LANNERET LCCW18 18V Impact Wrench Review

Does the thought of having a durable impact wrench with high torque please you? If you do, then you should consider getting the LANNERET LCCW18. This wrench is designed to handle different projects and applications. The user experience of the wrench is also worth the mention since you will have an easy time working with it. In this article, we will be exploring the top features of the impact wrench, along with its delivery.

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The LCCW18 Overview

The LANNERET LCCW18 is an impact wrench that comes with a compact size and at 4.95kg. Compared to other models out there, this one might be slightly heavy. But it comes with an ergonomic design that distributes the weight to offer you easy handling. The machine is made with a system that allows it to juice up faster so that you can go back to your projects with ease. The motor onboard is powerful enough to handle different projects, and the wrench comes with a handle to offer you comfort and safety.


How powerful is this wrench, and can it handle my DIY project at home? Well, it is powered by an 18V 4.0Ah battery that runs the brushless motor. With this brushless motor, you will be sure of the tool running cool while delivering excellent power. The delivery of this wrench surpasses most models out there, thanks to the powerful motor onboard.


You will enjoy a tool that offers you variable speed with the LANNERET LCCW18. Thanks to the powerful motor, you enjoy a no-load speed that ranges between 0RPM and 2800RPM. There is a switch that lets you choose between 1600RPM or 2800RPM.

Besides that, you get to enjoy the reverse auto-stop mode that will stop rotation and impact in only two seconds. This will happen whenever the fastener is loosened as needed. You also get an impact rate of 3500bpm.


Anyone purchasing this impact wrench would love the torque that it offers. With this fella, you will enjoy a high torque of up to 600Nm. With such torque, you will be sure of making those challenging jobs much easier. Apparently, that might be limited if you compare it to some models out there. Regardless of that, you can use this tool for handling any project you might be having.


One thing that this impact wrench scores impressively is the ergonomics. The tool is designed to offer you a friendly user experience as you use it. Even though it comes with a 4.5kg weight, that shouldn’t be much of a concern to you. The wrench is designed with an insulated anti-slip handle for a safe and comfortable grip. This handle helps to prevent your hands from the heat as the motor is running. On the other hand, the soft rubber lets you enjoy the grip.

Keep in mind that the wrench comes with an ergonomic design for better control. The two-finger trigger is conveniently placed for easy reachability.

Drilling Capacity

The LCCW18 impact wrench comes with a 12.7mm chuck size. With the 12.7mm friction ring, it can accommodate 0.5inch sockets of different sizes.


If you have had challenging times with batteries that run out too quickly with other tools, this one will make you happy. First of all, comes with an 18V battery system meant to handle most projects. But you also get two Li-Ion batteries of 4000mAh. These batteries can serve you for a long time before you recharge them. Speaking of recharging, you will only need to wait for 60 minutes for the battery to recharge fully.

LED/Other Accessories

No need to worry if you will be working on the hidden areas or screws in low-lit areas. This wrench comes with an LED light that offers you visibility when working on your projects. Besides that, the wrench comes with a rubber ring and lock pin, belt clip, one 22m long socket, and a carry box for safe storage.


  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Comes with two batteries
  • Free carry box for easy storage and portability
  • Offers you accessories for handling different applications
  • Comfortable and insulated handle


  • The torque might be limited for some projects


This LANNERET LCCW18 impact wrench is a good tool to purchase, and it will offer you reliable delivery on your projects. You get different accessories to help you handle multiple applications with a single tool.

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  • Brushless Motor
  • High Torque
  • Overload protection
  • LED work light
  • Self-stop mode

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