suitable for removing very tight bolts.

Benefits And Fastening Applications

  • Effective in fastening of small metal constructions
  • Automotive use
  • Anchoring of support jacks, brackets, angles in concrete, bricks, etc.
  • Suitable for tightening roofs to metal girders
  • Superb for heavy machinery servicing 
  • It can be used for wooden forms when making concrete constructions
  • Works on extruded metal sheet to metal frames for roofing
  • Excellent for sandwich panels to roof structure or building operation

Product Warranty 

Like every other DeWalt power tool, the DCF899N-XR has an excellent warranty covering its design and parts. They are

  • Three-year limited warranty on its parts alongside a One-year free service maintenance.
  • Seven-year limited liability warranty 
  • Lifetime warranty on design

Even more, DeWalt offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on this product.


Is the DCF899N water-proof?

  • No. Although this product can work under mild rainfall, you should not operate the machine under such conditions. Also, the unit will not withstand immersion.

What battery rating is suitable for this tool?

  • The tool comes as a bare tool and will require you to buy batteries separately. However, the product has a battery voltage rating of 18V. Yet, you can use any current rating you want as it only determines the runtime.

Can you buy the complete tool with a charger and spare battery? 

  • Yes. The only reason Dewalt sells this product as a bare tool is to reduce the cost. In other words, when you already have an 18V rated tool from the company. However, if you don’t have, you can buy the complete tool.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Highly durable
  • Profound impact 
  • Powerful


  • The battery is sold separately

Conclusion And Buying Option

The Dewalt DCF899N-XR is an outstanding product. Sincerely, we could hardly find anything wrong with its build or operation. Also, it’s high rating, and reviews show you can trust the machine. Therefore. We fully recommend buying this power tool.

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Dewalt DCF899N-XR Rating


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  • 3 Speed and torque settings
  • 950 Nm of torque
  • Fan cooled motor
  • 2400 impacts per min
  • Rubber XR grip

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