Einhell TE-CW 18 Li BL

Einhell TE-CW 18 Li BL Cordless Impact Wrench Review

If you are looking for a wonderful tool that allows you to service and take care of your car with ease, the Einhell TE-CW 18 Li BL is the tool to get. Changing tires does take time and energy during the winter months. With this tool in your hands, you can tighten the wheels on your vehicle by simply twisting your wrist. This wrench is easy to use and the brushless motor helps extend the run time during use. Below is a look at this tool’s major key features.

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Key Features

  • Power X Change family – As part of this family, any Power X Change Lithium-ion batteries can be used on this Einhell impact wrench. There is no need for you to buy extra batteries which makes it a very economical tool. If you do own any batteries from any tool belonging to this family, simply insert in the TE-CW 18 and begin using it.
  • Cordless – There are no trip hazards and cables for you to be concerned about since the wrench is battery powered. Wires are known to restrict a person’s movement and their absence is a welcome relief to users who are not fans of cables while working.
  • Powerful – This Einhell tool is strong enough for you to perform jobs like tightening or slacken rusted nuts with little effort. For fast screwing, you are provided with a robust ½ inch external square mount. This makes a massive difference in getting jobs done faster or spending a long time on them.
  • Lightweight – Despite all the power this tool possesses, it is super lightweight and very compact. Even in the tightest of spaces, you will be able to use this tool with ease. The handle is very comfortable which is very important for people who have plans to work with it for a long time.
  • LED Light – If you’re working in a place that is dark or poorly lit, the good news is this tool has a light that allows you to illuminate the dark.


  • Sturdy and durable – It is normal to express concern when it comes to the materials power tools are made from because those made from cheap materials break very easily. This wonderful tool is made from strong materials and by a manufacturer that cares about their customers. The materials used to ensure it is durable and sturdy every time you use it without having to worry about it potentially breaking.
  • Affordable – The TE-CW 18 is one of the most budget-friendly wrenches on the market. Despite Einhell not being a big name, they made a tool that is perfect for DIYers and professionals to use on a variety of projects they might have at home or work.
  • Freedom – The tool used batteries meaning you don’t have to worry about extension cords, wires, and cable being in the way when you’re trying to work. Since wires do have a limit and can sometimes restrict your movement, battery-powered tools like this one give you more freedom to move around.


  • Charger and batteries don’t come with the tool – When you get all the accessories you need for your power tool, life is much easier as you can start using the tool right away. In this case, you need to buy the batteries and chargers separately because they don’t come with the tool upon purchase.
  • Fragile trigger – There have been a few complaints from several customers that the trigger is fragile and does jam sometimes. This is common when a power tool is used on projects it is not designed for. As long as you use it on projects tailored to it, you should have no issues with this tool.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Einhell TE-CW 18 is packed with features that are designed to give you a smooth experience. It is extremely powerful and you can use it in the dark thanks to the LED light. Even though you have to be careful with the trigger and have to purchase accessories separately, the fact it is Power X Change family, cordless, and lightweight makes up for those drawbacks. While tools of this nature are very expensive on the market, this one is affordable and you can add it to our collection of tools without breaking the bank.

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  • Brushless motor
  • Small and light
  • LED
  • Powerful
  • Cordless

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